The stationmaster had to know Shanghai dragon helper optimization

webmaster helper, a tool for optimization is very awesome, I recommend the key is Links query function. From the query in Webmaster >

three, Links always query the webmaster helper

, a key index of love Shanghai index

we all know, many owners are only concerned with their own website in Shanghai ranking in the search results, for some hot industry, always have to pay attention to the trend of their own industry keywords, such as my understanding of the tourism industry, a few in the home of several key words change over time, so re positioning of your site the keyword of this tool is very necessary. Don’t shoot me, I had not finished, it is only an individual industry, Xiaobian I do not advocate or change the title keyword, initial selected, continue, is what we need results. read more

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Green face interviews entering the Shanghai dragon road bloody youth history


Shanghai dragon because most of the needs of friends for some small Shanghai dragon friends do a brief exchange and interview, hope to make friends on the road in Shanghai dragon ", the friend interviewed today also just access to the Internet, but with valuable experience and entrepreneurial relatives, take a look below him as we share entering the Shanghai Dragon Road youth bleeding history.

green face: of course, hard, dry day and night, there is no fixed wages and holidays, after a single count of a single! Also to learn it, after all, their own nothing, because later, people is to go up the clerk! And slowly walked away. read more

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B2B website optimization To solve these problems

2, advertising

said, B2B website classification is more complicated, so let the user and search engine can "Browse" website, breadcrumb navigation is unavoidable, but many B2B sites directly without bread crumbs navigation;


3, breadcrumb navigation problem

is a small B2B site, this is a very big problem, because many small B2B website is to rely on advertising, better advertising businesses, and most are relying on the flow of advertising, this is understandable, because the station long need to make money. But advertising is to have a degree, there must be a reasonable arrangement, the following is a screenshot of the B2B website home page, you can see the location of the 1/2 is the first screen advertising, and also in the above, it can be said that this is the home of the most important position, but all advertising, a quick look also that is a huge website. There are many sites such as B2B, because there are a lot of ads on the click charges, but also some of the mom, which requires the user to click or buy, so owners will put it in a prominent position, but your site is B2B site, don’t forget the user here. This is the cart before. Consumption of your users, and also is the excessive consumption. read more

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Something that modify the site title after

station for 3 months, the author of the blog title overhaul 3 times, countless small modifications. At the beginning of the establishment of a month, the website weight is very low, a serious problem: to modify the title after the home page snapshot to stay for 2 weeks. But site and domain snapshots are not synchronous phenomenon; until third months time I again modified the title, snapshots for 4 days. But fortunately during the page snapshot is updated frequently, thanks to the author of the day a high quality original articles and soft wen. The title change after they write the content of high quality and soft, like this can affect will modify the title to a minimum. read more

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