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since I rankings, so every day I insist on Links exchange. I Links exchange principle is that every day is normal included and site snapshot three days. Is that because the snapshot update site the best reference, so first of all I want to observe this website, then observe the weight and website ranking. But the exchange Links not too casual, that go on the line, it is best not to like this. Because you are not careful operation will cause the site to drop right, so you should pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon ER.

main page keyword ranking is not easy. This is a half year old station, since November 14th took over, December 29th, page ranking in time more than a month, really is not easy. But outside the chain of high quality promotion is indispensable, interested friends can try to figure out this site. Come to see me on a recent day and chain extension record.

High quality

the above data can not represent the ranking of timeliness, but that I have been on the front page. I am from the experiment proved that the high quality chain is my only home page ranking key.

We are very familiar with the

on the soft release, there are a lot of related media do these events.

forum is to promote the achievement of love Shanghai ranked as the most favorable promotion methods, I have a web site that has been my experiment site. But the ranking in the December 29th Chinaz data, all the main keywords are on the home page.

chain for many webmaster is an everyday event, every day in addition to observe your site included, is to update the website content. Another is to update the site outside the chain, so that the site outside the chain promotion accounted for a lot of time. Many webmasters use blogs and forums, and sending mail, micro group, Post Bar and so on ways to promote the chain chain promotion means, which is really the most direct effect, either way, Shanghai will be the site of his dragon chain extension. The Shanghai dragon brother dish to share my real operation so popular keyword ranking home page chain extension method.

two, ranking Links exchange

A5 A5 website, the website weight is too much. We are very aware of the high quality of the chain will bring high weight, this is where the value A5. I have the habit of writing, often to write an article on the Shanghai dragon habit. Get used to contribute in the Shanghai dragon forum, including A5, WHY, Journal of Shanghai dragon network owners and so on these sites. As long as these contributors would be a lot of people use, so do Shanghai dragon also learn writing ability, it is very necessary to do event.

, a high quality forum to promote

three, high quality soft writing ability



This site is The

four, marketing and love Shanghai products by

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Newark, N.J., Mayor Baraka leads trade delegation to Cuba

first_imgRas BarakaNewark, N.J., mayor Ras Baraka shared Newark’s concrete steps to overcome the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on Cuba by the U.S. government on March 25 at the National Conference for the Full Normalization of U.S.-Cuban Relations held here in Fordham University School of Law. It was initiated and hosted by the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si! Coalition to mobilize to end all U.S. economic, financial and travel sanctions against Cuba; to get the U.S. out of illegally occupied territory in Guantanamo; and stop all regime-change programs against Cuba.Baraka announced that the next day, March 26, he would lead a delegation of elected officials, medical personnel, educators, activists and social scientists to Cuba. The purpose of the trip is to establish trade relations between Cuba and Newark. The city, which has the largest seaport on the East Coast, is the largest seaport in the U.S  However, the port is struggling for jobs, goods and services.All U.S. systems have not worked for Black and Brown people, Baraka added. Hospital emergency rooms are being utilized because of the high cost of and limited access to health care. And hospitals are closing, replaced by unaffordable housing in Black and Brown communities.  Gentrification is not just about buildings, but about displacement and the lives of people in  existing communities. U.S. cities are overrun with homelessness and racialized poverty, said Baraka.Social changes made by Cuba can benefit Newark, stated Baraka, referring to Cuba’s nearly 100 percent literacy rate, free access to education and health care, and lower infant mortality than that in the U.S. In the city of Newark, he added that four times more babies die in their first year of life than in New Jersey as a whole. The comparison between Cuba’s health care and educational systems and those of the U.S. are embarrassing and atrocious, Baraka stated.Newark is doing things, and its relationship with Cuba may ultimately mean a matter of life and death for Newark residents, said Baraka.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img

Free Rodney Reed! Urgent organizing to stop another execution in Texas

first_imgThe historic Kerr Community Center in Bastrop, Texas, was filled to the rafters on Sept. 21 as chants of “Free Rodney Reed!” echoed off the walls. Family, supporters, activists, preachers, attorneys and death row exonerees all spoke to the standing-room-only crowd about the science and the evidence that has proved  Rodney Reed did not commit the murder for which he was sent to death row in 1998.Nation of Islam Minister Robert L. Muhammad of Austin declared: “For over 20 years the Reed family has been asking for the truth to be heard. Test the DNA, find the truth and bring it out. We woke up today in a country, a state, a city where the history of injustice is written in blood. Whether it’s what happened to the Chinese when they were brought here, or the Africans when they were brought here, or the Indigenous people who were already here, or poor white people–we know and understand what injustice looks like. Now, we are demanding justice!”Rally for Rodney Reed Sept. 21. (Photo: Reed Justice Initiative)Justice being denied Reed, who is African American, was accused of murdering a young white woman he was having a relationship with, Stacey Stites. She was also engaged to a cop, Jimmy Fennell, who had said publicly that if Stites ever cheated on him he would strangle her with a belt. That is precisely how Stites was murdered. The same year Reed was convicted of Stites’ death, Fennell pleaded guilty to raping a woman in his custody as a police officer, for which he spent ten years in prison.Now the Bastrop County District Attorney has given Reed a Nov. 20 execution date — set just one day after the local newspaper ran a story about the Reed family protesting at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. This apparent retaliation angered Reed’s Innocence Project attorneys. They have filed a federal civil rights suit against the state of Texas because DNA testing has been repeatedly denied.“We know DNA testing can secure evidence of innocence to support Reed’s claim, and the denial of such testing violates his constitutional rights,” said Bryce Benet, one of Reed’s attorneys.At the Sept. 21 rally three death row exonerees spoke from Witness To Innocence, an organization composed of and led by death row survivors and family members. “I have no doubt in my mind that Rodney is innocent!” said Gary Drinkard, who spent almost six years on Alabama’s death row before exoneration in 2001. Also speaking were Albert Burrell, who did 13 years at the infamous Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana, and Ron Keine who was on death row in New Mexico for three years for a crime that a cop finally admitted to having committed.Anthony Graves speaking at rally for Rodney Reed Sept. 21. (WW Photo: Gloria Rubac)A system ‘working just as designed’During the two-hour rally, the audience hung on every word. From the children to the elders, emotions ranged from anger to inspiration to horror to commitment to love. Each talk educated the crowd that the criminal justice system has nothing to do with justice. The racism the system is based on affects everyone.The highlighted guest of the evening was Texas exoneree Anthony Graves, who was freed in 2010. He reminded the audience that awaiting execution doesn’t just affect the people on the row: “Let’s talk about my mom. She was on Death Row with me for 18 ½ years and two execution dates. I watched as over 400 men went to their deaths, and some of them were innocent.Graves said to loud applause: “People talk about fixing a broken system, but it’s not broke. It’s working just as it was designed to work. But this system has never worked for us. Let’s talk about throwing the whole system out and creating one fair system that works for all of us.”This past summer, Reed’s family began the Reed Justice Initiative, designed to spread information about the case, pressure public officials to recognize the frame-up of Reed and stop his execution. The initiative has rallied at the Texas Capitol, protested outside the governor’s mansion, demonstrated every day for a week at the DA’s office, and issued press statements on each of the three Texas executions in August and September. Noted activist and author of  “Dead Man Walking,” Sister Helen Prejean, has taken up Reed’s case. There will be protests at the governor’s mansion daily from Sept. 30 through Oct. 4.Reed’s mother, Sandra Reed, ended the evening by telling everyone present that she loved them and thanked them for their activism and support: “Our family has grown throughout the decades we’ve been fighting for my son because all of you are now our family.”And Rodrick Reed, one of Reed’s five brothers, promised: “We are going to work every single day to free my brother. We only have 60 days left to stop his execution and we’re not stopping to rest.”For more information, go to Reed Justice Initiative on Facebook and Mail letters of support to Rodney Reed #999271, Polunsky Unit, 3872 FM 350 South, Livingston, TX 77351.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img

Blogger’s detention extended another four months, France urged to step up pressure

first_img VietnamAsia – Pacific December 14, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Blogger’s detention extended another four months, France urged to step up pressure News Reporters Without Borders organized a meeting today with journalists at its Paris headquarters about the case of Pham Minh Hoang, a blogger and university lecturer with dual French and Vietnamese citizenship who has been detained in Vietnam for the past four months.His brother, Duy Khanh Pham, and members of the outlawed opposition Viet Tan party, including its European representative, Binh Nguyen, were among the participants who discussed the latest news about Hoang and the role that France could play in seeking his release.Arrested on 13 August in Ho Chi Minh City, where he was teaching at the Institute of Technology, Hoang has just completed his fourth month in detention. The authorities told his family this morning that he is to be held for another four months for further investigation. Under Vietnamese law, a political prisoner can be held without trial and without seeing a lawyer for an initial four-month period that that can be renewed up to three times.Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Jean-François Julliard pointed out that “the political context in Vietnam is particularly tense in the run-up to the Communist Party congress scheduled for the start of 2011.” The press freedom organization is concerned that dissidents could pay dearly for the tension within the party. Julliard urged the French and international media to cover Hoang’s plight and to take advantage of the opportunity the congress is offering “to turn the spotlight on Vietnam and draw attention to the situation of freedom of expression and human rights in this country, which is now the world’s second biggest prisoner for netizens, after China.”Reporters Without Borders calls on the French government to do more to seek Hoang’s release as soon as possible. Vietnamese human rights activists who have dual nationality are usually released or deported, or both, within a few weeks but this has not been the case with Hoang. The Australian foreign ministry managed to get Vo Hong, a human rights activist and Viet Tan member with dual Australian and Vietnamese citizenship released within 10 days of her arrest after participating in a protest against China’s territorial ambitions in the South China Sea.In a reply to a Reporters Without Borders letter last September, then French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner said the right to consular visits had been exercised. The family is regularly told that “negotiations are continuing” without any detail being given or any improvement being noted. Reporters Without Borders fears that France may have decided to do the minimum in order not to jeopardize its relations with Vietnam.Binh Nguyen, the Viet Tan representative, said the major campaigns waged in support of French citizens held hostage abroad contrasted strangely with the silence about Hoang, 55, who lived for 20 years in France and went to university there before returning to Vietnam to promote science education.Hoang was formally charged on 20 September, five weeks after his arrest, with “activities aimed at overthrowing the government” (article 79 of the criminal code) and membership of a “terrorist organization” (the banned Viet Tan party). The maximum sentence for violating article 79 is the death penalty. Vietnam has not executed any political dissident since the mid-1980s, but prison sentences have been getting longer. A netizen was recently given a 16-year jail sentence on similar charges (,38632.html).When announcing the charges, the police cited 30 articles which Hoang had posted on his blog ( under the pseudonym of Phan Kien Quoc. They also accused him of organizing 40 students into a group for training as future Viet Tan members.But his wife, Le Thi Kieu Oanh, insists that the sole reason for his arrest was his opposition to bauxite mining by a Chinese company in the central highlands. The subject is highly sensitive in Vietnam and the authorities often arrest journalists and bloggers who try to cover it (,38469.html).Speaking at today’s meeting, Hoang’s brother, Duy-Khanh Pham, praised his sister-in-law for her courage, saying she “represents the dignity that has been stripped from her husband.” She has been allowed only two brief visits under police supervision since his arrest, Pham reported.“He has lost of lot of weight, and his physical health and psychological state have deteriorated a great deal,” he said. “He is no longer the same man. His way of thinking has changed (as a result of) his physical isolation and his isolation from the media.” Pham said he was worried that, if the authorities detained him for a year, they might be able to extract a confession from him or obtain his consent to release under unacceptable conditions. The Viet Tan party says it is concerned about the possibility of “a conviction on false grounds and an exemplary sentence to inspire fear.”Pham said four scenarios were possible in the coming months: “His release without charge, renewal of the detention order, deportation or a summons for a court trial, which could happen at any moment.” He pointed out that, although the family has a lawyer, Hoang does not have one, and the family’s lawyer cannot have visit Hoang or have access to the case file until the investigation is officially over.Pham said: “The family clearly wants him to be released unconditionally. If he prefers to remain in Vietnam, of his own free will, after his release, the family will respect his choice, as long as it is really possible for him to have reasonable existence, a normal life and human dignity. If these conditions are not respected, we would prefer him to be deported. The conditions of his release are as important as the release itself.”At the end of the meeting, Pham stressed the importance of an international campaign and media coverage to ensure that his brother and all the other detained human rights activists are not forgotten. Nguyen said the Viet Tan party had launched an international campaign and had gathered 17,000 signatures to a petition for the release of Hoang and other Viet Tan members ( Without Borders intends to keep raising Hoang’s case with its contacts at the French foreign ministry and has requested an interview with the new foreign minister, Michèle Alliot-Marie. It wrote to US secretary of state Hillary Clinton ahead of her visit to Hanoi on 30 November, asking her to press for the release of the journalists and bloggers detained in Vietnam (,38684.html).Reporters Without Borders also wrote to the World Bank calling for the issue of human rights and political prisoners to be taking into account at a donors meeting held in Hanoi on 7 and 8 December. In its reply, the World Bank said it regarded both free speech and the pursuit of a constructive dialogue with Vietnam as important. News Receive email alerts RSF_en to go further Vietnam sentences journalist Tran Thi Tuyet Dieu to eight years in prison News April 22, 2021 Find out morecenter_img Three more independent reporters arrested in Vietnam Help by sharing this information April 7, 2021 Find out more VietnamAsia – Pacific RSF laureates support jailed Vietnamese journalist Pham Doan Trang April 27, 2021 Find out more News Organisation Follow the news on Vietnamlast_img

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