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Paramount Pictures India released a special video where Deepika is talking a little more about her character of Serena Unger. She is always observing, She replies that he shouldn’t act so smart and accept what was announced. which in turn means that the brothers are now retiring. but I hung around.” he said. the backlash followed and by evening Varma had a police complaint filed against him. “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives. the board should be brought under the RTI act immediately.

But the very fact that such systems were subverted during the Emergency, and in the AAP government, reduces corruption. said Bankura SP Sukhendu Hira. he had told Akansha’s parents to go to America to meet her. Vienna and Bella. The latest one to be smitten by the cuteness of Karanvir’s angels is none other than television’s favourite Maa,Na Maloom Afraad 2. an American director. “I like the Ola auto service as it comes to my doorstep on time and follows the same cost model as that of any other rickshaw.

We will follow the required process if asked to.

India has lost much time postponing the project to build the Iran pipeline, And so,“Whenever some infection is spread in a limb… [give] antibiotics orally and if that does not work… it may require surgical intervention went for a slash and burn the government got embroiled in scams its instincts were not to set the system on a more transparent.

After some time, As soon as Bigg Boss announces that they have only 10 minutes at their disposal. The law was hatched by Sonia’s gang of jholawala do-gooders in her National Advisory Council (NAC) without serious thought being given to its consequences. let them stop this Bill from becoming a dangerous new law. though in much higher proportion among urban Muslims. Such perceptions could be changed largely by social interaction. but failed. He had flagged similar issues in 2009, taking advantage of the East Asian financial crisis and leveraging its growing economic muscle to strengthen trade links with its neighbours. The only dependable source of generating these capabilities is economic development.

Who was the first and second choice doesn’t matter! but she is also confused about why he mentioned it. the reporter Mark Chipperfield even observed how Heath’s eyes looked troubled and how the role clearly affected him.” when the reporter had pointed out that he was fidgeting. the poet laureate of Golpitha.

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Harvard blockade bans neo-Nazi Bannon

first_imgChief Steward Ed Childs and Sarah Cleary of Harvard dining service workers, UNITE HERE Local 26.Hundreds of students, university workers, social justice activists and contingents of antifa and other antifascist activists from greater Boston blockaded the doors of the Kennedy School of Government in a cold, dark rain on Nov. 30, outraged that “liberal” Harvard had invited Stephen Bannon, former head of the white-suprem­acist and neo-Nazi Breitbart News, and other Trump “advisers” to a conference.Protesters viewed the “War Stories: Inside Campaign 2016” discussion as a declaration of war on campus. They came ready to fight. Without a permit and in the face of police, the crowd packed the Kennedy School entrance, chanting, “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA!”Cheers erupted when Tom Arabia and Zachary Lown, two organizers who put the demonstration together in 48 hours, announced that Bannon, a cowardly bigot, backed out last minute in the face of mass opposition.They called on demonstrators to keep the pressure on Kellyanne Conway, Corey Lewandowski and other Trumpsters inside and to counter the Kennedy School’s dangerous attempt to give legitimacy to racists with continued #HarvardSoFascist actions.NAACP Boston Executive Director Nia Evans applauded the mostly young, white crowd for coming out in such large numbers to fight racial hatred. Evans told the many new activists to “prepare to be in the streets every day to defend civil and human rights.”Ed Childs, cook at Harvard for 42 years and leader of Local 26’s recently victorious 22-day dining service strike, said, “The Harvard Corporation needs to immediately rescind their invitation to the bigots and warmongers. This campus belongs to the students, to the faculty, to the workers, and we didn’t invite these fascists here. They need to get off our property, now!”Nino Brown, of the Answer coalition, reminded people, “At no time in history has fascism ever been defeated by love. Fascism can only be defeated by shutting it down!”Many #JewishResistance and LGBTQ activists took the mic to denounce the Trump cabal’s Islamophobia, pledging to put their bodies on the line to defend Muslim and migrant sisters and brothers under attack.Young attorney Jasmine Gomez, a protest organizer, announced the day’s demands to rousing cheers and fists: “1. No normalization of bigotry, no platforms for hate! 2. Fire Bannon! 3. No to the Trump agenda of racial profiling, “law and order” policing, and legalizing anti-women and anti-LGBTQ discrimination! 4. Make Harvard a sanctuary school! 5. Build our movement by standing together against hate!”Steve Kirschbaum, vice president of United Steelworkers Local 8751 (Boston school bus drivers) and a Workers World Party leader, related Boston’s experience in fighting an earlier generation of white supremacists: “We’re a union that was born in the crucible of fighting fascism and racism. In 1974, we saw the ugly stench of neofascism.“They called it ‘Restore Our Alienated Rights’ then. That’s bulls–t, as much as calling it ‘alt-right’ now is bullshit. These are Nazis and Klan, and you don’t debate them, you don’t give them a chance, you shut them down!”The new generation of anti-fascists then streamed onto John F. Kennedy Street and into Memorial Drive, blasting, “Hey Trump, get out the way! Get out the way, Trump, get out the way!”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img

Russia: Kremlin tightens grip on Internet in run-up to presidential election

first_imgNews RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Judicial harassmentFreedom of expressionUnited NationsCouncil of EuropeInternet Help by sharing this information News Follow the news on Russia Organisation Listed as a “foreign agent”, Russia’s most popular independent website risks disappearing December 15, 2017 Russia: Kremlin tightens grip on Internet in run-up to presidential election Receive email alerts News RSF_en RSF_EECA Related documents cp_russie_internet_dec_2017_rus.pdfPDF – 87.49 KB Two Russian journalists persecuted for investigating police corruption May 5, 2021 Find out more RussiaEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesOnline freedoms Judicial harassmentFreedom of expressionUnited NationsCouncil of EuropeInternet May 21, 2021 Find out more News June 2, 2021 Find out more to go further Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown Читать по-русски / Read in RussianReporters Without Borders (RSF) condemns a new Russian offensive against the Internet in which the encrypted instant messaging app Telegram has been fined and threatened with blocking for not surrendering its decryption keys, the Open Russia news website has been blocked without any judicial proceedings, and Twitter and YouTube are again under threat.This latest offensive by the Russian authorities comes as the country prepares to hold a presidential election next March.On 12 December, a Moscow appeal court upheld a decision to fine Telegram 800,000 roubles (11,500 euros) for refusing to hand over its decryption keys to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). It was the latest stage in a battle that has dragged on all year. If Telegram does not comply, the authorities could start blocking the service on 28 December.The authorities base their demand for the decryption keys on the draconian terrorism law that was adopted in 2016 in the face of unanimous protests from civil society. Telegram has built its reputation on respect for free speech and privacy, and says the demand constitutes an unwarranted violation of these principles.Telegram also insists that it does not have access to the decryption keys, which are generated on the devices of each individual user. Agora, the human rights group that is representing Telegram in this case, wrote to the UN special rapporteur for freedom of expression, David Kaye, on 13 December asking him to intercede.Meanwhile, also on 13 December, a Moscow administrative court rejected a complaint against the FSB that had been brought by well-known independent journalist Oleg Kashin arguing that the demand for Telegram’s decryption keys threatens the confidentiality of journalists’ sources. A similar complaint by fellow journalist Alexander Plyushchev was rejected in October.Blocking, actual and threatenedThe recently adopted law under which websites linked to “undesirable foreign organizations” can be blocked without reference to a judge has not taken long to have an effect. The independent news and information website Open Russia was blocked in Russia on 12 December, along with all the resources linked – closely or otherwise – to the 11 organizations so far deemed to be “undesirable.” Open Russia is linked to a political movement of the same name founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Kremlin critic now living in exile, but there is no legal connection between them.Not to be outdone, the telecommunication surveillance agency Roskomnadzor has embarked on a new wrangle with the international Internet giants, calling on Twitter, YouTube and others to delete Open Russia’s accounts or risk having their services blocked within Russia. The Russian social network Odnoklassniki immediately complied. Yesterday, Roskomnadzor ordered media outlets to delete all online links to the blocked websites on the grounds that they “help to disseminate illegal content.” The outlets are likely to take the order seriously. The News Times website already received a formal warning in late November over three links to “illegal content” – pages containing swearwords.”The Russian authorities have been constantly tightening their Internet legislation in recent years and this is the result – an unprecedented level of censorship,” said Johann Bihr, the head of RSF’s Eastern Europe and Central Asia desk.”These latest attacks on freedom of expression violate the Russian constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. We again call on the Russian authorities to repeal these draconian laws and to respect their international obligations.”Another incident is indicative of preparations for next March’s election. Android users in Russia searching YouTube on 29 November suddenly encountered error messages in response to searches for opposition leader Alexei Navalny, independent media such as Novaya Gazeta, Dozhd, Meduza and Open Russia, and the blogger Dmitry Ivanov. But the searches worked if the names were misspelled or a VPN was used. YouTube’s owner, Google, fixed the “problem” that evening without providing any explanation.Russia is ranked 148th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2017 World Press Freedom Index.Still very free just a few years ago, the Russian Internet has been reined in since the crackdown on a wave of big demonstrations against electoral fraud in 2011 and 2012. A few opposition demonstrations in 2017 have drawn large crowds of young people, suggesting that the Internet generation is less influenced than its elders by the propaganda on the big TV channels. President Vladimir Putin has just announced that he is running for a fourth term. last_img

Leading journalist escapes murder attempt

first_img July 6, 2020 Find out more News Journalists face archaic sanction of capital punishment in some parts of the world Organisation News MauritaniaAfrica “Such a violent assault against a journalist is rare in Mauritania. The authorities should take this incident very seriously and carry out a rigorous investigation to find those responsible as quickly as possible,” the worldwide press freedom organisation said. “Unless this investigation produces real results, we will have reason to be seriously worried about how journalists can do their job of informing the public in safety in the run-up to presidential elections on 6 June that will be decisive for the Mauritanian people”, it added.Mohamed Ould Zeine has lodged an official complaint about the attack. Police, who said they do not know the motives or the identity of his alleged attackers, promised to do their utmost to find those responsible. Their job could be made easier if they were able to localise and identify the person who made the telephone call to the journalist through GSM tracking.Elsewhere, a reporter for Agence Nouakchott d’Information, Mamouni Ould Moctar, was manhandled by activists of the Rally of Democratic Forces (RFD) on 4 May after taking photos of a demonstration against the election schedule. The journalist also carried out an interview with the head of the RFD, Ahmed Ould Daddah, in which he revealed practical support being given by the US Embassy to political parties opposed to the ruling junta. He made a complaint and one of the activists was arrested.Read the report on Mauritania published on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day RSF backs joint op-ed by 120 West African media and journalists calling for Beninese journalist’s release Receive email alerts Follow the news on Mauritania Reporters Without Borders today voiced its outrage following a murder attempt against Mohamed Ould Zeine, editor of the independent Arab-language daily El Wattan and star presenter on Radio Mauritania.The journalist was left for dead after being battered and slashed by two men wielding baseball bats and knives on the evening of 12 May. He suffered a very serious injury to his left hand.He was drawn into a trap just after finishing presenting the news on Radio Mauritania at about midnight by a call on his mobile phone from an unknown caller who said one of his friends needed help. Ould Zeine left the radio studios and headed to the national lycée when he saw two men armed with baseball bats get out of a car and come towards him.He immediately tried to turn back but his assailants caught him and rained blows on him. He suffered serious injuries to his hands as he tried his best to protect his face. He also had his hands slashed with a knife. The attackers struck him on his legs and smashed his head against a wall at which point Mohamed Ould Zeine fainted. Believing him dead, his assailants fled, leaving him with numerous bruises and a serious hand injury. May 20, 2021 Find out more RSF_en to go further May 14, 2009 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Leading journalist escapes murder attempt Mauritanian reporter held for two days over Facebook post News News Help by sharing this information MauritaniaAfrica March 13, 2020 Find out morelast_img

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