Game of the Year Jordan Minors Best Video Games of 2018

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first_img2. Mario Tennis AcesMario Tennis had always been my personal favorite Mario sports series. Tennis as a sport is already naturally fast and arcadey, and I have real tennis experience. But Mario Tennis Aces gave me the tennis game I never even knew I wanted. And it turns out the secret was adding a power meter and various fighting game-esque trick mechanics. Now, winning a rally feels as satisfying as completing a game-winning combo on the EVO main stage. It’s the hypest Mario sports game. 3. Dragon Ball FighterZAs bad as it is that people can openly love Dragon Ball Z again, at least we got this gorgeous fighting game that somehow manages to satisfy every possible audience. It’s a visual spectacle for the onlookers. It feels like DBZ anime poetry in motion for the fans. It has enough depth for true-blue fighting game players. But it’s accessible enough for newcomers. And it has like half a dozen Gokus in it. I’m personally glad I waited for the Switch version, but you can’t go wrong with any platform. 9. WandersongWandersong might grate at first with its plucky hero and art design that makes Paper Mario look monochrome. But the musical adventure quickly reveals layer after layer of surprising, poignant depth. The depth in the mechanics comes from the different ideas it gets out of the player’s analog singing ability. Sing to calm monsters, fly with birds, commune with mermaids, and tackle tricky surreal platforming sequences. But the more meaningful depth is the game’s utter philosophical commitment to nonviolence and harmonic unity even when the world is falling apart. 5. Red Dead Redemption III feel no obligation to put Red Dead Redemption II on my list just because it’s the biggest game of the year. I just happened to think Rockstar’s cowboy open-world tragedy is very good, and a lot better than the original which I didn’t care for at all. Read my review to learn more why I don’t think Red Dead Redemption II is boring. Sorry, You Can’t Date Keanu Reeves in ‘Cyberpunk 2077”Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on target 1. Super Smash Bros. UltimateIt really couldn’t be any other game. I adore Smash Bros. as a whole and I think Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best one. It’s majestic. For some reason, I’m having a great time playing online. Its complete character roster soothes my OCD. It’s got Metal Gear Solid stuff in it. There’s an absurd story mode ripped out of Avengers: Infinity War. They even made Ganondorf way better. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the best video game of 2018. Do not @ me.center_img The year in gaming is basically over, and while 2018 wasn’t quite as chock full of bangers as 2017, there are still plenty of amazing titles to play. In fact, I almost prefer my Game of the Year list this year compared to last year. 2017’s great games were all pretty obvious. I feel like my list this year has some much more interesting picks, ones that are most likely very different from the rest of you.So here are my choices, based on what I personally played, for the best video games of 2018!10. Battlefield V’s Senegal MissionI really couldn’t care less for Battlefield V as a whole. Battlefield 1 stood out with its novel World War I setting, but while WWII is less ubiquitous as it used to be in military shooters, it’s still pretty well-worn territory. However, Battlefield V’s approach to a single-player campaign managed to feel fresh by basically being an anthology of short and sort of historically accurate mini-campaigns. And far and away the most powerful War Story for me was “Tirailleur,” following brave French-Senegalese soldiers fighting for the country that treats them as second-class citizens. 6. Tetris EffectJust when you thought Tetris couldn’t get more perfect, they let the dude behind Lumines take a crack at it. With Tetris Effect, the world’s most elegant puzzle game now in VR set to trance-inducing lights and rhythms and sounds creates what can only be described as an emotional experience. And new mechanics like slowing time down to create matches beyond four gives your brain room to expand to galaxy levels. I could cry. 8. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and EeveeYeah I know there’s a “real” Pokemon RPG coming to Switch next year but honestly there’s a chance that game won’t entertain me as much as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee did. It turns out making Pokemon a more casual experience isn’t just appealing to newcomers, it’s also appealing to people like me who would rather just throw balls at monsters and fight trainers than deal with layers of JRPG tedium. I’m also just surprised how nice Game Freak’s first console Pokemon game ended up looking. 4. Into The BreachI’m as shocked as you are that a roguelike, perhaps my most hated genre this side of Dark Souls clones, cracked my top five. But Into The Breach makes genius decision after genius decision allowing the format to sing rather than be a drag. The tight turn-based tactics are easily endlessly intellectually enjoyable. Actually reaching some kind of ending isn’t totally impossible in your first few runs. And the game has a bunch of sweet giant robots in it. 7. Yoku’s Island ExpressEnough people I think ultimately discovered this gem that it’s not really a surprise anymore. But if you haven’t checked out Yoku’s Island Express you really should. An open-world made up of organic interconnected pinball tables, a pinball metroidvania, is a brilliant concept excellently pulled off here. It makes two classic but very different genres feel completely new. And the breezy tropical island setting really grooves.last_img

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