User experience Optimization (UEO) how to do

5, to create a custom error page, showing the site map page, and link with the main content of the hospital website. In this way, the hospital website will not drain link invalid or URL input wrong visitors.

10, the top of the page content should be the most important content, remember: good content must be placed at the top.

7, non linked content, should not be underlined. Hospital website link content should be underlined, and all the contents of the hospital website link underline color should be the same. read more

For the love of Shanghai weight value personal insights improve estimates of the webmaster tools

as an example, this site is a four year old station, we can find the love of Shanghai has included the number to two hundred thousand, only see included quantity is more common for sites, but the weight is only 1 love Shanghai. We can find the number of keyword library item carefully and love of Shanghai is expected to flow is too small, very good like this kind of flow is not included, but in fact there are many websites.

first say my personal Webmaster Tools know love Shanghai weight calculation, estimate the webmaster tools love Shanghai the level of weight depends on the keyword library item bring to the site the size of the flow, and the webmaster tools display keywords library general in the first 10 pages can find more keywords ranking, and keywords library item index the greater the web site from Shanghai love search engine traffic is bigger, so we tend to find the weights of the high site, in Shanghai traffic is expected that value is very high. In addition to the online spread of such a set of data: the weight of the 1 love love Shanghai, Shanghai traffic is about 1-100; love Shanghai weight 2, love the flow of Shanghai is about 100-500; love Shanghai weight 3, love the flow of Shanghai is about 500-1000; love Shanghai weight 4, love the flow of Shanghai is about 1000-5000; love Shanghai weight 5, love Shanghai flow rate is about 5000-10000…… This set of data for small series have no statistics on how much, but the personal feeling is still relatively high accuracy. read more

On the site content and the chain is more important

The essence of the

from the current ranking algorithm, the two to occupy a very important position. In the eyes of the search engines which is more heavy, now is probably the chain. Simply, directly help an original high quality content on the ranking of a website, also is the search engine after the discovery of this article on the site to increase the weight, far less than a high weight of the chain on the site to help bring more frequent, and the search engine spiders crawling. But this is just the direct help, consider a high quality article may obtain considerable reproduced, so as to get more the chain, especially some high weight website reproduced, so as to bring greater help for ranking web site. On the contrary, a web site outside of the chain no matter how strong, can it bring more high quality content, can be said that the role of the chain is relatively monotonous. At the same time, the site within the chain effect is obvious to people, the chain formed between the original content, the chain formed with the content of the collection, the role can be the same? It is obviously not possible. Take a simple example, inside the chain is formed between two pieces of high quality original content, compared with two articles in the chain in the collection, because the search engine that serious two original content alone weight than that of two acquisition of high (this is in the affirmative, don’t explain, then the link weights) between the two high weight of the page will higher than that between the two page weight low link. read more

Baidu teachers give love the snapshot recovery

, we see this program main content:

is seen, love is great! Baidu webmaster to love, such as love is generally great! Last week about a week today are trying to adjust the state, although the middle mood fluctuations, some different from the previous character, but this will finally return to normal state. The following two stations, is the last snapshot event is affected, we have recovered almost

Baidu teacher’s Day gift: the large range of normal

finally, thank Baidu, life! You have to hurry to restore the snapshot? See your snapshot oh. read more

Familiar with two kinds of spider crawling way to adjust the site layout

, a depth first in grab

we usually see the love of spiders in Shanghai and Google robot is through the depth first and breadth first way to take up here, to make it easier for everyone to understand specially the author station to illustrate.

this way to grab, depth is constantly increasing. This is similar to the "home > company; > > products; price > company…" crawler to your site, along a column level down to grab the "Introduction" section is fetched after the sub column in the next. This width is grasping a certain reason, the site layout problem based on the page distance is often an important seed (seed site site is the starting point of the crawler grab) is relatively close, so customary. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP forum lesson second how to build the Shanghai friendly site for

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform for VIP members of the Club Auditorium opened second lessons on how to build a "love Shanghai friendly site" again in August 28th began in the Shanghai Mansions where the love, from the net, cctv贵族宝贝, LETV, Zhongguancun online, tianjiwang, Sou Huchang traveled more than 30 high quality site responsible person, Shanghai dragon product director arrived at the scene, it is worth mentioning that the local treasure, the global plastic net came from the field to Beijing to participate in training. At the same time, on behalf of Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee removed love expert group in addition to the love, also invited the Shanghai Spider experts live Q & A, bring a dry cargo gathered in the search engine knowledge feast for the participants. read more

Six reasons to end the Shanghai dragon optimization

Shanghai dragon we all understand a truth, is to do simple things repeat. This is the so-called Shanghai Longfeng simple method, of course, there are some methods to optimize the Shanghai dragon heresy, these methods used properly, will play a big role. But the application is not reasonable, it will end. But why is it so, what is the reason for Shanghai to end the Dragon optimization, what is the wrong way. But why some people are very good, but the website ranking changed a lot. Since this method is effective, that is not a method, I analyze the method to use these heresy leads to several reasons Shanghai Longfeng optimization to end, we hope to help. read more

Good content can affect the site’s ranking

for this, Zhang will not want to some webmasters like, in the depressed, abuse in secret. In fact, these are of no avail. Because of every hue on the Internet people have, if we care too much, it will only make you too well. Do important is to do yourself, like those who, in the end it is only the bottom of the society, is forever in the same place.

money is money, to make their sites in Shanghai love home, was the Shanghai dragon.

The author of many articles in the Journal How

people want a lifetime health is not sick. You should do well in the usual habits, attention to diet reasonable collocation. We see a lot of people will be rather baffling to some strange, why? Are these people usually do not pay attention to. In addition to the life is exercise, the most important is the diet. We often see street stalls, vendors in the buy fried rice, barbecue, fried food, a lot of people are greedy to care. I feel both affordable and delicious. Do not know, in this cheap and delicious behind, the number of hidden danger in my body. Because of the word "unclean, eating disease." Let us a lot when the old man suffered by illness death. Know today regret past doings so early? People can not eat something, but then choose to eat nutrition and health, it is good for our health. This and our website ranking is the same thing, the content of the website is like our body, what to eat? Is a choice. Not what mess of things can be put on their website, the site of course will not have good rankings. read more

IPLUS good news – colorful valleys increase in proportionMy four month Adwords bidding experience on

I have said I do Wangzhuan present a month on average earn more than 1000 dollars, I have friends to sniff at.

since 2007, 09, 01, 0, seven color Valley percentage to change the method of classification commission. The details please refer to

‘s first ad group was CPA, which did the 114 League software download class. When bidding small month of the word, a friend not the music, I think less than a penny earned, and two hundred pieces of nine out of ten to naught. read more

Discussion on optimization strategies for the improvement of Shanghai dragon love after Shanghai alg

!Because the calculation

website weight in love Shanghai will be combined with the factors of no fewer than 200, and especially the link weight, and station group success mainly because of the kidnapping of links, from the inside to the outside of the chain chain to the target station, then the target station is very difficult to not in the home, and can be there is no way this shielding very perfect cheating love Shanghai algorithm, but since the love of Shanghai has found the problem, certainly I see that the solution will strengthen the inspection of the link, if spam links will not give you too much weight, so that you through the method of station group will not be able to play a good role, so we want to make Shanghai Longfeng optimization, or return to formal methods, that is just the chain of high quality read more

In the process of reverse connection of website optimization for web site operators in Shanghai Long

I think the

and their website, this is the most easy to understand because the correlation factor is one of the core factors of love Shanghai algorithm, said bluntly, is the site to find and their counterparts of the same type, site chain operation, for example, can go to the same industry forum for the dissemination of relevant information, the same industry classification module the soft promotion and the chain, links can of course related industry exchange, as far as possible compared with those of your site and user site exchange, such as good quality backlinks. read more

Today’s defeat outside the chain, many factors

2, to expand the market. Now the change pattern of search engines, is not a monopoly. Thus, search engine companies are improving, to obtain the user’s favor. To the user experience, is the magic weapon will adjust, integration;

1, poor readability. The content of the chain, the deviation is serious. Between the chain of words, as an information content. If the chain tool will be such a large amount of information released to other information in the website to. When users search for relevant information, can be said to be of no use, is rubbish of network information; read more

Negative case analysis to teach you how to enhance the user experience

three, enterprise station


through the negative examples, combined with their own website where the user experience is not good enough to improve the user experience, ask what is the Xi’an Shanghai dragon think those things we usually hate is when the flow of "destroy the user experience that some things as long as the content is removed has been very good, then.

today we have from the opposite case how to improve the user experience to improve the conversion rate of read more

Easy to overlook the factors that affect the keyword ranking


virtual host to SEO, I think it is a fatal blow. We are doing in all aspects of the very good time, because our virtual host is down, or the reaction time is very slow, this time, if you love Shanghai spider visit website, as if there are customers to visit your company, knocked on the door no response; when love Shanghai once again visit the site, like this customers to visit your company again, knocked on the door no response; this time, customers think that your company has already moved, but love Shanghai would like to think so, or will give you a bad review website. Not only that, disadvantages of virtual host is the same IP will have a lot of websites, so if a site is K or if the chain of garbage and so on, then your website rating will not be. read more

How do external website ranking drop analysis

the next three stations outside the chain or not, have a high than the one, than the low, there is a similar, think it should be beyond the possibility of several stations. This is generally looked up several new stations, most of which are reproduced in the article, the quality is not high, do not have the love of Shanghai proposed suggestions for the development of high-quality content. Although the majority of enterprise website construction for the content of some very confused, but. read more

High hat 8 basic points of Shanghai dragon let you off.

will feel what we do not understand, why should first study the competitors of ah, what is the use? This idea is not desirable, as the saying goes: "the enemy, victorious." Only through the analysis of competitors, we can make many correct judgment, choose the first step in Shanghai Longfeng keywords this link we can make better decisions. Shanghai dragon in this line more often depends on your competitors, through the analysis of competitors, we can plan our work at the same time, we can also understand the value of the selected keywords. read more

Web site keywords ranking drop analysis

1, for the love of Shanghai to update keywords ranking drop, is nothing more than your website no, not the quality, affecting the user experience effect, now love Shanghai has been in the pursuit of the user experience, not to fight the accessibility of the website, this is also a lot of owners face the most direct competition with the sea, many Shanghai Longfeng novice will ask, why Shanghai should update the love? Love Shanghai in order to improve the user experience and reduce adverse webmaster cheating, update algorithm is necessary is necessary to love Shanghai. read more

The actual share of two months Dezhou real estate online home page

fourth, the website is ready, start early, mainly in the website, the chain almost do, and occasionally do love Shanghai know inquiry platform, lead flow, and ensure new projects every day to add, update the second-hand housing information and rental information regularly quantitative, main content acquisition the other local stations, content based pseudo original, updated daily 10 article real estate information. This maintenance for more than a month, although not how to do outside the chain, but because the site internal processing properly, so a lot of keyword ranking has been highlighted. read more

Experience what kind of innovation model should different enterprises chooseIn the VC circle, the na

first look at the middleman’s FA, it as a link between investors and entrepreneurs of the link, sometimes for quick single, it can be described as exhaustive tactics, big money offensive. I understand that the situation is that some small FA institutions on the one hand to fund investment manager, investment project intervention; on the other hand, FA and a fund or investor interest depth bound, to help investors grab items, suggesting active founders founder or other decision-makers executive commissions, which have a tendency to accept an investment mechanism of money. As a result, once deal hits the ground, the three parties will receive considerable private returns. read more

Love is how to optimize the ranking of Shanghai Library

3, collecting materials, such as product pictures, pictures, use a picture or is the result of your own design or do it. For example, our company is doing the "crusher", then I will find time to crusher production pictures, pictures, pictures, processing workshop hall delivery pictures, pictures, pictures, installation commissioning production pictures to organize, facilitate the use of the latter;

1, collect the main keywords, and put your product or service related to the subject are sorted out as much as possible; read more