UK: HMS Monmouth Holds Fire-Exercise on Patrol

first_imgPlymouth based warship HMS Monmouth conducted a major engine-space fire exercise to keep self-protection skills fresh mid-way through its seven-month security patrol of the Arabian Gulf.Back at sea and on operations after a two-week ‘pit-stop’ of essential maintenance and well-deserved rest and recuperation in Dubai, HMS Monmouth, has got stuck into the operational tempo that has dictated the pace of the deployment thus far, including highly realistic emergency exercises.The ship regularly practises simulated incidents, from fast-boat attack to internal fires and floods.  This ensures that the crew is prepared to deal with any emergency.  However, with the ship being on patrol the exercises have added urgency and relevance.As soon as the ship left Dubai controlled ‘mayhem’ was already being instigated by the exercise umpires as they started a main engine space fire exercise to test the emergency response teams.  Exercise smoke quickly filled the vast compartment, making it almost impossible for the fire-fighters to see, while ventilation was crash stopped and the temperature started to rise.Chief Petty Office Dave Coleman, an exercise organiser, said:“Every member of the ship’s company is trained to fight and extinguish fires, whether it is from a minor incident to a major fire onboard which requires more manpower and highly trained techniques to be employed.“The objectives of the main machinery space fire exercise are to test the ship’s standard operating procedures for tackling a major fire at sea, to train and test all members of the ship’s company in advanced fire-fighting drills and to introduce new crew members to the ship’s damage-control organisation in order to maintain operational capability outside of the Flag Officer Sea Training environment.”The fire fighters were supported by first-aiders, marine engineers and communicators.  This evolution highlighted the importance of everyone in the team playing their part in keeping the ship on station.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, March 6, 2013; Image: Royal Navy UK: HMS Monmouth Holds Fire-Exercise on Patrol View post tag: Monmouth View post tag: HMS Share this article View post tag: News by topic Back to overview,Home naval-today UK: HMS Monmouth Holds Fire-Exercise on Patrol View post tag: Fire-Exercise Training & Educationcenter_img View post tag: holds View post tag: Naval March 6, 2013 View post tag: Navy View post tag: Defense View post tag: Defence View post tag: Patrollast_img read more

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Tamiflu protects ferrets in avian flu study

first_imgMay 4, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – A new study suggests that the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) can prevent deaths in ferrets infected with H5N1 avian influenza, according to reports today from an avian flu conference in Singapore.News of the study’s findings came as the World Health Organization (WHO) reported Egypt’s 13th human case of H5N1 illness.The oseltamivir study was reported at a 2-day meeting sponsored by the British journal The Lancet. In the experiment, a group of ferrets was infected with H5N1 and, 4 hours later, was given half the oseltamivir dose recommended for humans, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. Treatment continued for 5 days.A second group of ferrets received a higher dose of oseltamivir starting 24 hours postinfection. All of the treated ferrets survived, while none of the untreated animals did, the AP reported. Elena Govorkova, MD, PhD, of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, presented the findings.Oseltamivir has been widely touted as one of two neuraminidase inhibitors that show the most promise in fighting H5N1, and countries worldwide are stockpiling the drug in the face of a potential flu pandemic. However, its effectiveness against avian flu in humans is unknown, and Govorkova’s research is designed to help predict optimal dosing for humans in the event of a pandemic, according to Roche, the manufacturer of Tamiflu.Ferrets provide good models for testing, because they are very susceptible to influenza and experience symptoms similar to humans when infected.In Egypt, the avian flu patient is a 27-year-old woman who had recently visited a house where many chickens were slaughtered. Tests conducted by both the national public health laboratory and the Cairo-based US Naval Medical Research Unit 3 produced positive results for H5N1, according to the WHO.The woman was admitted to a hospital with bilateral pneumonia on May 1 and is reported to be in stable condition. Hers is the first confirmed case in Egypt since early April, the WHO said.The case brings the WHO’s worldwide avian flu tally to 206, including 113 deaths.In other developments, an expert at the Singapore conference today said people infected with the H5N1 strain may possess genetic susceptibility, according to a Reuters report.Among the 205 people reported infected since late 2003, there have been family clusters of blood relatives, such as father or mother and children. “So there has to be certainly a genetic aspect to it,” said Robert Webster, PhD, of St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as quoted by Reuters.Hiroshi Kida, DVM, PhD, director of the Research Center for Zoonosis Control at Hokkaido University in Japan, said there have been no case clusters involving husband and wife, which increases the suspicion of a genetic role.Kida offered a possible explanation, according to Reuters. He said that people infected with H5N1 have a carbohydrate receptor—alpha 2,3—lining their throats. This receptor is predominantly found in birds, and avian flu viruses bind to this class of receptor. Human flu viruses usually bind to a receptor called alpha 2,6, which is dominant in humans, he said.Kida emphasized, however, that other explanations of why the avian flu virus does not as yet transmit easily between humans—such as the theory that it lodges deep in the lungs—may also be tenable.See also:WHO statement on Egyptian case read more

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Blog from the Pod — Bantams return from northern road trip with bronze

first_imgA glitch in the network held up the final installment of the Tyler Podgorenko blog from Smithers, site of the B.C. Hockey Tier III Bantam Rep Championships.The West Kootenay rep, Nelson Leafs, managed to rebound from a pair of tough losses — including a setback in the semi final — to edge Revelstoke in the bronze medal final.Nelson defenceman Tyler Podgrenko has one last blog on what happened last week in Smithers.(Thursday) we again had to wake up at 8 a.m. for our final game as a team and for some of us our last game in Bantams.The game was for Bronze and we were playing the Revelstoke Grizzlies whom we have played three times before in exhibition and tournament (play).The game began very slow and by the end of the first we were winning 1-0.  The game then started to rise and both teams began to play hard and before you knew it we were up 3-2 with some great goals from our forwards. In the third the game began to  be a rough one and Revelstoke was starting to get penalty after penalty and began to play with no intention to win.  We were up 4-3 and the clock began to count down and we ended up winning 4-3 taking home the bronze. Right after the game our parents were eager to get home and we began our long journey home. After nine hours of  driving we stopped in Kamloops for the night and stayed in the Thompson Hotel on the main street. Waking up in the morning after a rough night with little sleep was tough after many players were sick from receiving the flu that night and some with colds. In the morning we all left the hotel for our last chunk of traveling to take on and by 2:30 p.m. the majority of the team was back home in Nelson. Even though not reaching our ultimate goal of winning the provincials i believe that we all gained much knowledge on what it takes,and also many memories. As a team we all improved tremendously and also individually.last_img read more

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Raiders not ruling out Napa for future camps

first_imgClick here if you’re unable to view the photo gallery on your mobile device. NAPA — Not so fast on the Raiders exiting Napa not long after they leave Oakland.Raiders owner Mark Davis told reporters Sunday that bolting on their training camp home since 1996 and relocating in their soon-to-be home state isn’t necessarily the plan.“I love it here,” Davis told local reporters after filming two interviews with Nevada-based television stations. “I have no problem with it, and it makes sense. No …last_img read more

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IMC creates social ad campaign for SA

first_imgThe Wildly Creative campaign calls for a collaborative effort in designing a vibrant new ad campaign for South Africa. (Image: IMC)South Africa has marked the start of the 100 days countdown to the 2010 Fifa World Cup on 2 March with a variety of patriotic celebrations and flag- flying spectacles. The football spectacular kicks off on 11 June.The Get Wildly Creative About South Africa online advertising contest aims to inspire South Africans to get together as a nation, use their creativity, collaborate with the international community, and come up with ways to promote the country as a vibrant destination ahead of the World Cup.The eight-week, people-inspired, online ad contest, which starts on 15 March, is part of a major nation branding research project undertaken by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and the International Marketing Council (IMC) of South Africa.The IMC is responsible for defining and shaping Brand South Africa’s image throughout the world.With social media networks hosting billions of monthly visitors, conversations and connections, the CMO Council’s new GeoBranding Centre is looking to evaluate the level of voice, influence and creative pull in these interactive online communities, particularly as it relates to shaping perceptions of countries, destinations, locations and origin of products.Community-driven advertisingThe Get Wildly Creative About South Africa ad contest will be hosted on the people-inspired advertising platform and will use viral communications, online conversations, blogging and cyber chatter to talk up interest and participation in this inventive country branding program targeted at the world’s 1.7-billion Internet users.Current and aspiring creative professionals, digital media buffs, South African citizens and expatriates, and anyone with a lust for travel to Africa, are invited to come up with inventive ways to produce a fresh and evocative message about a country that has gone from tragedy to triumph in less than two decades.Contest entry information and a creative brief, giving background on the assignment and links to South African resources, are available at the contest centre.Cash and prizes – donated by SA Tourism, in-country partners and creative technology solution providers – will be awarded to the top submissions within each category. These are Best Print Campaign, Best Online Banner Campaign, and Best Video Segment or Commercial.Winning entrants will have their work showcased globally to the CMO Council’s 5 000 members who control more than US$150 billion (R1.2-billion) in annual marketing spend and recognised at a special IMC-hosted reception in New York City, the world’s media centre and creative hub. They will also win trip packages courtesy of SA Tourism and other travel, hospitality, lodging and merchandise partners in South Africa.Inspired messaging“We’re looking for inspired messaging and out-of-the-box advertising executions that capture the essence, attributes and qualities of Brand South Africa,” noted CMO Council executive director Donovan Neale-May.“With the world’s eyes upon it as host of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, South Africa is seeking to establish itself as a competitive and relevant nation brand,” added Paul Bannister, CEO of the IMC. “We’re excited about the potential for social media channels to generate greater discourse and narrative about our brand from people who have experienced or researched our special place in the world.”Separately, the CMO Council’s GeoBranding Centre will conduct monthly analytics on the tonality, sentiment and prevalence of conversations, commentary and news about Brand South Africa leading up to the four-week World Cup.It will source PR Newswire’s Social Media Metrics service, which tracks the tonality and sentiment of global media coverage through 30 000 online news sources in 12 languages. The platform also intelligently and analyses 5-million forum posts a day, as well as conversations and commentaries in 20-million blogs, social media networks, news groups, bulletin boards, etc.“We’re thrilled to partner with the CMO Council on this very exciting initiative and provide the team with powerful and meaningful analytics to support the success of the new GeoBranding Centre, said Susan McPherson, vice president, business development at PR Newswire.With billions invested in the African sports spectacular, the CMO Council’s GeoBranding Centre will be looking at the host country’s effectiveness in shaping perceptions and using the global football spectacle to optimise its reputation and appeal worldwide.last_img read more

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Nelson Makamo takes his art to rural communities

first_imgArtist Nelson Makamo’s subjects have all come from impoverished communities but they have never seen his works. Now, Makamo is looking to take his art to primary schools around the country by painting murals on its walls. (Image: Shamin Chibba)Artists bring beauty to the world. Yet, most people cannot afford or don’t have access to such items. It is for this reason that South Africa’s freshest painter, Nelson Makamo, is taking his work to less privileged communities in South Africa.Makamo is embarking on a countrywide school mural project that will not only bring beauty to impoverished schools, but will also improve facilities. “Before we plan a mural we have to do something else for the school,” said Makamo. “The mural will remind us that we came into a school without a football ground and worked together to build it a football ground.”Makamo is planning to help one rural school in each province. “When you drive around South Africa and look at the schools, there’s nothing with which you can identify a school from a distance. You find the schools are struggling.”Makamo came up with the idea after he realised influential individuals, like himself, have the power to help poor communities. “I was one of those people who used to say the government doesn’t do this, the government doesn’t do that. But in most cases it is targeted to me. As a normal citizen, if I have the ability to do something why don’t I do it.Makamo’s works have been collected by the likes of British singer Annie Lennox and fashion designer Giorgio Armani, but it is the work he wants to take to rural communities that he is most excited about. (Image: Shamin Chibba)“If children go to school barefoot or cold they will not be able to concentrate. So I realised I have to start adopting schools.”Makamo said influential people should help improve the lives of others and set an example by doing so. “The more your profile grows the more you can influence others to be a part of it.”Though there are a few who are interested in financially supporting the project, the artist is looking to fund it from his own pocket where possible.POOR COMMUNITIES CONNECT TO MAKAMO’S ARTMakamo grew up in Modimolle, a small town in Limpopo, and its people have been the inspiration for his art since he started. Most of his work depicts young boys doing ordinary things: playing, laughing, walking, or looking curious or ponderous.He doesn’t boast about wealthy people having his work in their private collections, even though they include British singer Annie Lennox and fashion designer Giorgio Armani. But he speaks enthusiastically about creating art for the communities he relates to.“In any interview that I had, I never proudly said so and so has my work because I think it’s unfair to those who would truly connect with the work beyond the price tag. You may find that the work is not even hanging in their house that it’s in storage. Every now and then I try to see if I can make it possible for the ordinary person to view my work.”ACCESS TO MAKAMO’S WORKMakamo’s studio manager, Matsela Moshokoa, said the mural project will give poorer communities an opportunity to view his work.“Nelson wants to take his art back to the community where he grew up in, the community that he paints, because those are the faces of his community. And the perfect place to go to is primary schools because those are the places where you learn to have dreams.“It will highlight the plight of our primary schools. Especially in rural areas.”Besides beautifying schools, the murals will provide a space where learners can play and have their lunch, said Moshokoa.Children will relate to it because it is created by an artist who is one of them. “It’s from a person that once looked like them, that comes from the same background, and they can see themselves in him as much as he can see himself in the kids.”PLAY YOUR PARTHave you or anyone you know done anything to uplift your community? If so, share your story with us.If you have a story to tell, be it your own or that of an organisation or initiative dear to you, submit your story or video to our website and tell us how South Africa is playing a part to build a better life for all.last_img read more

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Florida State President John Thrasher Releases Statement On FSU’s Decision To Dismiss QB De’Andre Johnson

first_imgFSU President releases statement n support of Jimbo Fisher's decision to dismiss De'Andre Johnson from the football team.FSU President Releases StatementFlorida State president John Thrasher has released a statement on the decision to dismiss Seminoles’ quarterback De’Andre Johnson after a video surfaced of the four-star freshman punching a woman in a Tallahassee bar last month. Thrasher says “there is no question in my mind” that Jimbo Fisher made the correct decision to dismiss Johnson. Here’s the full statement. Statement from #FSU president John Thrasher on decision to dismiss De’Andre Johnson.— Tom D’Angelo (@tomdangelo44) July 7, 2015Johnson, a true freshman, was ranked one of the top-15 quarterbacks in the 2015 class.last_img read more

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Fox Creek RCMP looking for motorist that picked up a hitchhiker on

first_imgFOX CREEK, A.B. – The RCMP in Fox Creek are looking for a suspect who allegedly left the scene of a collision on Highway 43 and was picked up by a passing motorist.At 10:35 a.m. Saturday, a collision was reported to the RCMP.  A silver SUV struck a semi truck which was pulled over on the side of the road.  The driver of the semi-truck was not hurt because he was out of the truck at the time.  The driver of the SUV walked away hitchhiking northbound on Highway 43 towards Fox Creek.The RCMP believe the suspect that was driving the SUV, was picked up by a passing motorist driving a four-door SUV, sometime between 10:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Saturday. Investigation has revealed that the SUV involved in the collision was allegedly stolen out of Edmonton.  The Fox Creek RCMP want to locate the driver of the vehicle.The driver is described as:Caucasian maleApproximately 5’10 – 6′ tallDark medium length shaggy hair with facial hair.Wearing a black jacket and dark pants possibly snow pant like style.Had a back pack or bag with himThe Fox Creek RCMP are asking that the motorist who provided a lift to this male – please contact the detachment at 780-622-3740.   Anyone else who has any information about this incident or knows this male is asked to call the FoxCreek RCMP at 780-622-3740 or call your local police detachment.  If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), by internet at, or by SMS.last_img read more

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RCMP looking for missing 27yearold female

first_imgIf you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment at 780-830-5700. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1.800.222.8477 (TIPS) or by Internet at GRANDE PRAIRIE, A.B. – The Grande Prairie RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance in locating 27-year-old Amelia Crocker.  She was last seen by family members in Grande Prairie on February 26, 2018 but she has been in communication with friends as late as March 26, 2018.Amelia is described as:CaucasianMedium length brown hairBrown Eyes5’2″/ 140 lbsThere is a concern for Crocker’s well-being. The RCMP would like to locate and speak with her as soon as possible.last_img read more

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Go Fund Me raising money for deaf sixyearold halfway to goal of

first_imgThe processor fell off when 6-year-old Chloe Kalas was bumped while playing in the park. Chloe’s mom Elizabeth and her husband searched the park seven different times but came up empty-handed.Elizabeth Kalas explained that Chloe had just recovered from an infection where the magnet inside her head was killing her skin, making Chloe have to wear a weaker magnet. The weaker magnet caused the processor to fall off numerous times.Without the processor, Chloe is completely deaf and must rely on sign language. Kalas added that with her daughter going into grade one this year, a new cochlear implant is a must since it’s already difficult for someone who uses an implant to hear in a school environment.“Without this, she hears nothing, so she’s a bit further behind, speech-wise,” said Kalas.A new processor for the cochlear implant costs $11,130 while the cable and coil cost an additional $370. Kalas added that the family can handle the cost of the cable and coil, but the processor is currently beyond their means.The goal of the GoFundMe is to raise enough money to cover the cost of a new processor. For more information or to donate, visit the GoFundMe campaign’s website at UPDATE: The campaign has successfully reached its $12,000 goal. Details to follow.FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Go Fund Me Campaign raising money for a 6-year-old deaf girl who lost the processor for her cochlear implant is halfway to its goal of $12,000.The campaign started on Tuesday just after 11:30 a.m. and reached $6,581 early this morning.last_img read more

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