4chan founder criticizes Facebooks Zuckerberg over claims that anonymity online is unethical

first_imgIt would be almost impossible to find a bigger discrepancy between philosophies on internet privacy and online identity than that espoused by Facebook and 4chan. There’s Facebook, which espouses a belief that there’s not only no such thing as privacy online, but there shouldn’t be. Then there’s 4chan, a totally anonymous internet forum that has evolved into an equally anonymous political activism / hacking group called, fittingly, Anonymous. 4chan is now speaking out against Facebook and its theories on privacy through the mouth of its founder, Christopher Poole, also known as moot. At last weekend’s South by Southwest exposition, Poole addressed a growing number of comments by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming that anonymity online was disreputable and ethical.AdChoices广告Here’s what Zuckerberg says: a single online identity (provided by Facebook) should drive the Internet. Doing anything else is unethical. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg has actually said “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity.”Needless to say, 4chan’s founder doesn’t see it the same way. In fact, he says that the push towards single identities online will bring about the end of an almost Rousseau-esque “age of innocence” for the Internet as we know it.According to Poole, being anonymous on the web is like being the new kid in a neighborhood: it lets you experiment, try out new things, be creative without being paralyzed by the threat of failure.“The cost of failure is really high when you’re contributing as yourself,” he told the crowd. That’s a really good point, but Poole isn’t disregarding the importance of some form of real-world accountability either: he’s now promoting a new project called Canv.as that actually uses Facebook Connect to identify users to forum administrators, even if those users’ real-life identities is hidden from other forum goers. “You know that we know,” he said.Read more at Gearloglast_img read more

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