Plant offers slick strategy

first_imgAfter a rain, the cupped leaf of a pitcher plant becomes a virtually frictionless surface. Sweet-smelling and elegant, the carnivore attracts ants, spiders, and even little frogs. One by one, they slide to their doom.Adopting the plant’s slick strategy, a group of applied scientists at Harvard have created a material that repels just about any type of liquid, including blood and oil, and does so even under harsh conditions like high pressure and freezing temperatures.The bio-inspired liquid repellence technology, described in the Sept. 22 issue of Nature, should find applications in biomedical fluid handling, fuel transport, and anti-fouling and anti-icing technologies. It could even lead to self-cleaning windows and improved optical devices.“Inspired by the pitcher plant, we developed a new coating that outperforms its natural and synthetic counterparts and provides a simple and versatile solution for liquid and solid repellency,” says principal investigator Joanna Aizenberg, Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), director of the Kavli Institute for Bionano Science and Technology at Harvard, and a core faculty member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard.By contrast, current state-of-the-art liquid repellent surfaces have taken cues from a different member of the plant world. The leaves of the lotus resist water owing to the tiny microtextures on the surface; droplets balance on the cushion of air on the tips of the surface and bead up.The so-called lotus effect, however, does not work well for organic or complex liquids. Moreover, if the surface is damaged (e.g., scratched) or subject to extreme conditions, liquid drops tend to stick to or sink into the textures rather than roll away. Finally, it has proven costly and difficult to manufacture surfaces based on the lotus strategy.The pitcher plant takes a fundamentally different approach. Instead of using burrlike, air-filled nanostructures to repel water, the plant locks in a water layer, creating a slick coating on the top. In short, the fluid itself becomes the repellent surface.“The effect is similar to when a car hydroplanes, the tires literally gliding on the water rather than the road,” says lead author Tak-Sing Wong, a postdoctoral fellow in the Aizenberg lab. “In the case of the unlucky ants, the oil on the bottom of their feet will not stick to the slippery coating on the plant. It’s like oil floating on the surface of a puddle.”Inspired by the pitcher plant’s elegant solution, the scientists designed a strategy for creating slippery surfaces by infusing a nano/microstructured porous material with a lubricating fluid. They are calling the resulting bio-inspired surfaces “SLIPS”  for slippery liquid-infused porous surfaces.Detail of one step in the process of the manufacturing of SLIPS. Image courtesy of Peter Allen and James C. Weaver“Like the pitcher plant, SLIPS are slippery for insects, but they are now designed to do much more: They repel a wide variety of liquids and solids,” says Aizenberg. SLIPS show virtually no retention, as very little tilt is needed to coax the liquid or solid into sliding down and off the surface.“The repellent fluid surface offers additional benefits, as it is intrinsically smooth and free of defects,” says Wong. “Even after we damage a sample by scraping it with a knife or blade, the surface repairs itself almost instantaneously and the repellent qualities remain, making SLIPS self-healing.” Unlike the lotus, the SLIPS can be made optically transparent, and therefore ideal for optical applications and self-cleaning, clear surfaces.In addition, the near frictionless effect persists under extreme conditions: in high pressures (as much as 675 atmospheres, equivalent to seven kilometers under the sea), humidity, and colder temperatures. The team conducted studies outside after a snowstorm; SLIPS withstood the freezing temperatures and even repelled ice.“Not only is our bio-inspired surface able to work in a variety of conditions, but it is also simple and cheap to manufacture,” says co-author Sung Hoon Kang, a Ph.D. candidate in the Aizenberg lab. “It is easily scalable because you can choose just about any porous material and a variety of liquids.”To see whether the surface was truly up to nature’s high standards, the researchers even did a few experiments with ants. In tests, the insects slid off the artificial surface or retreated to safer ground after only a few timorous steps.The researchers anticipate that the pitcher plant-inspired technology, for which they are seeking a patent, could one day be used for fuel- and water-transport pipes, and medical tubing (such as catheters and blood transfusion systems), which are sensitive to drag and pressure and are compromised by unwanted liquid-surface interactions. Other potential applications include self-cleaning windows and surfaces that resist bacteria and other types of fouling (such as the buildup that forms on ship hulls). The advance may also find applications in ice-resistant materials and may lead to anti-sticking surfaces that repel fingerprints or graffiti.“The versatility of SLIPS, their robustness and unique ability to self-heal, makes it possible to design these surfaces for use almost anywhere, even under extreme temperature and pressure conditions,” says Aizenberg. “It potentially opens up applications in harsh environments, such as polar or deep-sea exploration, where no satisfactory solutions exist at present. Everything SLIPS!”Aizenberg is also professor of chemistry and chemical biology in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. In addition to Wong and Kang, co-authors include Sindy K.Y. Tang, Benjamin D. Hatton, and Alison Grinthal, all at SEAS, and Elizabeth J. Smythe, at the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center.The authors acknowledge support from the Croucher Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Army Research Office; and the use of the facilities at the Harvard Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), supported by the National Science Foundation.For more information, video, and additional images.last_img read more

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Memorial service set for Richard E. Kronauer

first_imgRichard E. Kronauer, 94, the Gordon McKay Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, passed away in Tucson, Ariz., on Oct. 18, 2019.A memorial service is planned for 1 p.m. Dec. 7 at the Harvard Unitarian Universalist Church in Harvard, Mass., where Kronauer was a member since 1954.  A reception will follow at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kronauer in Harvard.  All faculty, students, and friends are welcomed.Kronauer, M.S. ’48, Ph.D., ’51, had completed another paper with Harvard Medical School, which was published several weeks before his death.Though experienced with research in both fluid mechanics and applied mathematics, he was primarily known for his pioneering work in mathematical biology, especially research on human circadian rhythms. Kronauer’s 1982 paper “Mathematical model of the human circadian system with two interacting oscillators” outlined a new method for understanding the biological circuits that underlie daily body cycles in variables such as blood pressure or body temperature. Kronauer’s research also had direct implications for the causes and possible cures for many types of sleep disorders, and for this he received the Farrell Prize in Sleep Medicine in June 2008.He is survived by his three children, Karen Edwards Kronauer, Charles Richard Kronauer, and Anne Kronauer Saetren; and six grandchildren.last_img read more

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Ripcord Delays First Preview Off-Broadway

first_img Holland Taylor Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 6, 2015 Related Shows Star Files The off-Broadway production of Ripcord, starring Holland Taylor, Marylouise Burke and more, has pushed back its first preview date to allow additional technical rehearsals. Directed by David Hyde Pierce, the new comedy by David Lindsay-Abaire will now begin performances on October 1 instead of September 29. Opening night remains scheduled for October 20 at Manhattan Theatre Club’s New York City Center—Stage I.A sunny room on an upper floor is prime real estate in the Bristol Place Assisted Living Facility so when the cantankerous Abby (Taylor) is forced to share her quarters with new-arrival Marilyn (Burke), she has no choice but to get rid of the infuriatingly chipper woman by any means necessary. A seemingly harmless bet between the old women quickly escalates into a dangerous game of one-upmanship that reveals not just the tenacity of these worthy opponents, but also deeper truths that each would rather remain hidden.The cast will also include Rachel Dratch, Glenn Fitzgerald, Holland Taylor, Daoud Heidami and Nate customers with tickets to canceled performances will be contacted with information on refunds or exchanges. View Comments Ripcordlast_img read more

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Peabody’s Bankruptcy May Speed Up Clean Energy Growth

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Claudi Assis for MarketWatch:Last year, electricity generation from renewable sources accounted for 13% of total U.S. electricity, with solar the fastest-growing, according to the Energy Information Administration. That share is projected to increase to 18% by 2040. The share of natural gas, however, is expected to grow to 30% by the same year.But the EIA is expecting coal to remain in the electricity-generation equation for longer.Coal’s share is seeing declining to 34% in 2040 from 39% in 2013, although the EIA has cautioned its projections are highly dependent on natural gas prices in relation to coal plants and renewables.The EIA has also forecast that 2016 will be the first year that natural gas-fired generation exceeds coal-fired generation in the U.S., with 33% of U.S. residents getting their electricity from gas and 32% from coal.Peabody Energy’s leadership has not been able to adjust to new energy markets in which coal is being displaced by new energy sources, said Tom Sanzillo, director of finance at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.“That said, the coal industry is not dead, but faces a time now in which it must innovate in ways that it hasn’t done before. That means smaller markets and fewer mines,” he said.Full article: Peabody’s bankruptcy may speed up clean energy growth Peabody’s Bankruptcy May Speed Up Clean Energy Growthlast_img read more

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Blows to the FARC Demonstrate Adaptation of Military Strategy in Colombia

first_imgBy Dialogo March 29, 2012 In the last week, the FARC Colombian terrorist group suffered its two heaviest blows in 2011, a sign of the adaptation of a Military strategy that, after wiping out its top-ranking leaders, is now also attacking its mid-level structures, although this should not affect the announced release of ten hostages, according to experts. In two offensives, one in Arauca (in eastern Colombia) and one in Meta (in the east-central part of the country), within less than a week, the Colombian Military killed at least 72 FARC guerrillas, an unprecedented toll in recent years. This comes at the same time as the expected release of ten Police and Military personnel, kidnapped by the FARC more than 12 years ago, whom the guerrilla group assured are the last uniformed personnel it is holding captive. The turnover of the kidnapping victims is planned for April 2 and 4, and up to now, there are no indications that this is going to change. “The release is a decision by the FARC. It’s a decision that’s already been made, and they’re not going to suspend it. The guerrilla group assumes that it’s in a fight, in which it strikes blows and receives them, and it can’t cry when it gets hit,” said Luis Eduardo Celis, a researcher with the Nuevo Arcoiris corporation, which specializes in the armed conflict. For political scientist Vicente Torrijos, a professor at Bogotá’s Rosario University with a doctorate in strategic affairs, security, and defense, the blows received by the FARC “will more likely facilitate the process of the releases.” “With the support of the best American technology, together with intelligence work, it’s been possible to detect the columns that have been hit. The guerrilla group should feel that it’s under observation, and that will lead it to not delay the handover of the kidnapping victims,” said Torrijos. According to the experts, the recent Military offensive reflects “an adaptation of government forces to the conflict,” after having previously focused on the highest-ranking guerrilla leadership. “The idea is that they’re going to keep working on searching for the top leaders, what they call the high-value objectives, but not only them,” since the FARC has shown that “it has an organizational culture and a mysticism that enables it to overcome” the death of its highest-ranking leaders, Celis indicated. According to Defense Ministry calculations, a total of 600 FARC guerrillas have died, been arrested, or demobilized so far this year, of a total of around 9,000 fighters. “That figure represents around seven percent, and it’s a significant number. The thing is that the FARC is recruiting every day,” Celis commented. I’m an Argentinean and I do hope that the Colombian people (all Colombia and the farc-ep) reach peace. Here there is a saying of Martin Fierro which says: “If between them they quarrel, they are devoured by outsiders”. Stop fighting among you who are blood brothers. Please, seek a solution. Best regards!!last_img read more

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Human bird flu cases reported in 3 countries

first_imgApr 11, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – Egypt and Indonesia each reported a new human case of avian influenza today, while the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed a suspected case in Azerbaijan.An 18-year-old Egyptian woman from the northern governorate of Menufiya is that country’s 12th victim of the avian flu virus, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today. She was hospitalized today and remains in stable condition, AFP added.Although details were scant, the news service said she contracted the illness 4 days ago after handling infected poultry.All of Egypt’s 12 human infections have been reported in the past 3 weeks, AFP noted. Of those patients, 3 have died, 5 have recovered and 4 are under treatment, AFP reported in a statement attributed to Egyptian health officials.In Indonesia, a 23-year-old man in Sumatra has a confirmed H5N1 infection, Reuters news service reported today. His illness has been confirmed by a WHO collaborating laboratory, Hariadi Wibisono of the Indonesian health ministry told Reuters.The man had been working at a chicken farm in West Java before becoming ill, the story said. He is the 33rd person in Indonesia to suffer avian flu, of whom 23 have died, an AFP story said.United Nations avian flu coordinator David Nabarro, attending a meeting in Jakarta today, told reporters he would not recommend mass culling of birds in Indonesia, Reuters reported. Indonesia has not conducted the mass culling seen in some other nations, nor has it conducted a thorough mass vaccination campaign.Teenager recovered in AzerbaijanIn Azerbaijan, follow-up tests at a WHO lab have confirmed an additional human H5N1 infection, the WHO announced today. The patient, a girl, 17, fell ill on Mar 11 but has since recovered and left the hospital. Her 15-year-old cousin also had an H5N1 infection, which had been confirmed earlier. They are neighbors from the Daikyand settlement in Salyan rayon, where seven of the country’s eight cases originated.”Active house-to-house surveillance in the settlement has failed to detect any further cases,” WHO said in a news release. This brings Azerbaijan’s human tally to eight cases, of which five were fatal.WHO also updated its case count to reflect the confirmed case in Azerbaijan, with the deaths remaining at 109 and total cases climbing to 193.A 41-year-old woman who has been hospitalized in southern China with pneumonia symptoms is undergoing testing for H5N1 infection, AFP reported today. She is from Guangzhou, just north of Hong Kong.A Bloomberg news service report cites the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong as saying that the Chinese government has banned reporting of the woman’s suspected illness.Authorities asked local media to await an official government statement on the woman, whose surname is Li. She has been hospitalized since Mar 25, according to Bloomberg’s report, which relied heavily on the Hong Kong newspaper.The woman works in a public market, about 20 meters from a livestock area, according to Aphaluck Bhatiasevi, WHO spokeswoman in China, who was quoted in the Post.The woman has been diagnosed as having pneumonia of an unknown cause and is in stable condition, according to an AFP report today. AFP quoted Bhatiasevi as saying that testing would take 2 to 3 weeks.Mixed news elsewhereElsewhere in the world there was mixed news about the impact of the virus on people.In Afghanistan, no evidence of avian flu was found in birds in a remote village where three children recently died, Reuters reported yesterday. However, 20 other samples from seven provinces have tested positive for an H5 avian flu, although the neuraminidase has not yet been determined.The deaths of the children, all from the same family in the central province of Ghor, prompted fears of avian flu, Reuters said. Samples were not taken from the children before their burial, the stories noted.The lack of samples left investigators to rely on bird samples. Officials found no evidence of disease among about 1,000 chickens in the village, Reuters said.News from West Africa was more worrisome, if a Reuters report from Nairobi yesterday is any indication. A WHO official, Honore Meda, told Reuters at an avian flu seminar in Nairobi that human cases of H5N1 may be occurring undetected in Africans.”So far, there is no confirmed human case of avian flu virus infection in West Africa, but this is not a reason to say there is no human case,” Meda said. “There is a risk and probability of human cases occurring in West Africa but there’s no evidence to say there is or there is not a human case.”WHO in February tested samples from four Nigerians, including a woman who died. The samples did not yield a clear result, Reuters reported. Four West African countries have experienced or are experiencing avian flu outbreaks in poultry.In India, seven poultry farmers committed suicide because the H5N1 virus destroyed their livelihood, according to an AFP report that cited information from a farmers’ organization.The H5N1 infections and subsequent culling that have swept India have cost the industry $1.8 billion in 6 weeks, the National Egg Coordination Committee said today.The seven suicides are not an unheard-of response to the stresses of farming in India. The AFP story noted that nearly 9,000 people in four Indian states are thought to have killed themselves in connection with rising costs, debt, and repeated crop failures in the past 5 years.See alsoApr 11 WHO situation update on Azerbaijan read more

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Cesc Fabregas reacts to Matthijs de Ligt breaking his Champions League record in win over Spurs

first_img Read More Read More Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 1 May 2019 10:33 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link529Shares De Ligt was a rock at the heart of Ajax’s defence as Spurs were kept at bay (Picture: Getty)Incredibly, De Ligt was not even born the last time Ajax made the final of the Champions League – way back in 1996 – but he already has a horde of admirers around Europe and is expected to join Barcelona in the summer.Speaking about the young defender, Rio Ferdinand told BT Sport: ‘I really, really love this player. The youngest captain to ever get to this stage of the tournament, leading his team. It’s the personality about him I like. Bar his footballing ability, which you can it’s obvious, as a personality he looks like he’s meant to be at this stage.’More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors The Dutch teenager continues to make history in Europe (Picture: Getty)Cesc Fabregas has congratulated Ajax centre-back Matthijs de Ligt on becoming the youngest player to captain a team in a Champions League semi-final, a record the Spaniard previously held.The Dutch teenager gave another gargantuan performance in the heart of Ajax’s defence against Tottenham on Tuesday night, helping to record a 1-0 first-leg victory.He had already claimed Fabregas’ record as the youngest player to skipper a Champions League knockout match, and, at 19 years and 261 days, has now broken the record for a semi-final too. struggling Manchester United captain Harry… PLAY Top articles SPONSORED About Connatix V67539 1 min. story Full Screen Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Read More by Metro Skip Adcenter_img / Comment Coming Next Skip Video Settings Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Read More Fabregas was just 21 when he captained Arsenal against United in 2009 (Picture: Getty)Fabregas set the original record back in the 2008/09 season while he was still at Arsenal, skippering the side in a 4-1 aggregate defeat to Manchester United.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT 1/1 Read More There were no hard feelings from Fabregas that his record had been eclipsed, tweeting ‘congratulations big boy’ to the defender after he had helped defeat Spurs in their own backyard – something Cesc no doubt enjoyed!Next up, De Ligt will be hoping to become the youngest player to ever captain a team in a Champions League final – or better yet, lift it.He would be the youngest skipper to reach the tournament’s showpiece since, somewhat ironically, Steve Gerrard, who lifted the trophy in 2005 at just 24 years of age; Ajax could of course face Liverpool in the final if they overcome Barcelona. Advertisement Cesc Fabregas reacts to Matthijs de Ligt breaking his Champions League record in win over Spurs Advertisementlast_img read more

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The top sale in the region goes to this $1.25m Wamuran home

first_img552 Jackson Road, Wamuran“The modern home (and) its position looks out to the Glass House Mountains, North Stradbroke Island … and Moreton Island,” Mr Flint said.He said there were limited properties like this, particularly with views, on the market in the area but when they were listed, they sold quickly.“Anything with views always sells a lot better than something that doesn’t have a view,” he said.According to the latest CoreLogic market trends research, the media sales price for a house in Wamuran was around $568,500. 552 Jackson Road, WamuranA MODERN house with acreage and panoramic views has sold at Wamuran for $1.25 million.Elders Real Estate Nambour and Manly salesman Peter Flint said despite being on the market with them for four months, the property at 552 Jackson Rd had attracted a lot of interest.He said the home, which sits on a 17.7ha block, received two offers before a family snapped it up.It was the top sale recorded in the Moreton News coverage area within the past week.More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019There were two main features that Mr Flint said enticed potential buyers to the property.last_img read more

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My Reno: School sweethearts prove renovating is a team effort

first_img RENO FACT CHECK The kitchen in the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, after the renovation.SPENDING 50 years with the same person is quite an achievement.Surviving a live-in home renovation as a couple is another.School sweethearts Sandra and Jeff Bryant did both — and would do it all again if they had the chance.Prior to Jeff’s passing at the end of 2019, the couple finished renovating a house in Manly West. RELATED: Feel safe with bullet proof doors Total spend: $200,000 The transformation is testament to how well they worked together as a team in life and in love.“Jeff always used to say the hardest thing you can do in any relationship is to build or renovate together,” Sandra said.“In our situation, we worked so well together because we respected each other’s work so much.“We trusted each other and made a good team.” BEFORE: The front of the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, before the renovation. AFTER: The front of the house after the renovation.After travelling Australia in a caravan for two years, family circumstances brought the Bryants back to Brisbane, where they decided to spend their retirement restoring houses.Jeff was a talented builder with 30 years’ experience in the industry and Sandra had the planning skills and eye for detail.They bought the property at 22 Mackerel Street in June of 2017 in Manly West, where they had already renovated two other homes. The original home was dark and dingy inside and just as bleak on the outside.“It was ugly!” Sandra said. “It was very, very neglected.“That worried Jeff when we bought it because he does all the building side of things and I have to come up with all the other side, and he just wondered how we could possibly make this poor ugly duckling into a swan.” BEFORE: The back of the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, before the renovation. AFTER: The back of the house after the renovation.But they had their hearts set on a low-set brick home after their last project was a post-war, timber house.“That was a lot of hard work so we thought a low-level brick might be appealing, as it’s pretty sought-after, so we searched for months and then this one came up,” Sandra said.The couple lived onsite in their caravan during the renovation process, moving in to the house to sleep at night once they had finished one of the bedrooms.They moved on from room to room.“We completely renovate every square inch,” Sandra said.“We just shuffle around from room to room and live accordingly.“That never worried us because we were nomads anyway.”They decided to keep the configuration of the house, apart from adding an extension to install an ensuite and walk-in robe in one of the bedrooms to make it the master. So, the original three-bedroom, one-bathroom house became a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. BEFORE: The backyard after the renovation. AFTER: The outdoor entertainment area and backyard of the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, after the renovation.It was the first time they had added an extension to one of their properties, but Sandra said she was thrilled with the result — especially the contrast of the grey HardiePlank cladding against the brick of the original house.The final structural addition to the house was the timber back deck.Jeff’s experience as a tradesman allowed him to do all of the labour, apart from the electrical and plumbing, while Sandra was involved in the design process, sourced all the materials and decided on the grey and white colour scheme that flows throughout the home.A standout feature inside is the floor, which is covered in a light grey tile that resembles weatherboards.“It does make a statement because it flows from the front door right through the house, except for the carpet in the bedrooms,” Sandra said.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus10 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market10 hours ago“I also love the garage and the tiles we used over the big garage door.” BEFORE: Inside the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, before the renovation. AFTER: The kitchen in the house at 22 Mackerel St, Manly West, after the renovation. AFTER: The living room of the house after the renovation.Sandra said each renovation had been a learning process, but also extremely rewarding.“We got a lot of pleasure out of restoring something that 40 years ago was probably beautiful,” she said.“It’s so satisfying to come in and restore its beauty.”But she admitted living through a renovation was not for everyone.“A lot of people say; ‘We’d love to do that’, but I don’t think they realise how much work is involved,” Sandra said.“We had to clean up the job site every day before we could walk around the house.“I think you learn as you go along, but you can never predict your market.“There’s nothing to say one, two, three or even four people are gonig to like it, so we try to keep it practical.“I’m totally going to miss that I don’t get to do it anymore.” The property is for sale through Danny Day at Place Manly for offers over $680,000. Time taken: 12 monthslast_img read more

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Lillian M. Cowan, 87, Laurel

first_imgLillian M. Cowan, age 87, of Laurel, Indiana died Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at Morning Breeze Retirement & Healthcare in Greensburg, Indiana.Born January 6, 1931 in Rush County, Indiana she was the daughter of the late Ira & Glada (Feeback) Haley. On August 12, 1948 she was united in marriage to Herman L. Cowan and he survives.Lil was a member of the Buena Southern Missionary Baptist Church. In her leisure time she enjoyed butterflies, nature, and spending time on her porch swing. She had worked in the cafeteria at Laurel Elementary School for several years, before retirement.Survivors include her husband of over 70 years, Herman L. Cowan of Laurel; a daughter & son-in-law, Nancy (Ronald C.) Spurlock of Connersville; a son & daughter-in-law, Dave (Janice Hundley) Cowan of Brookville, Indiana; two sisters, Fay Doll & Louise Newton both of Rushville, Indiana; four grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great grandchild.Besides her parents she was preceded in death by nine brothers & sisters, and a great grandchild.Pastor Rob Edwards of the Buena Southern Missionary Baptist Church will officiate the Funeral Services on Monday, December 10, 2018, 2:00 P.M., at Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home, 1025 Franklin Avenue, Brookville. Burial will follow in Hopewell Cemetery in Rush County, Indiana.Family & friends may visit from 12:00 Noon until the time of the services at 2:00 P.M. on Monday, December 10, 2018 at Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home.Memorial contributions may be directed to Buena Southern Missionary Baptist Church. Phillips & Meyers Funeral Home is honored to serve the Cowan family to sign the online guest book or send personal condolences please visit www.phillipsandmeyers.comlast_img read more

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