How Shanghai dragon knowledge chain website ranking effect

5., the chain increased speed, some friends in order to quickly improve website ranking, in a certain period of time, increasing the number of the chain, you are in danger, is likely to be the search engine that is cheating, to punish your site.

What are the factors affecting the chain

8. chain, the search engine can determine the page navigation, navigation, and other various lists, text blocks, different chain placement, the effect is different, the best course is to appear in the text of the natural link. read more

Guest a barometer of S log files of website optimization

search engine spiders actually played the role of a user to access your website, website early frequency spiders access will be very low, but with the website constantly to obtain the weight after the visit frequency will be increased through different spiders, the server status code to determine your level of health website, if your site appears frequently. The server is not stable, a lot of.

The first work

a website officially launched after is to submit your web site URL and that the search engine login, will send the general search engine spider program automatically submitted after the site (or bots) to your site to crawl. Of course, this is the ideal state, usually you need to cloth spider bait to attract spider crawling your site. So when the spider to your site and began to crawl along the front page can leave after logging. We view logging can know which search engines at what time the path through which the spider crawling IP server what website, and check the change of crawling. read more

Su Di Kang Shanghai dragon trend Title copy and return of humanity

in the search engine, so writing is not illegal. This is as far as possible, increase the number of target keywords, meet the basic requirements of the Shanghai dragon.

in the city of Shanghai Longfeng site as an example, the home page of the Title copy is generally written like this:

copy of humanity

is now the webmaster, more or less understand Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, understand Title play the role of dragon in Shanghai. Therefore, many owners to rack their brains to your Title page add target keywords. Because Title has a length limit, in order to make good use of every character position, many website homepage Title copy written keywords exhibition. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that the future trend of Shanghai dragon is the Title copy and return of humanity. read more

Teach you a method to increase the reverse link free website

3. to a topic, summed up a complete list of references.

8. on the site is easy to find privacy policy and about us page, this site looks more let people trust. Put a photo of yourself may contribute to the establishment of authority.

website is an important part of Shanghai Longfeng, at the same time to improve website PR value also plays a vital role. High quality Links is restricting every webmaster do the bottleneck of Shanghai Longfeng, especially

11. some company website lists about their news, write these companies, and even to them. They link back to talk about their ". If your website has news or blog is easy. To search for "your noble baby industry + news". read more

The experience and practice of Shanghai Longfeng Nyaya below

3: website, the original > pseudo original, do not direct acquisition of release, the most basic is collected in the A5 pseudo original, many articles are made up by many small collection, basic acquisition in the past after all changed related content can has beenincluded effect. So the content and the chain can be combined together, good content can often improve the chain to the site.

2: outside of the chain, this is no doubt, many webmaster friends of stations in the word is not strange, even some operation, only a handful of people are successful, afterwards you analyzed? Your failure is in the chain link. read more

Google began the development of the second generation Google glasses camera navigation more convenie

X Lab recently Google Corporation Mar Lou Jepson visual display project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology speech to the students said that her work is the design and development of the second generation Google glasses.

and now this situation is very interesting, although the first generation of Google glasses will still need to be confirmed officially listed in 2014, the Google Corporation already ahead of the start of the second generation of the most wearable intelligent device research and development. According to the Google Corporation practices, we believe that the second generation Google glasses is still the first for developers to test, but exactly when consumers can really start to use, it also requires a long period of time. read more

The actual share website is not modify title right down

third, increase keyword density, probably in front of.

often listen to some of my friends in the group that the site will lead to modify the title right down the website ranking drop, if you really are not at random according to normal operating practices to modify the site title, it also will cause the overall website drop right, keywords ranking overall decline, the snapshot not update, more serious phenomenon and snapshot retrogression so, how about that in accordance with the formal method to modify it, then introduce some practical experience to all of you. The title of the website search engine is an important way to the theme of your site, you think you modify the title, the search engine needs to know you, it takes time, which is why some low weight website why change the title will find the snapshot stop, have to wait for a long time to keep up with, is the search engine again the recognition, acceptance again. It also has a relationship with the website weight, if you are a high weight website, search engine trust you, photos will immediately come fast. And this with the search engine itself also has a relationship, like the Google reaction is fast, love Shanghai in this respect more slowly. There are a little more important is you change much, such as you do the Shanghai dragon industry, into a beauty to go, so it is quite far away, is more serious, if not what is a slight modification of the big things, then I will Shaoyang Shanghai dragon the the blog changed the title is how to operate the practical experience to share with you, the first two pictures read more

Discussion on judging whether the site optimization methods over six

two, keywords ranking fell sharply

website snapshot is to determine whether a method to optimize over the most simple, of course, is not as long as a snapshot of a stop is the excessive optimization, general snapshot was the next day, but recently a week are not updated, then the site would cause a problem. This is not the search engine problems, for a week, so the owners can check their website, see if it is excessive optimization.

is not increased but decreased is the best embodiment of website optimization key factors over the normal website every day continued to rise, if found on his website every day recently. read more

The Emlog station on the security and optimization of some experience

WordPress and Zblog was standing outside Changqing Lai and many webmaster, also uses emlog to build their own station. I am a personal webmaster, is no exception, with its own station has been set up, with a good overall, simple, and Shanghai dragon effect ability is outstanding, many templates. But after all, an open source program will be broke out all kinds of loopholes, the default setting is a dangerous signal to the site. So today according to the experiences of their recently, and we summarize some problems needing attention in the two aspects of emlog security and website, if you have more experience, welcome to write to share. read more

Share some experience to optimize the supply network for four months

, thank you!

well, today’s article is here first, thank you for reading. The rainbow auxiliarynet 贵族宝贝 original, A5 first, please indicate to A5

This is

after two months is the recent screenshots of

from the above we can see that the changes of the amount collected two months ago and the amount collected recently is not too big, outside chain number has increased several times, while the keyword ranking also rose more than 10, it seems two months of toil, ha ha. Well, following the start of solutions. read more

WeChat opened the public number Sogou WeChat search officially launched


then Sogou open WeChat internal search, whether there is love Shanghai 100 plans? Not yet know, but in the public account platform WeChat about two million, all walks of life the resources of tens of millions, this huge information will bring the first pot of gold "to Sogou Sogou promotion".

has been unknown to the public even now appears to be No one shows any interest in, a Fengyuyulai mountain full floor battle ah, previously a wide point inside the WeChat public platform has made some media have tasted the sweetness, and this will be thrown back to the WeChat OR Sogou what Hydrangea read more

Lu Cong look at the trend of Shanghai dragon ER development from Robin Li speech

seems to be the most personal Panzhi attached to your final destination of Shanghai dragon Er, of course there are some personal achievements of Shanghai dragon er. Because now.

The meaning of

tips: This paper provides a push by the Master Lu Cong original works please respect the author, respect yourself (.

Robin Li said that the traditional enterprise to the Internet docking in the next 2 – 3 years still exist. The development potential of actual meaning of this sentence is Shanghai dragon or great. Of course, a lot of people to seize this piece of cake. Even those crumbs. That trend of Er development will be divided into Shanghai Longfeng for several form? The author summarized under the following: read more

Teach you how to save the K website

The birth of this kind of website

wants to recover from the K or the right to stand down, first we need to analysis of site is the reason: K

Hello, I am the future. Recently I found that we have a client website snapshot is not normal to love Shanghai, eventually lead to targeted keywords in the site are not search. I love Shanghai District complaints complaints, after a long time and then see the love Shanghai snapshot back to normal, but wait a bit longer to see love and not normal snapshot Shanghai. As shown below: read more

Site optimization in the snow like spring up to buy tickets

because of the working relationship, leave the hometown to Shanghai for many years, are difficult to buy train tickets and listen to complaints every year. But in the end, most of them get tickets, they can happily go home. That ticket is still there, but a lot of people buying tickets, but the order is different. Website optimization is actually the case, many companies have dreamed of a few crowded to the front to back, the reason is very simple, no effect. A lot of effort for a while to see the effect of give up, in fact, experience tells us that as long as the persistence and the method is correct, can go to the front row. Of course website optimization in the process of implementation, the indispensable stable website operation package. read more

Six factors from the point of view of the establishment of Shanghai dragon should be avoided

this is not conducive to Shanghai dragon factors is not absolutely can not be used, for example, you can use flash with web page; you want some content not spider, you can place it in the JS code; you can use a temporary jump 302 etc.. It is mainly by the love of spiders in Shanghai as an example, in fact, the current search engine technology can contain simple identification such as flash, JS, but they don’t need to take the time to parse those contents. So as we can only tend to the establishment of the search engine, is conducive to the search engine grab site. This paper by Hefei Shanghai Dragon (www.anhui Shanghai dragon.Org) original, reproduced retain links, thank you read more

Shanghai Longfeng station optimization objective


three: avoid weight loss

webmaster get a website that would be the first to analyze the basic situation about the site in Webmaster tools. Weight, PR, snapshot, love Shanghai included, outside the chain, outbound links etc.. It is not difficult to find, many websites there is such a phenomenon, love Shanghai included several with Google or YAHOO included several big difference, this is typical of the included incomplete. Because Google than love Shanghai function to be strong, Google can identify the dynamic URL parameters behind, but not love Shanghai. If the site dynamic pages too many words, the spider will not recognize, of course included. Shanghai dragon ER in the time of diagnosis to the site, will be advised by static website links, is in favor of optimizing Shanghai dragon, don’t let the spider crawling into the dead cycle index. read more

The consistency of soft marketing

distribution channels and soft theme: a product can write a number of themes, such as chopsticks, you can write the theme of environmental protection, called on everyone to care for the environment, use less disposable chopsticks, this theme is the best published in the website or forum on environmental protection. You can also write the economic subject, explain our chopsticks.

in soft writing and marketing process, the principle of consistency can not be ignored is the soft.

third, from a cost point of view, the marketing cost of money. Although there are soft mass production software, but this kind of article is not real news. Because of the soft, will attract readers, because it can meet the readers’ curiosity and curiosity, but this kind of mass production of the article, unable to realize this point. High quality of soft Wen for many webmaster, still expensive. read more

User experience Optimization UEO how to do

5, to create a custom error page, showing the site map page, and link with the main content of the hospital website. In this way, the hospital website will not drain link invalid or URL input wrong visitors.

10, the top of the page content should be the most important content, remember: good content must be placed at the top.

7, non linked content, should not be underlined. Hospital website link content should be underlined, and all the contents of the hospital website link underline color should be the same. read more

For the love of Shanghai weight value personal insights improve estimates of the webmaster tools

as an example, this site is a four year old station, we can find the love of Shanghai has included the number to two hundred thousand, only see included quantity is more common for sites, but the weight is only 1 love Shanghai. We can find the number of keyword library item carefully and love of Shanghai is expected to flow is too small, very good like this kind of flow is not included, but in fact there are many websites.

first say my personal Webmaster Tools know love Shanghai weight calculation, estimate the webmaster tools love Shanghai the level of weight depends on the keyword library item bring to the site the size of the flow, and the webmaster tools display keywords library general in the first 10 pages can find more keywords ranking, and keywords library item index the greater the web site from Shanghai love search engine traffic is bigger, so we tend to find the weights of the high site, in Shanghai traffic is expected that value is very high. In addition to the online spread of such a set of data: the weight of the 1 love love Shanghai, Shanghai traffic is about 1-100; love Shanghai weight 2, love the flow of Shanghai is about 100-500; love Shanghai weight 3, love the flow of Shanghai is about 500-1000; love Shanghai weight 4, love the flow of Shanghai is about 1000-5000; love Shanghai weight 5, love Shanghai flow rate is about 5000-10000…… This set of data for small series have no statistics on how much, but the personal feeling is still relatively high accuracy. read more

On the site content and the chain is more important

The essence of the

from the current ranking algorithm, the two to occupy a very important position. In the eyes of the search engines which is more heavy, now is probably the chain. Simply, directly help an original high quality content on the ranking of a website, also is the search engine after the discovery of this article on the site to increase the weight, far less than a high weight of the chain on the site to help bring more frequent, and the search engine spiders crawling. But this is just the direct help, consider a high quality article may obtain considerable reproduced, so as to get more the chain, especially some high weight website reproduced, so as to bring greater help for ranking web site. On the contrary, a web site outside of the chain no matter how strong, can it bring more high quality content, can be said that the role of the chain is relatively monotonous. At the same time, the site within the chain effect is obvious to people, the chain formed between the original content, the chain formed with the content of the collection, the role can be the same? It is obviously not possible. Take a simple example, inside the chain is formed between two pieces of high quality original content, compared with two articles in the chain in the collection, because the search engine that serious two original content alone weight than that of two acquisition of high (this is in the affirmative, don’t explain, then the link weights) between the two high weight of the page will higher than that between the two page weight low link. read more