Gould among match officials named for U19 WC

first_imgDubai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Wednesday named the match officials for the upcoming Under 19 World Cup slated to begin from January 17 in South Africa. Wayne Knights of New Zealand and Ravindra Wimalasiri of Sri Lanka will take charge for the umpiring duties in the opening match of the tournament to be played between South Africa and Afghanistan in Kimberley.Rashid Riaz Waqar will be the TV umpire for the first of 48 games in the tournament.Among those taking charge will be veteran Ian Gould, whose esteemed senior international career came to an end when he retired during the World Cup 2019 on home soil.Gould will join forces with Ahmad Shah Pakteen when India get the defence of their title underway against Sri Lanka in Bloemfontein, one of five group-stage matches he will officiate as on-field umpire.In all, 16 umpires from 12 different countries will be on the field for five matches each in the first stage of the U19 World Cup, with eight also performing the role of TV umpire.The list includes five umpires who looked after the 2019 Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier late last year, including Sam Nogajski — who was on duty for the final between Papua New Guinea and Netherlands.The Australian will take the reins for an historic occasion, with Japan playing their very first match in the World Cup when they face New Zealand in Potchefstroom. Iknow Chabi, of Zimbabwe, will join Nogajski out in the middle.Nigeria will become the 31st different team to take part in the event when they face Australia, the second-most successful side since the competition first began in 1988 as the Youth Cricket World Cup.Bangladesh umpire Masudur Rahman Mukul and Nigel Duguid, of West Indies, will be raising their fingers in that match, on January 20 in Kimberley.The pool stages will also see an Ashes rivalry revisited at youth level, with Adrian Holdstock and Asif Yaqoob in the middle for Australia’s clash with England, also at Kimberley, three days later.The 16 umpires will be joined by three match referees for the duration of the tournament, with former Sri Lanka international Graeme Labrooy officiating alongside home official Shaid Wadvalla and England’s Phil Whitticase.Umpire and match referee appointments for the knockout stages will be announced after the teams have been confirmed. The appointments for the Plate and Super League final will be finalised after the semi-finals. IANSAlso Read: Mohammad Hafeez urges PCB not to send Naseem to play in U19 WCAlso Watch: United Workmen Union at Guwahati Refinery stage protest against BJP-Govt over CAA 2019last_img read more

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‘Friends’ is turning 25, and the Giants are recreating the magic

first_imgRemember when Farmers’ Day was a hot time at the ol’ ballyard? Remember players from both teams participating in sack races, hog calling, egg throwing and cow milking? Giveaway prizes on the order of Shetland ponies, Angora goats, milking cows and outhouses?How about Mustache Day? No? Surely you caught a Hot Pants Day or two.Probably just as well that your memory fails you. Because the Giants have elevated the promotional day experience to a level of sophistication that may never be equalled. …last_img read more

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Scientific Papers Can No Longer Be Trusted

first_img(Visited 811 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 How do you know a paper is not a hoax? or fake science? It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell, and Big Science is worried.Like every other source of information, scientific journals depend on trust. Readers have to trust that editors are not trying to fool them. Most papers end with long lists of references, where scientists refer to previous papers they trust gave correct information. They don’t have the time to repeat the experiments in previous papers, and even if they had the time, the details may be so complicated or difficult as to make replication impossible. We’ve already heard of the “replication crisis” in psychology and medicine, but what if “fake science” becomes so widespread, nobody can tell what is genuine and what is fake? It’s no longer possible to trust a scientific paper just because a reputable peer-reviewed journal published it. Let’s look at some news that may undermine public trust in scientific papers.Intelligently Designed HoaxI got a hoax academic paper about how UK politicians wipe their bums published (The Conversation). Psychologist Gary Lewis is concerned about “predatory journals” with lax standards for peer review, so he tried a practical joke. He submitted a paper to one of them that was obviously silly, claiming that conservatives wipe themselves with the right hand, and liberals with the left hand. In the tradition of investigative journalism, he made it look authentic to see if the journal would publish it – and they did. Lewis proved that one “predatory journal” was guilty of promoting fake science, but his concerns extend beyond this one case:Why is this sort of thing a problem? In a nutshell, predatory journals are contaminating the scientific literature by providing ostensibly rigorous reports of studies that in reality are often far from acceptable. Work published in such journals is occasionally used in serious public debates, such as on climate change. They present a serious credibility problem for science.Of additional concern, it turns out that many academics actually struggle to identify the rogue journals from the bona fide. A recent piece in Nature makes this point only too clearly – many senior scientists have published their work in these outlets, and paid thousands of dollars for publishing fees. Indeed, the journal in which I published my hoax paper has authors based at well-regarded institutions like Rutgers, Princeton, and Florida State University. (I am not implying that their papers are necessarily bogus in any way: in fact, they often seem to be regular articles that might well have been accepted in more mainstream outlets.)As we have seen, though, “mainstream outlets” have their own issues with peer review, misconduct and bias. They will publish silly Darwinian just-so stories, for instance, that could not meet minimum standards for rigor in physics.Motivators for FakeryWith this example in mind, let’s list some factors that contribute to the dissemination of fake science, and then look at more examples. Scientific results can become untrustworthy when:Ideology trumps method or evidence, as with Darwinian just-so storytellingThe “publish or perish” atmosphere leads scientists to be careless, rushing results to pressFunding from special interests colors the findingsGovernment funding could be threatened unless results go along with the consensusGovernment leaders fund bad science (e.g., Lysenkoism, Nazi medicine)Rivalry motivates dirty tricks to prevent a rival from gaining priority for a discoveryClosed peer review allows a reviewer to reject his rival’s findingsA scientist’s career is on the lineThe institution rewards number of publications over quality in CV’sA culture of corruption pervades a university departmentIt becomes easier to “go along to get along” instead of blowing the whistleA respected academic advisor punishes grad students whose results disagree with hisData become so complex, multiple conclusions are possibleData are so distant or inaccessible, speculative ideas fill the voidAuthors are unaware of the problem of underdetermination of theories by dataAuthors are careless about confirmation bias, the tendency to find what they expect to find and credit their pet theoryConclusions never get tested because they are untestablePolitical correctness tugs the conclusions in a direction that is currently socially acceptableTrusted references turn out to be untrustworthyImportant findings are buried in low-grade journals (e.g., Mendel)Authors are unaware of retractions or corrections to earlier papers they relied onA paradigm asks the wrong questionsScientists are oblivious to alternative paradigmsScientists are blind to their biases (e.g., atheism)Soft sciences are treated as just as reliable as hard sciencesThe nature of the problem is far removed from empirical verification (e.g., multiverse theory)Mathematics or statistics are used inappropriately, for bluffing and not for supportAlternative ideas have been censored, so that authors are oblivious to challengesA scientist begins to believe his or her list of publications confers automatic credibilityPrestige becomes more valuable than rigorHaving won a prize makes a scientist’s views unassailableLack of education in philosophy of science makes the authors oblivious to well-known fallaciesThese problems are not mutually exclusive. Any of them, singly or in combination, undermine trust in a paper’s findings. Nor is this list exhaustive. It becomes apparent that a so-called ‘scientific method’ is no cure for dishonesty, groupthink or carelessness.Test Your Critical ThinkingLet’s look at three recent papers and ‘scientific’ findings in this light, and ask if they deserve respect just because a ‘science journal’ or a science news site published them.Bullshit-sensitivity predicts prosocial behavior (PLoS One). The title of this paper alone should send hoax sirens sounding. Who decides what is BS? The scientist? Go ahead and read this open-access paper’s methods and conclusions, and see if the paper itself would fail its own BS detector. Maybe the authors were testing PLoS One to see if they could get four-letter words published.How do religious ideologies spread? (Phys.org). The authors of this ‘finding’ seem intent on undermining Christianity. Researchers from the ‘Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History’ single out Christianity for their ‘study’ that comes to the conclusion that the spread of Christianity was not due to grass-roots conversion but by top-down pressure. Other researchers could doutbless find numerous counter-examples. Cautious readers might ask if the authors would be willing to apply the same scientific ‘methods’ to the spread of Darwinism.Chimpanzee ‘nests’ shed light on the origins of humanity (The Conversation). Gaining the title of ‘scientist’ grants privileges in storytelling denied the bulk of humanity, and this example is a whopper. What possible connection can chimpanzee nesting have with human origins? The notion provides a case study in Darwinian orthodoxy driving conclusions. So convinced are Alexander Piel and Fiona Steward that they are mere evolved great apes themselves, they engage in pure speculation:How does this link to our ancestors? Given we know that all great apes build nests, and that many early hominins retained adaptations for tree-living such as feet that could grasp onto branches or food, it is likely that they also built varied nests. This would have helped them adapt to a changing landscape and an unpredictable climate during key periods of evolution. The ability to build cosy and also functional beds when required would have been a key buffer against colder temperatures on the drying savanna.In evolutionary terms, there’s a very long leap from architecturally-flexible nightly bed construction to an eventual investment in more permanent structures or “home bases”, which appeared around 2m years ago. But these later bases are what today provide insight into more transformative hominin behaviours like the use of fire or social organisation, and these dramatic changes would not have been possible without the ability to construct reliable shelter. To gain a critical insight into our own evolution we must look at the “nests” built by early hominin species – and modern chimpanzees.This one example is guilty of numerous flaws from the above list.You see what we are up against reporting on science each day at CEH. We cannot assume that any paper is trustworthy. Figures, equations and references do not by themselves confer credibility on any finding. Being published in a respected, peer-reviewed journal is no insurance. We have to apply critical thinking to papers, never assuming that findings are trustworthy until we see sufficient empirical evidence and attention to alternative conclusions. Darwinian papers are the worst! Evolutionist authors still often cite Darwin’s Origin as reference numero uno, and it’s all downhill from there: ‘evolutionary biologists’ will apply copious amounts of Darwin Flubber to hold together just-so stories that would fall apart if the observational facts were considered without the ideology. We hope this entry warns people against taking a scientist’s word for something carelessly. Discerning the truth of a matter is hard work. And remember: science without integrity is indistinguishable from the mythology it tries to supplant. For a good myth, ask a Darwinist how integrity evolved.last_img read more

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Play Your Part fulfills Mandela Day promise to the New Jerusalem Children’s Home

first_imgOn Nelson Mandela Day Brand South Africa committed to donating 150 Abelia Grandiflora plants to the New Jerusalem Children’s Home, and on 14 September 2017, the Play Your Part team made their way to the Home to surprise each child with an Abelia Grandiflora plant.Eight years after the launch of Mandela day, it has gained momentum, with worldwide support from citizens of all races and ages, playing their part. (Image: suplied)Following the Nelson Mandela Day activation on the 18 July 2017, Brand South Africa had committed to donating 150 Abelia Grandiflora plants to the New Jerusalem Children’s Home for the purpose of renovating the garden. Today, 14 September 2017, the Play Your Part team made their way to the Home to surprise each child with an Abelia Grandiflora plant.Nelson Mandela International Day commemorates the lifetime of service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world. Eight years later since the launch of Mandela day, it has gained momentum, with worldwide support from citizens of all races and ages, playing their part.Part of the Nelson Mandela Day promise is to remind every citizen that no matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Nelson Mandela did every day and that citizens need to make every day a Mandela Day.“Do whatever it is you can, no matter how small even just spending time with the children is enough because it shows them that they are loved”, said Deputy Principal Ms Linah Ramonyai.Deputy Principal Ms Linah Ramonyai said, “We are very happy that the Play Your Part team returned to surprise the children with these plants, we truly appreciate the support and we promise to look after the plants. Our children love gardening and this is an added bonus to their daily activity”.Brand South Africa’s Activation Manager, Ms Rabia Metedad said, “Play Your Part is pleased to be reiterating its objective to continuously play its part on a daily basis. Today’s activation was to remind the little ones that we haven’t forgotten them and we encourage everyone to play their part.”Nelson Mandela International Day commemorates the lifetime of service Nelson Mandela gave to South Africa and the world.“Do whatever it is you can, no matter how small even just spending time with the children is enough because it shows them that they are loved”, concludes Ms RamonyaiAnd the children said, “Yeah!!!!!! Thank you, Play Your Part!”Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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Minnaar: one of South Africa’s greats

first_imgI bumped into him about four months before the Worlds, having not seen him since he had won in Austria. “Now you’ve done it,” I joked with him about the pressure he would face. He laughed in his typical, humble manner, but the truth was the pressure could not have been greater. That victory made him a three-time world champion. He’s also a three-time runner-up in the World Championships. In addition, Minnaar has won the overall World Cup title three times and finished as runner-up four times. He has more World Cup podium finishes than anyone in history. He’s a humble, down-to-earth, special talent. I’ve been in sports journalism for 17 years now and he carries that assurance, confidence and humility I have previously witnessed in only those sportsmen and -women at the very top of their disciplines. All of those achievements put him in the conversation as one of South Africa’s greatest sportsmen ever. 6 September 2013 It’s worth remembering that his World Cup win in Pietermaritzburg in 2012 was also achieved under severe pressure. His father, Jeff, was in ICU in hospital at the time and it was uncertain whether Greg would race or not. He had not trained in a week, but eventually he took the decision to race. The big build-up was on and the song began to be played frequently. By Sunday, the air was electric. The pressure must have been immense on Minnaar, who would be the fifth last man down the mountain. Stars that come to mind in other sports include golf legend Gary Player; cricket all-rounder Jacques Kallis; batsmen Graeme Pollock and Barry Richards; rugby’s Danie Gerber, Naas Botha and Frik du Preez; swimmers Natalie du Toit and Penny Heyns; boxers “Baby Jake” Matlala and Vic Toweel; footballers Ace Ntsoelengoe, Lucas Radebe and Kaizer Motaung. ‘Sick Mick’ on the hot seatAustralia’s Jared Graves occupied the hot seat for a long time with the fastest time before being dethroned from the top spot by his compatriot Mick Hannah as the event neared its completion. “Sick Mick” put together a superb run, smashing Graves’ time by three seconds to become the first man to dip under four minutes. Like Federer It was Greg Minnaar who brought to an end Vouilloz’s run of five World Championship downhill titles in six years way back in 2003. It took him another nine years before he won a second rainbow-striped jersey, but in that time he narrowly missed out three times, when he finished second, and won three World Cup overall titles. He has deliveredEach and every time there has been huge pressure on him to win and, as champions do, he has delivered. In 2009 and 2012, he won the downhill, while he was second in 2011, just 0.2 seconds behind the winner, Aaron Gwin. This year, though, it was different. Ever since he was crowned the world champion in Leogang, Austria in 2012, the pressure was on because the World Championships were coming to his home town. A legend I have attended every UCI Mountain Bike World Cup held in South Africa. It has been easy, I have to admit, as the Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg is literally within walking distance of my home. I never want to miss one because they have been some of the best events I have attended as a journalist and a sports fan, and Greg Minnaar has been the main reason for that. It has been almost a week and I still get a buzz out of it. Just thinking back or watching YouTube videos brings a smile to my face. You see, I was there on Sunday, 1 September, when South Africa’s Greg Minnaar blasted his way to victory in the downhill at the 2013 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships in Pietermaritzburg. Because of him, I am already looking forward to the 2014 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg. I wouldn’t miss it. My advice to you: if you have not been to a World Cup at the Cascades MTB Park before, make a plan to be there and see this superstar in action. You won’t regret it. If you’ve been there before, the chances are good you will be there again. On the Saturday at the World Champs, the song by Duck Sauce, known as Barbra Streisand started playing over the massive sound system at the Cascades MTB Park. Instead of saying Barbra Streisand, though, the words were Greg Minnaar, and I am sure they sent a small shiver of excitement through all South African supporters. It was going to be alrightSo onto the most recent event, the 2013 UCI MTB & Trials World Championships: throughout its duration, everything was building towards the men’s downhill, the last event on the final day of competition. And while European athletes were racking up the medals and leaving South Africa’s best in their wake in the trials, cross country and cross country eliminator, there was always this feeling within me that it was going to be alright because South Africa had Greg Minnaar. That was a massive margin to make up, but Minnaar, wearing a helmet emblazoned with Nelson Mandela’s face, pulled something out of the bag to somehow cross the finishing line 0.396 ahead of the likeable Australian. And he did it with a back wheel puncture he had picked up on the last rocky section! That was what a champion does. Two years ago, Greg Minnaar was a great of downhill racing. However, by winning two World Championships and finishing runner-up in the World Cup twice since, he has become a legend of the sport. It’s the old story of it being difficult comparing athletes from different eras. Take the example of Sir Donald Bradman, by common consensus the greatest cricketer of all time. His batting average of 99.94 is way ahead of the number two man on the list, Graeme Pollock, who averaged 60.97. Yet only a fool would believe Bradman could achieve such dominance in this day and age. You can pick your favourite from whatever sport, but with a record like his, Minnaar has to be in the conversation. The powerfully-built, square-jawed Hannah is an ideal fit for the Cascades downhill course and his time would be hard to beat. Minnaar, on his run, was close at the first split, but on the second split was 0.866 down, less than 40 seconds from the end. There’s only other man in the conversation when it comes to the greatest downhill racer of all time, although Australia’s Sam Hill is a narrow third: France’s Nicolas Vouilloz. He won the World Championships a record seven times and topped the World Cup standings five times. At first glance this trumps Minnaar’s achievements, but Vouilloz was dominant mostly in the sport’s early days, when the competition was not as tough as it is today. Martin Whiteley, a highly respected long time team manager on the UCI MTB World Cup circuit recalled seeing Minnaar for the first time in an excellent video by Gary Perkin on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/73418053): “I was doing a course walk late in the afternoon during practice and this rider went past me. It wasn’t the speed he went past at, but it was the way he shifted line from one side of the track to the other. It just caught my eye. It was just a beautiful riding style, so I took his number, looked it up later and saw that he was a junior from South Africa,” Whiteley said. With his father watching the event on a laptop in the hospital, Greg delivered another outstanding victory, giving dad Jeff a huge boost as he made his recovery. Steve Smith, the winner of the previous World Cup stop in Mont-Sainte-Anne in Canada crashed out as he attempted to match the South African superstar. Aaron Gwin, the overall World Cup winner in 2011 and 2012, also crashed and Gee Atherton, the World Cup standings’ leader, simply couldn’t match Minnaar’s pace. He had defended his world title. I was walking proudBeing there, feeling the patriotism, the pride of being a South African watching a legend is action is hard to describe. The cowbells, the vuvuzelas, the horns, the cheers, the yells of joy seemed to go on forever. As a South African, I was walking proud, thanks to Greg Minnaar. In some ways, in my mind, the way Minnaar wins reminds me of Roger Federer. The man from Pietermaritzburg is tall at 1.90m (6 foot 3), but he has a grace and technical brilliance, even in the pursuit of speed, that stands out and confirms his status as special.last_img read more

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10 months agoSolskjaer reveals Man Utd medical room now clearing

first_imgSolskjaer reveals Man Utd medical room now clearingby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says their medical room is clearing ahead of the clash with Bournemouth.United have won both games since Solskjaer took charge but Anthony Martial joined Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku on the sidelines when being taken ill over the Christmas period.When asked by MUTV if anybody was coming back for the next game, Ole replied: “Hopefully the front three with Romelu, Alexis and Anthony – that is not a bad three to have ready. So towards the end [of a game], when you are 2-0 up, 3-0 up, if you can put players with pace on, then that makes a difference.”So when you score three at home but you know you have three lads awaiting to get on, then that’s great.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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9 months agoWest Brom move for Liverpool winger Ben Woodburn

first_imgWest Brom move for Liverpool winger Ben Woodburnby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveWest Brom are moving for Liverpool winger Ben Woodburn.The 19-year-old is the subject of interest from three Championship sides.Albion asked if they could take him as soon as they discovered freescoring Harvey Barnes was being recalled by Leicester City.But they aren’t alone with a host of other clubs keen for the teenager to sign with Wigan also said to be in the race. TagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

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New AP Poll: Buckeyes Remain Unanimous No. 1

first_imgWeek two of the new AP poll.Week 2 AP Poll Lee Corso College GameDayTwitter/College GameDayThe Ohio State Buckeyes, after taking care of Virginia Tech on the road Monday night, are still the No. 1 ranked team in the country – in both the Coaches’ Poll and the AP Poll. The latter was just released.Alabama, previously ranked No. 3, has moved up to No. 2 after a dominating performance against Wisconsin. TCU, which struggled a bit with Minnesota, drops a spot to No. 3. The rest of the top ten is rounded out by Baylor, Michigan State, Auburn, Oregon, USC, Notre Dame and Georgia.Texas A&M, after a big win over Arizona State, debuts in the poll at No. 16. Utah and Mississippi State also entered the poll, at No. 24 and No. 25, respectively.1. Ohio State2. Alabama3. TCU4. Baylor5. Michigan State6. Auburn7. Oregon8. USC9. Notre Dame10. Georgia11. Florida State12. Clemson13. UCLA14. LSU15. Georgia Tech16. Texas A&M17. Ole Miss18. Arkansas19. Oklahoma20. Boise State21. Missouri22. Arizona23. Tennessee24. Utah25. Mississippi StateYou can check out last week’s rankings here.last_img read more

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Garry Cook Man City held talks with John Terry in 2009

first_imgFormer chief executive Garry Cook confirmed that Manchester City held talks with John Terry over summer transfer from Chelsea in 2009Under new billionaire owner Sheikh Mansour who had taken control 12 months earlier, the big-spending City approached Chelsea over a move for their captain.The Blues permitted City to begin talks with Terry and a five-year contract with a weekly wage of £200,000 was offered to the centre-back, which he eventually turned down.“We went through the process [of signing Terry],” Cook told Sky Sports.“[Chelsea chief executive] Peter Kenyon was there at the time and we had conversations with him, saying we’d like to do it and we’d like to have a conversation.“I think he was probably more confident that he [Terry] wasn’t going anywhere.“We had conversations with John and he decided to stay where he was, and quite rightly so.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“But there was never a document ready to sign.”Later on, Terry confessed he had used City’s interest as a bargaining chip in order to earn himself a new contract with Chelsea – which doesn’t surprise Cook.“There were players out there who were using us as a stalking horse and that’s the game,” he added.“If you want to get a better contract in your renewal with the club you’re with, then you’ve got to try and raise a market, and that’s what agents would do.“The reality is, would we have liked a lot of them to come? Yes. But the truth is, some of them were a little bit smoke and mirrors.”Terry made 717 appearances for Chelsea in a 19-year stay and won five Premier Leagues and FA cups along with titles like the Champions League and Europa League.After spending last season at Aston Villa, Terry announced his retirement from football during the summer and now plans to embark on a managerial career.last_img read more

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Turks and Caicos post Cabinet Meeting statement

first_img·         Received an up-date on the outcome of the public consultation on the proposed change of use of the Green Door on Grand Turk for temporary prison accommodation; Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.Press Release: TCIG ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Premier on funds held by the TCI statutory bodies which are to be remitted to central public funds; Related Items: ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Minister of Health on the reconciliation exercise on the Interhealth Canada contract. A full report on the reconciliation exercise would be submitted to the next meeting of Cabinet; ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Premier on progress on and plans for implementation of the capital projects programme; ·         Received an information paper on the state of preparedness in TCI for the 2017 hurricane season. Cabinet agreed the need for Ministers to raise significantly the level of hurricane readiness across all TCI government departments, agencies and National Disaster Sub-Committees as a matter of urgency; ·         Received an up-date on the terms of reference for the accountancy audit of the NHIP; At this meeting Cabinet: ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Minister of Environment on the public consultation on a proposed shark sanctuary in TCI and on his attendance at the recent Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) “Caribbean Week” meeting in New York. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp ·         At the request of His Excellency the Governor, received an up-date by the Hon. Minister of Environment on the salvage of the Mega-One Triton vessel on Governor’s Beach on Grand Turk including on measures to address His Excellency the Governor’s concerns about the immediate threat posed to public safety by the vessel in its present state; ·         Noted the financial performance of the TCI Government for the first month of the financial year as submitted in the Financial Report for the month of April 2017 by the Accountant General. Cabinet further noted the government’s strategy and proposals to mitigate against the risk of not meeting revenue targets including regular monitoring of departmental and statutory body spending and budget plans; ·         Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (Taxation) (Designated Restaurant) Order 2017 and to approve commencement of the Order and of the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (Taxation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2017 with effect from 1 August 2017; ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Minister of Environment on the disposal of the seized catch of marine product from the Capitan Blaze fishing vessel; ·         Received an up-date by the Hon. Premier on the government’s proposed investment and refurbishment policies; Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, June 22, 2017 – Grand Turk – His Excellency the Governor, Dr John Freeman, chaired the 16th meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday, 21 June 2017, at the Hon.  Hilly Ewing Building on Providenciales. All Ministers were present except the Hon. Deputy Premier and the Hon. Minister of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication.last_img read more

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