Carlos García: “It was a great success to bring the Super Cup here”

first_imgDo you want to bring more events of this kind to the city?We have an objective that is to be a Euroepa city of sport in 2021. It is based on that effort and interest in the sport that exists in the city, in the amount of insalations and also that we are able to bring great events and that the city of Salamanca It is very attractive. This is the first major national competition, but the Women’s Queen’s Cup, the U-23 National Athletics Championship, national triathlon championship, archery … will also be held, there are 60 other events in total. A lot of activity, there will be many reasons for people to come here. We will have as many participants as there are people in the city. This is also a support for tourism linked to sports, because it is a healthy tourism, such as environmental tourism, tourism with health, leisure, delivery, effort … and that marries very well with the values ​​of the city.The sport attracts a lot of tourism to the city.The Super Cup is a painted occasion. We have been going out in all national and regional media for days, the meetings have been broadcast, there is much talk about women’s football. In Spain, women’s licenses are increasing a lot and we also want this to happen here. The media exposure is extraordinary and we are very satisfied and I think it has been a great success to bring it here. I also thank the Federation for the confidence to organize this Super Cup here. Let’s see if now the final is as colorful as the semifinals.Lately there is a lot of talk about Salamanca and football. This Super Cup, the visit of Real Madrid …We have been lucky, in some cases for organizational issues and another for the good progress of the Unionsitas team. Football resurfaces strongly in our city. The Salamanca people are hungry for quality football and I think we will enjoy it.Salamanca is missing among the greats of Spanish football.We have had very glorious stages in the 70s. Being in First is very difficult. The second equal. The clubs are making a great effort to grow, we also have Guijuelo and a little improvement is being made.Real Sociedad and Barcelona in the final, who is your favorite?I have no favorite because I have seen Real play very well, well planted, very solid and the pletoric Barcelona that has traced him back to Atléitco. We will enjoy a very disputed final. I was in the two semifinals. In the final we will be even more. It is a benefit for sport, but also for women, it is a matter of equal opportunities. We have to support women much more in our country.And above all it is a women’s football party on Sunday.Let it be a sports party, because this city is a constant party. Women’s football encourages the party, the atmosphere is different, it is more relaxed and seems more familiar. I am very satisfied with the two paritdos I have seen. There are rarely options that the people of Salamanca can enjoy this, it is a historic event for the city. Why did Salamanca appear as a candidate to host this women’s Super Cup?It fit a lot in the policies we are developing. First for the promotion of sport. Salamanca lives on sports on weekends, but we also try to bring great national competitions. We beat record participation in the School Games, the elders ask us more and more activities. There is a great interest in Salamanca for the sport. We have also invested in infrastructure and is to close the circle. We are interested in promoting sports for values, the interest of the people and for promoting the city that is tourist and services. The Super Cup allows us to cover all these objectives.In addition, it is the first time this competition is officially held, Salamanca will go down in history.We turn to the history of this competition and we want to make history especially in the female sport. We are committed to equality and we want them to have the same opportunities as boys. More in this case, that football looked like a parcel only closed to men. More and more women practice it, they are fighters and professionals. In football they are an example. I was with two players from each team in an act at the University with the Salamanca women’s team that only had to see their eyes. We want to convey the values ​​of women’s sport and equal opportunities. The woman has to take her place and from the City Council we want to support her.The first semifinal did not have much public, the second already improved, it seems that the city is becoming more and more interested.Actually, the first game already had more spectators than any normal average match in the First Iberdrola. We have attended two vibrant games, very beautiful, with excellent plays, many goals, with many of the best players in Spain. That is what we wanted to do, attract that to Salamanca and that the Salamanca people have the opportunity to access first level football. Some people did not know it and now they realize that they play very well and that it is very clean, with very good players. The players are now videogames, we have seen them make watermarks and we can access that football. In addition, prices have been popular and we hope that the final attracts more interest. It is a good opportunity to enjoy, like Salamanca.It also serves to promote women’s football where Salamanca does not yet have any high level team.We do a lot of sports activity and the girls also need their space. We already have six women’s soccer teams in the city and there is great interest from young girls who need equipment to play. Also to help the people of Salamanca go to support these girls who are doing very well, in fact, we have an international Under-17 that has now hit the national team. This fills us with pride. We must take advantage of the boom for football, we have the fields occupied. That mostly had been a sport for boys that now also for girls. There are sports like volleyball or handball that in school games there are already more girls registered than boys and this is very good news.last_img read more

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