Cadillac unveils its first all-electric vehicle

first_imgThe company led by Elon Musk is now worth more than Detroit’s “Big Three” — General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler — combined.”Right now, Tesla is the one to beat in the EV market. In fact, most of the automakers have changed their strategies — going from value-based electric vehicles to premium on the back of Tesla’s success,” said Jessica Caldwell, automotive specialist for Edmunds.”So far, no one has been able to replicate the Tesla model,” she said, but with the Lyric and the upcoming all-electric GMC Hummer, GM is positioning itself “to steal these desirable, affluent electric buyers away from Elon Musk.” Luxury automaker Cadillac on Thursday unveiled its first all-electric vehicle, hoping to gain an edge in the segment currently dominated by Tesla.The Lyriq won’t be produced until 2022 but Cadillac, General Motors’ luxury brand, has promised that most of its models will be electric by 2030.GM already produces hybrid or electric cars like the Chevrolet Volt and Bolt, but aims to develop 20 models of all-electric vehicles by 2023. The battery powering the Lyriq was unveiled in March. Dubbed the Ultium, it boasts the capacity to run more than 300 miles (500 kilometers) on a single charge, Cadillac said.GM intends to use the battery on all upcoming electric cars for all of its brands: Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick. The Lyriq, a crossover vehicle, will come with an autonomous driving assistance option. A 33-inch (85-centimeter) LED screen spans the dashboard.The vehicle is set to help GM — the first major automotive group to produce an electric vehicle, in the 1990s — to catch up with Tesla.center_img Topics :last_img read more

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Orel Hershiser zeroed in on MLB record 25 years ago

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error “It’s a rhetorical question. Just like people who meet me think I’m in the Hall of Fame. I never correct them. Why disappoint them?”Don’t be disappointed to learn that, for the record, the streak is 59 and doing fine.Also to make clear: Hershiser hasn’t made the Hall of Fame. At least as far as he can recall.“Days are long, years are short, I can’t believe I’m actually retired,” said Hershiser, who just turned 55 — his old uniform number.Working the past nine years as a game analyst for ESPN, a candidate to someday join the Dodgers’ broadcasting crew on a regular basis, Hershiser will forever be the boyish symbol of the 1988 Dodgers title team and linked with the grizzled Hall of Famer Drysdale, able to surpass his mark as if everyone stayed on a pre-written Hollywood script. For starters, Hershiser had to throw five complete-game shutouts between Sept. 5 in Atlanta and Sept. 23 in San Francisco just to get in the neighborhood.Close calls? Nothing like the one against the Giants that appeared to end the whole thing at 42, only to have umpire Paul Runge decide San Francisco’s Brett Butler went too far out of the baseline to break up a double play at second, erasing a run and ending the inning.That fed directly to the night in San Diego — Sept. 28, 1988, his last start of the season before the playoffs — in a contest that only some 22,000 actually saw at the park because it wasn’t televised.Hershiser had to throw nine scoreless innings to tie it, 10 to break it, or else face the possibility of having to make a relief appearance in the final four games to do it.That meant his teammates couldn’t score a run and Padres pitcher Andy Hawkins had to match him with zeros.And that’s how it somehow happened.“You know about the baseball superstition when no one talks to a pitcher throwing a no-hitter?” said Tim Leary, Hershiser’s teammate on that ’88 team who had 17 victories himself and actually struck out more batters during the regular season. “No one would talk to Orel about it.“And during that game in San Diego, we were trying to score. If we could have won that game 10-0, we would have and it would have been fine. But as things happened, it was just magical that it did go extra innings, and that was a record that was apparently made to be broken.”When Dodgers right fielder Jose Gonzalez caught a fly ball hit by Padres pinch-hitter Keith Moreland with the winning run on third base in the bottom of the 10th, Hershiser got down on one knee and gave thanks.That pushed him past Drysdale’s record of 58, which had been referred to as going 58 2/3 until statistical adjustments were made to throw out the fractions.Hershiser, as if it was in a Hallmark Channel movie, was then embraced in the dugout by Drysdale, the Dodgers’ broadcaster working that game, with Vin Scully in the booth calling the play-by-play, who was freed up to go downstairs.And even though the contest wasn’t over — Hershiser’s night was, but the game ended up going 16 innings before the Padres won, 2-1 — the two were escorted to a media room to hold a news conference.Too many surreal things to recall during a month of Dodger miracles, and even more to come.In 1968, Drysdale threw six consecutive shutouts between May 14 and June 4. He had four more scoreless innings June 8 against Philadelphia before the streak ended on a sacrifice fly.That broke a record held for 52 years by Walter Johnson — the Hall of Famer threw 55 2/3 innings. Assume those last 2/3 have also been erased.How Hershiser, whom manager Tommy Lasorda had already dubbed “Bulldog,” was able not to just seize a moment, but the entire month of September, is astounding to this day.“Some people are so mentally strong they can just will things to happen, like a Muhammad Ali,” said Leary, a Santa Monica native who remembers attending the June 4, 1968 game in which Drysdale shut out Pittsburgh 5-0 — the same night presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated not very far away.“Orel just never made a mistake. Everything he threw was at the knees or below. He was more than just in a zone. Real precision. Every hit he gave up was just a jam-shot flare, or a grounder that got through the infield somehow.”The cerebral Hershiser agrees that “I was always just a ‘good’ pitcher, not a ‘great’ one. I think about it now. I didn’t have a 97 mph fastball or an unbelievable curveball. I had the sinker, and I figured out a way to win. I thought through it all.”With Mike Scioscia as his primary receiver and orchestrator — although Rick Dempsey did catch one game during the streak — Hershiser was truly the master of the house, an entrance song Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley played for him from the Broadway play, “Les Miserables.”Hershiser laughs when asked if he can play that game over in his mind.“I’m not that kind of a player who sits down and has a beer and talks old times,” he said. “I’ve got enough things to remember in my head these days, running seven businesses, trying to keep up with all the ESPN things.”Most of Hershiser’s remembrances of that streak are chronicled in “Out of the Blue,” a book he wrote with Jerry Jenkins soon after that season. He recalled Drysdale interviewing him on KABC radio.“Even though I had retired 19 Padres on groundballs and was probably as sharp as I had been all year, I would not get a decision in the game,” Hershiser wrote. “It would not count as a shutout or a complete game, even though it was really more impressive than either (of the previous five). …“The streak had been a dream, but I was glad it was over for 1988. All those innings wouldn’t mean a thing when Mookie Wilson came to the plate for the Mets in the first game of the National League Championship Series.”Hershiser actually continued the scoreless streak into the playoffs, although it wasn’t added to the record number. He posted eight more zeros against the Mets in Game 1 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium on Oct. 4 until Darryl Strawberry’s double scored a run in the top of the ninth. Jay Howell came in on relief, and couldn’t hold a 2-1 lead.On the second day of the 1989 season in Cincinnati, Hershiser gave up an unearned run in the first inning (thanks to his own error) in an eventual 4-3 loss, starting the season 0-1.He had half as many shutouts in ‘89 — four, instead of eight — and had only two more in the 11 seasons after that.He never really came close to matching that scoreless innings mark in a career that was derailed for a time by shoulder surgery. He left to play in Cleveland (World Series appearances in ’95 and ’97), San Francisco and with the New York Mets before circling back to finish his career as a 41-year-old Dodger starter in 2000. In his final six starts in L.A., he allowed 36 earned runs in 24-plus innings for a 13.14 ERA and 1-5 mark.With 204 career wins and a 3.48 ERA in more than 3,000 innings, Hershiser’s place in the Dodgers all-time record books includes 10th overall in wins (135), 16th in ERA (3.12), sixth in strikeouts (1,456) and ninth in shutouts (24, one more than Bob Welch).As much as Hershiser is a collector of sports memorabilia — he says he has his jersey and spikes from the record-setting game — he only recently gave up possession of the ball that Gonzalez caught for the last out. ESPN’s Keith Olbermann, a sports anchor at KCBS-Channel 2 at the time, bought it six months ago.
Hershiser has also given up trying to predict if that mark of 59 will ever be eclipsed. Very few starters, or relief pitchers, have even reached as many as 30 scoreless innings in the time since then.“Sometimes, I think it’s gotten harder, sometimes it seems easier,” he said.“When they tightened the strike zones, built new smaller ballparks, when hitters were, shall we say, more juiced, then it was a record that was much harder to break,” he said. “Now that there’s drug testing, it makes it a little easier I suppose.“I do think it’s possible to break, though. If I could do it, I’d think someone else could. In fact, I actually hope someone breaks it so they can enjoy what baseball is at that level. It would be so cool, if that guy would call me and ask me to be there at the game when he breaks it.”Maybe by that point, Hershiser will actually be a bona fide Hall of Famer.center_img Sure, 25 years later, people still come up to Orel Hershiser and ask him about his record consecutive scoreless innings streak.Sometimes it starts with: How many innings was it again?“I’m at a point where I’m not sure anymore, after they (the Major League Baseball official stat keepers) changed Don Drysdale’s number right in the middle of everything,” said the Dodgers’ 1988 Cy Young Award winner.“It feels like I’ve been told the wrong number so many times. People say, ‘You still have that world record, right?’last_img read more

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Fulham interested in Bolton striker

first_imgFulham have made an approach to Bolton for striker Jermaine Beckford.The 30-year-old Jamaica international, from Ealing, previously played in west London for Wealdstone before spells with Leeds, Everton and Leicester.Fulham are also in talks with to sign Cardiff City defender Mark Hudson and Leeds United forward Matt Smith.Hudson, 32, is Cardiff’s club captain, while the 25-year-old Smith has attracted interest from a number of clubs.The Whites are attempting to offload Bryan Ruiz, Fernando Amorebieta and Hugo Rodallega on deadline day, while Alexander Kacaniklic is set to leave the club on loan.Sweden international Kacaniklic, 23, has previously spent time on loan at Watford and Burnley, and the club are keen for him to continue his development elsewhere.Costa Rica international Ruiz, 29, spent the majority of last season on loan at PSV Eindhoven, while defender Amorebieta and Rodallega are not part of manager Felix Magath’s plans.Rodallega has started just once in the Championship this season and Amorebieta is yet to feature at all.See also:Fulham keen for four players to goFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

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Evolutionist Cries, We Must Stop Human Evolution!

first_imgOn top of that nonsense, Mackenzie murders his fictional mother. If evolution made him who he is, why fight it? That’s reality. Darwin knows nothing of morality, and laughs at those who reach from outside its all-encompassing worldview for something to give meaning and purpose to life. Mackenzie is a thief, stealing mercy from the smorgasbord of Judeo-Christian values. Don’t let him get away with it. To enjoy the Bible’s good things, he must pay the price; he must become a Bible believer. Mackenzie’s pleas fall on the Blind Watchmaker’s deaf ears. They are self-refuting. Who could follow nonsense like that?Someday the Darwin bandwagon will grind to a halt, and its naked Emperor will go running for cover. So don’t wait. Get ahead of the inevitable. Disassociate yourself from this disaster waiting to happen, and assure your followers that you never fell for it in the first place.Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of foam bricks held together by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved.Pay close attention to Mackenzie’s description of evolution’s cruelty. Is that anything like the God of the Bible? It’s at polar opposites. God is just, merciful and gracious. Yes, Nature can be heartless, but that’s because our forbears chose Satan’s cruelty instead of God’s paradise. God lets rebels go; He “gives them up” to the fruit of their ways (Romans 1:18-32). What more could He do than become incarnate and walk among us, teaching, healing and reaching out to His creatures, to the point of dying on a cross to save us from our sins? God is good and desires our joy, even in a fallen world headed for judgment. And He never left His world without witness, doing good, giving us rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying our hearts with food and gladness (Acts 14:8-18) – even to rebels and believers in idols. We could add to those good things a thousand others: wildflowers, stars, a baby’s smile, ATP synthase, DNA repair systems, the love of friends and family, restful sleep, a conscience to know internally what is right and wrong, glorious displays of power, ingenuity and beauty throughout the world (see this Illustra short film and this one, too).The Rebel Planet is doomed and will get judgment for its many sins, but God rescues those who love Him. Cruelty, sorrow, and tears will end. Do not blaspheme this Great Creator with thoughts He would ever have used the cruel methods of Darwin’s theory to accomplish His majestic work. Give honor to Whom honor is due. A few sentences from this evolutionist’s plea should cure theologians of theistic evolution.Under the shadow of the March of Progress icon, geneticist Alasdair Mackenzie shouts, “It’s time we stopped human evolution” — really? That should start a conversation—The Conversation. Isn’t evolution an engine of progress? Isn’t it God’s method of populating the Earth with endless things most beautiful? At its base, isn’t Mother Nature a benevolent, caring force?Bergman’s book about Darwin is an eye-opener.Coupled with this is a very positive view of evolution. It is seen as a caring and compassionate force which has shaped us and the rest of the natural world. It almost seems that there is the growing belief that if natural evolution were left to its own devices, then everything would work out for the best.But this idea of evolution as benign is extraordinarily wide of the mark. Evolution is a brutal and uncaring, even obscene opponent, which the medical world is constantly trying to outmanoeuvre and overcome. Perhaps because of the brilliance of Charles Darwin’s theory, evolution has been getting an easy ride for far too long. It’s time we started facing the truth about what it really means – before it eats any more of our children.Mackenzie doesn’t doubt Darwinism; he just thinks it is so evil and painful, we have to stand in its reckless path.This was evolution writ large: the inexorable cruel erosion of the vast majority of individuals, who had one set of genes, in favour of the tiny lucky minority who had the genetic ability to survive until they could perpetuate this cruel cycle. By running that little bit faster than their brother or sister, the genetic winners avoided getting ripped apart by a pack of hungry wolves. While they clung to life in times of famine or disease, they watched their siblings fade and die. If we believe the human diversity data, we are a species which was reduced to only around 600 individuals over 100,000 years ago. This is the reality of where we came from, of how “Mother Nature” shaped us as individuals.Somehow, Mackenzie finds within his heart and soul a cry for peace and love that only we humans can muster. It is our moral obligation:Unfortunately, of course, humans are still evolving today. People are still dying from disease and starving from deprivations perpetrated by unequal societies and a lack of access to food and medicine. We remain at the mercy of natural selection, the least moral way for a species to develop. And for the majority of us who deplore cruelty and feel compassion for our fellow man, woman and child, I would argue it creates a moral obligation: to aggressively stop evolution of the human species as a matter of urgency.Strong words. And so, after painting Darwin’s world as a force of unmitigated carelessness and cruelty, he asks that we shield ourselves from the “naked ferocity of evolution.”We must never again expose our children to the wholesome, fully organic, unblemished and obscene fury of Mother Nature unleashed. Love science, hate evolution. Coming to a car bumper sticker near you soon, I hope.Theologians: are you listening? Among most mainline churches, and a growing number of “Evangelical” churches (emphasis on jelly), Darwinism is so proven, it must be accepted. The good, merciful, just, caring God of the Bible must have used Darwinism somehow. And, of all things, some political conservatives feel the same way. On May 14 at Evolution News, Michael Behe reprinted some juicy quotes from the conservative magazine, National Review.Yesterday National Review posted an essay by Razib Khan… Khan is a Wikipedia-described atheist, writer, and doctoral student in genetics. He is also a self-described conservative. The essay seeks to assure conservatives that Darwin’s theory is “a crowning achievement of Western civilization and a rejoinder to the modern myths of the Left.” Conservatives should happily embrace whatever is claimed in Darwin’s name because “The science built upon the rock of Charles Darwin’s ideas is a reflection of Western modernity’s commitment to truth as a fundamental value.”This kind of jargon is déjà vu for Behe. He remembers similar claims from conservatives back in 2000. Fortunately for him, he didn’t need to write a new response, but just point back to his rejoinder in First Things, where he said,The relationship between Darwinism and real science is parasitic. The theory’s main use is for Darwinists to claim credit for whatever biology discovers. If research shows that humans are selfish, Darwinism can explain that. If science shows we are unselfish, why, it can explain that too. If we are a combination of both — no problem. If cells are simple or complex, if sexual reproduction is common or rare, if embryos are similar or different, Darwinism will explain it all for you. The elasticity of the theory would make Sigmund Freud blush.Darwinism is now seeking to become parasitic on politics, too, by offering shallow, ad hoc justifications for what we already know about human nature. Yet conservatives developed their political philosophy over the course of centuries with no help from Darwinists, and with no reference to shifting Darwinian stories. I recommend conservatives decline the kind offer of Darwinists to take credit for their ideas.Substitute religion for politics, and the quote works equally well.Theologians, preachers, and lovers of God, please! You owe nothing to Charlie Darwin. He was a fraud. His theory is stupid – “Stuff Happens!” As an “explanation,” the theory is vacuous and makes no sense, but he couched it in the jargon of “natural selection” to fool people into personifying Nature as a “selector” or rational agent of some kind. Now, his followers use “natural selection” daily as a post-hoc rationalization, “to claim credit for whatever biology discovers.” No matter what happened, “It evolved.” Who could follow DODO ideas like that? (Visited 495 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

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South Africa’s wealthy givers

first_img4 November 2013 Wealthy South Africans donated R8-billion in cash, R5.1-billion in goods and services and 7.9-million hours of their time to charities in 2012, according to a survey by Nedbank Private Bank. The survey, The Giving Report II, is a follow-up to the first comprehensive national survey, the Giving Report I, on the giving practices of the highest net worth (HNW) individuals in South Africa. The 2012 follow-up survey was conducted to identify giving trends that have emerged since 2010, and which continue to support the evolution of philanthropy in South Africa, Nedbank Private Bank said in its report, which was released last week. Nedbank randomly selected 401 HNW individuals across the country, not all of whom were clients, and were defined as those with either an annual income exceeding R1.5-million, or investable assets (excluding their primary residence) of over R5-million. Survey results The survey revealed that 91% of those HNW individuals gave money, time or goods. Most (63%) gave less than R25 000 in value, and at the high end (7%) gave more than R100 000 in value. Most commonly targeted were social and community development causes such as children’s homes, hospices and support for the aged. Fifty-six percent went to non-profit organisations, the most popular beneficiary, while 4% went to political parties and advocacy groups. The top five reasons for donating were caring about a cause, wanting to make a difference, giving back to their community, religious beliefs and a family tradition of giving. The most important selection criteria for donations were alignment with personal interest, reputation, and proven impact. The survey also revealed that givers are taking a longer term approach to their donations, with 45% having given to the majority of their beneficiaries for more than five years. Larger givers followed a more formalised approach to donating. Vince Boulle, executive head of Nedbank Private Worth, said the giving practices of local wealthy individuals “clearly evidences the significance and volume of the financial contribution that HNW individuals make towards philanthropic causes in South Africa. “Through our dedicated philanthropy office, we at Nedbank Private Wealth see that the work of so many local philanthropists, big and small, continues but often under the radar,” Boulle said. “We hope that the findings of this latest study again provide an opportunity for non-profit organisations and philanthropists to find out what HNW donors are doing, what areas they are supporting, and to what extent.” SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

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NASAs historic allwomen spacewalk scrapped due to lack of fitting spacesuits

first_imgWashington DC: NASA’s plan to conduct the first all-female spacewalk this month had to be scrapped after the crew aboard the International Space Station encountered an unexpected setback — the lack of well-fitting spacesuits, the US space agency said. NASA astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch were scheduled to conduct the historic spacewalk on March 29 to install powerful lithium-ion batteries for one pair of the station’s solar arrays. Since the space station was assembled in 1998, 214 spacewalks have taken place, all of which had at least one male astronaut. However, after McClain conducted her first spacewalk on March 22, she realised that a medium-size hard upper torso — essentially the shirt of the spacesuit — fits her best. Since only one medium-size torso can be made ready by March 29, Koch will wear it, the US space agency said in a statement. McClain now is tentatively scheduled to perform her next spacewalk on Monday, April 8 with Canadian Space Agency astronaut David Saint-Jacques. These will be the 215th and 216th spacewalks in the history of International Space Station assembly and maintenance. During the first spacewalk of the series, on March 22, McClain became the 13th woman to perform a spacewalk. Koch will become the 14th on March 29. No difference exists in a male’s or female’s suit, but female astronaut usually require a smaller size. The shuttle spacesuit was designed to be made of many interchangeable parts, to accommodate the large number of astronauts with widely varying body sizes. These parts (upper and lower torsos, arms, etc.) are made in different sizes. The body measurements of each shuttle astronaut are taken and recorded. Then the measurements are plotted against the size ranges available for each spacesuit component, according to NASA. The suit components are then assembled. Training suits are usually assembled nine months prior to flight, and flight suits are usually assembled four months prior to flight. We do our best to anticipate the spacesuit sizes that each astronaut will need, based on the spacesuit size they wore in training on the ground, and in some cases astronauts train in multiple sizes, said Brandi Dean, spokeswoman of the Johnson Space Center in Houston.last_img read more

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Service providers can opt for GST composition scheme by April 30

first_imgNew Delhi: The tax department has given service providers with turnover of up to Rs 50 lakh time till April 30 to opt for the composition scheme and pay 6 per cent GST. The option to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) at reduced rate of 6 per cent would be effective from the beginning of the financial year or from the date of obtaining new registration during the financial year. Service providers opting for the composition scheme can charge a lower tax rate of 6 per cent from customers, as against the higher rates of 12 and 18 per cent for most services under GST. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalIn a circular, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) said suppliers who want to opt for composition scheme would have to file Form GST CMP-02 by selecting ‘Any other supplier eligible for composition levy’ latest by April 30, 2019. Businesses which apply for new registration may avail the said benefit in Form GST REG-01 at the time of filing application for registration. AMRG & Associates Partner Rajat Mohan said “numerous service providers tried to file this intimation opting composition scheme recently but were denied due to a legal embargo. Now with this clarification, GSTN would start accepting the intimations soon”. The GST Council, headed by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and comprising state ministers, in its meeting on January 10 had permitted service providers and those dealing in both goods and services with a turnover of up to Rs 50 lakh to opt for composition scheme with effect from April 1. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostThe GST composition scheme was so far available to traders and manufacturers of goods with an annual turnover of up to Rs 1 crore. This threshold too has increased to Rs 1.5 crore from April 1. Under the scheme, traders and manufacturers are required to pay only 1 per cent GST on goods which otherwise attract a higher levy of either 5, 12 or 18 per cent. Such dealers are also not permitted to charge GST from the purchaser. Of the 1.20 crore businesses registered under GST, about 20 lakh have so far opted for the composition scheme.last_img read more

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Facebook sues South Korean firm over data misuse

first_imgSan Francisco: Battling the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook has now filed a lawsuit in California state court against Rankwave, a South Korean data analytics company that ran apps on its platform. The lawsuit alleged that Rankwave abused Facebook’s developer platform’s data and refused to cooperate with a mandatory compliance audit and request to delete the data. “Facebook was investigating Rankwave’s data practices in relation to its advertising and marketing services. “Rankwave failed to cooperate with our efforts to verify their compliance with our policies, which we require of all developers using our platform,” Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation said in a statement on late Friday. She added that Facebook has already suspended apps and accounts associated with Rankwave. “The lawsuit asks the court to enforce the basic cooperation terms that Rankwave agreed to in exchange for the opportunity to operate apps on the platform,” Romero noted. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s lawsuit centres around Rankwave offering to help businesses build a Facebook authorization step into their apps so they can pass all the user data to Rankwave. “It then analyzes biographic and behavioural traits to supply user contact info and ad targeting assistance to the business,” the report said. “That app could pull data about your Facebook activity such as location checkins, determine that you’ve checked into a baseball stadium, and then Rankwave could help its clients target you with ads for baseball tickets,” the report noted. Rankwave’s Android app asks for users’ Facebook data in exchange for providing them a “Social Influencer Score”. “By filing the lawsuit, we are sending a message to developers that Facebook is serious about enforcing our policies, including requiring developers to cooperate with us during an investigation,” said the social network giant. Facebook recently announced to ban personality quiz apps on its platform — a move taken after the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year that helped researchers access personal information of 87 million users via the quiz app “thisisyourdigitallife”. Federal prosecutors in the US are now probing whether top executives of Facebook were aware of data harvesting by the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.last_img read more

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