Nintendo No Wii U price drop ahead of PS4 and Xbox One

first_imgNintendo has made it clear that they won’t be dropping the price of the Wii U ahead of the launch its competitors next-gen consoles. That comes directly from the mouth of Scott Mofitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.In fact, Nintendo believes the pricing announcements for both the PS4 and Xbox One have actually helped in confirming the Wii U price is already “great value.” Mofitt points out that a few weeks ago the Wii U was the highest priced console on the market. Come November, it will be the lowest price next-gen machine.He’s right if you look at this purely on price point. You can pick up the Wii U Deluxe for around $350 where as the PS4 will be $399 and the Xbox One $499. But then you have to consider the much more powerful hardware inside Sony and Microsoft’s machines, and the Wii U offers just 32GB of storage compared to 500GB elsewhere. It isn’t really an even playing field when it comes to hardware.Nintendo is also betting on games to warrant the price of its console staying the same, something it has been severely lacking since the console launched last year. A new Mario Kart, a HD Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros., and Pikmin 3 among others will surely help, but Sony and Microsoft aren’t exactly lacking in their games line up for November and into 2014.While we may not get a Wii U price drop just yet, the Wii U Basic console could still disappear. Nintendo is denying such action, but retailers may make the decision for the company, especially if it just isn’t selling.If Nintendo is true to its word, the Wii U will be the cheapest next-gen console on the market by $50 at the end of this year. I just fear that fact may be forgotten as gamers focus on the PS4 being $100 cheaper than the Xbox One when they decide which one to buy.last_img read more

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