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Wood Bison Bulls to Join Reintroduced Herd

first_imgA Nenana-based barge line will soon be hauling some unusual cargo.  Twenty-eight wood bison bulls are scheduled to travel on Inland Barge from Nenana to the Innoko River near Shageluk, beginning sometime during the next week.Download Audio:A larger group of cows and calves was delivered to the area by cargo plane earlier this year, and released into the wild on April 3 as part of a long-term effort to reintroduce the species to the wild in Alaska.Fish and Game biologist and pilot Tom Seaton is the Wood Bison Project Leader. He says that the males will be transported in the same shipping containers used to airlift the cows and calves, with some new modifications to make their trip on the barge more comfortable.“We increased ventilation by a significant amount. We now have air conditioning units and fans installed in there. We have a watering facility. If they still get a little bit warm in there after all that, we have misting that we can go from river water so we can keep the containers and the animals damp and cool them down if we have these really hot days. As you can see, we are having high 70s in May which is pretty amazingly warm.”The containers will also give each bull more space to move around compared to the set-up for the cows and calves. Bulls are considerably larger than cows, with some bulls measuring over 10 feet long and weighing over a ton.Two handlers will travel with the bison on the barge to monitor their conditions around the clock. The barge will not stop along the Yukon to deliver additional freight, as it normally would. Instead, it will be moving downriver as quickly as possible to minimize the time the bison have to spend in the containers.Once the barge turns up the Innoko River, Seaton will pilot a surveillance plane to figure out the best unloading site and communicate that information to the barge.“And right now the cows are mainly everywhere from 10 miles downstream of Shageluk on the Innoko to as much as 12 miles upstream from Shageluk. So we will find the best spot where it is safe for the bulls to unload, and it is also close enough to the cows that they can catch scent of the cows when they get off the barge and hopefully they will hook up over time.”The adult and juvenile bison were raised at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage from Canadian stock.The bulls will be transported by truck from Portage to Nenana, and then transferred to the barge. Inland Barge estimates that the trip to the offloading site will take about four days.last_img read more

Minister hands over enhanced Aasara pension to beneficiaries in

first_imgSuryapet: Minister G Jagadish Reddy advised the leaders and workers of various parties to show their affection for their favorite leaders by planting saplings in their name.On Wednesday, along with District Collector Amoy Kumar, the Minister handed over the enhanced Aasara pensions to beneficiaries at a programme held at Kandagatla village of Atmakur (S) mandal of Suryapet constituency. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us Speaking on the occasion, the Minister asked people to not to spoil the environment in the name of presenting bouquets to VIPs. Stating that plants play a key role in ecological balance, he called upon all sections of the society to take active part in Haritha Haram to improve the forest cover in the State. In this programme, Zilla Parishad chairman Gujja Deepika, local public representatives, TRS party local leaders, beneficiaries and villagers took part.last_img read more

Aid postponed amid relentless assault on Syrias Ghouta

first_imgRussian soldiers stand next to a truck on 8 March 2018, at the al-Wafideen checkpoint on the outskirts of Damascus neighbouring the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region, as they wait for authorisation to allow UN and ICRC aid trucks to enter the rebel-held enclave. AFPAid agencies postponed a convoy of vital food and health supplies to Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, as the Syrian regime pressed a relentless ground and air assault against the rebel enclave.Dozens of people, including many children, were treated overnight for breathing problems and symptoms that medics said were consistent with chlorine attacks, which Western powers have repeatedly warned would not go unpunished.New air strikes on the town of Zamalka killed at least seven civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, bringing the total number of dead in the offensive to more than 900.The aid trucks were meant to bring relief to war-weary civilians living under government siege for five years and now facing a deadly Russian-backed assault.The fighting has prompted international outrage, culminating in the UN Security Council demanding an immediate ceasefire, aid deliveries and evacuations.But with bombardment continuing, a joint convoy between the United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross and Syrian Arab Red Crescent planned for Thursday could not go through.“The convoy for today is postponed, as the situation is evolving on the ground, which doesn’t allow us to carry out the operation in such conditions,” ICRC spokeswoman Ingy Sedky told AFP.It marks the second time this week that aid operations have been disrupted by military developments, with food deliveries cut short Monday due to bombardment.Ghouta is home to around 400,000 people under siege and is the last opposition-controlled zone on the capital’s outskirts.The Syrian army and allied militias began a fierce bombing campaign on February 18 against Ghouta, followed by a ground offensive.Breathing difficultiesThe campaign has so far recaptured half of rebel-held territory, according to the Observatory, a Britain-based monitor.Towns and villages have fallen in quick succession in recent days, with regime forces on the verge of cutting the remaining rebel-held territory into two isolated pockets.AFP’s correspondent in the town of Hammuriyeh saw motionless bodies lying in the streets on Thursday after a night of ferocious bombing.On Wednesday, volunteers from the civil defence group known as the “White Helmets” were seen trying to douse flames burning two men lying dead on the street next to a motorbike after a strike.Dozens of civilians were treated in the town for breathing difficulties late Wednesday, with medics reporting symptoms consistent with a toxic attack.Doctors at one facility treated at least 29 patients with signs of exposure to chlorine, according to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which supports hospitals in Eastern Ghouta.It said victims were suffering from shortness of breath, wheezing, and redness of the eyes.Several families were seen trying to reach fresh air late Wednesday on the roof of a four-storey building in Hammuriyeh, after air strikes on their neighbourhood.Parents had stripped their children down and were spraying them with water, fearing toxic substances had been absorbed into their clothes.“I’m going to suffocate,” two children screamed as rescue workers carried them down from the roof for treatment.‘Not authorised’ by SyriaRegime forces have been repeatedly accused of using chlorine on Eastern Ghouta in recent weeks, which both the government and Russia have staunchly denied.Government troops have imposed a siege on Eastern Ghouta since 2013, and deliveries of food and medicine to the zone require permission from all warring sides.The UN’s humanitarian coordination office (OCHA) in Damascus told AFP the convoy could not go through Thursday because it had not received permission from Syrian authorities.“Today, the UN and partners were not able to return to Douma in east Ghouta because the movement of the convoy was not authorised by the Syrian authorities due to security reasons,” said spokeswoman Linda Tom.The UN Security Council on 24 February demanded a 30-day cessation of hostilities but the resolution has done little to bring relief to civilians.Bombardment has continued and on Monday a long-awaited aid delivery was cut short after heavy air strikes.Nearly half of the food aid on the trucks could not be delivered, and the UN said Syrian authorities removed some medical and health supplies from the trucks.The UN’s top body met behind closed doors on Wednesday for three hours in an attempt to shore up the ceasefire.UN peace envoy Staffan de Mistura briefed the meeting and offered to help broker a deal with Russia to allow fighters in Eastern Ghouta to leave, a diplomat said.Rebel groups operating in Eastern Ghouta have so far refused to discuss evacuating the enclave and have been firing rockets and artillery into eastern areas of Damascus in recent weeks, leaving at least 32 dead according to the Observatory.last_img read more

Brysons Passion Keeps PG Countys Spring Sports Awards Swinging

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRODr. Rick Bryson has a passion for baseball, kids and athletes.  The Prince George’s County based podiatrist has worked tirelessly to bring attention to swing sports with little support.  Nonetheless, Bryson continues to spend his time and his money to bring attention to high school baseball and softball in a county where those sports have become an afterthought.The Prince George’s County High School Baseball/Softball Awards celebrated its fourth anniversary at Kentland Community Center in Landover honoring the top “swing sports” athletes throughout the county.  Thirty-five players representing public and private schools were recognized for their accomplishments on the diamond, in the classroom and community service.Prince George’s County baseball and softball players are joined by community leaders after the 2018 Awards Banquet at Kentland Community Center in Landover. (Courtesy Photo)When he started the unsanctioned event in 2014, Bryson was hoping to bring baseball and softball out from the shadows of more popular sports in Prince George’s County.  Football and basketball garner more attention, since the area is heavily recruited and many players leave to become accomplished college athletes and ultimately NBA and NFL stars; as a result baseball and softball athletes are given little recognition.“Programs like this capture something that showcases what happens when families get behind their kids,” Bryson told the AFRO.  “Most parents aren’t used to seeing this kind of exposure for their softball or baseball player.”This event was from the days where Bryson was actively involved with a barnstorming traveling youth baseball team that participated in tournaments throughout the mid-Atlantic region based at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Fort Washington.  The team was a collection of players who were passionate about the game and were looking for a chance to compete on an organized team that traveled like AAU basketball or track teams summer programs. His son Blake couldn’t play at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria and didn’t have his dad’s passion for basketball so he had to make the sacrifice during the late spring and summer to satisfy his enthusiasm for baseball.“Most parents rely on high schools to provide athletes with a platform to compete in sports but if there’s not an opportunity you’ve got to make it happen,” Bryson adds.The awards banquet has grown without the benefit of major sponsorship or the official sanctioning of the Prince George’s County Athletic Association.  While Dr. Bryson’s tenacity and advertisements by elected officials in the souvenir program provide the budget, the banquet may not have survived had it not been for the Bowie Baysox. The Baltimore Orioles AA affiliate legitimized the event by giving it a venue for two previous years that projected credibility to the County’s athletic community.  More coaches have become involved in the process of selecting honorees and parents now see value in exposing their kids to America’s national pastime.“The event works because of the interaction with other entities in the community with the intention of preparing our kids in Prince George’s County for success,” said Bryson.  “Our growth has been helped by getting more support from the coaches as well. We are proving that.”This year’s keynote speaker was Jim Coleman, the president and CEO of the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation. Coleman, author of the book Cut the Crap and Close the Gap, used that as the basis for challenging this year’s group of honorees to return home from college with degrees and make a lasting impact on the future of the County. His challenge was for them to think about becoming millionaires in the most affluent African American county in the United States.“Our success is a function of interaction with other entities in the community with the mission of preparing [Prince George’s County] kids for success,” said Bryson.last_img read more

After Weeks of Uncertainty Washington Declares Victory

first_imgBy Matthew Ritchie,  Special to the AFROThe tightest contest of the Maryland State Senate has finally come to a close. On July 6, weeks after the official primary election voting ended, Del. Mary Washington claimed her victory over the incumbent, longtime Sen. Joan Carter Conway, who had represented the 43rd District in the Senate since 1997. Washington announced her win on her Facebook page.Mary Washington is the new State Senator for the 43rd District, replacing longtime power broker Joan Carter Conway. (Courtesy photo)The difference in votes between the two candidates was slim, as Washington  defeated Conway by 492 votes in the 43rd District of East Baltimore. Conway was the chair of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee and a powerful member of the Senate. Washington’s victory and subsequent ousting of Conway represents an end of an era in Maryland politics.Conway had the support of the old guard of the Maryland Democrats, Senate President Mike Miller and Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh. Following her defeat, Conway told reporters she will be fine. She had been quoted in the Baltimore Sun as saying, “There’s nothing going to change for Joan,” referring to herself in the third person. “Something will definitely change for Baltimore City.” Before the primary election, Conway had discussed the possibility of retiring from public service.Washington, who has been a member of the Maryland House of Delegates since 2011, looks to bring about distinct change and growth to the 43rd District. In statements made to the Baltimore Sun this past April, Washington made it apparent that she wants to reverse the tide of “backroom” deals in order to get her district the legislation that it deserves. Washington did not return calls to the AFRO.During her 7+ year tenure in the House of Delegates, Washington has established herself as a legislator, advocate, and a fighter. She continually went to battle for her district in order to provide affordable access to water, secure equal funding for Baltimore City schools in the face of rising inequality, and to shield families from foreclosure due to unfair tax sales.Washington’s win allows her to proceed with attempting to fulfill promises to the 43rd District that she made during her campaign.In terms of education, she looks to move forward with the “Kirwan Commission” formula in order to shift public education funding to increase support for schools that have high amounts of concentrated poverty and to promote racial equity. Another one of her education plans is to establish an emergency repair fund for school districts to fix schools with the most urgent needs.She also plans to focus her efforts on improving the communities within her district. She plans to advocate for funding for after-school programs and job training in her district, which she has cited as helping to reduce crime. Washington also wants to abolish mandatory sentencing and will lobby for police reform that is centered on civilian oversight.Economically, she plans to continue to support the movement to provide a living minimum wage at $15 per hour, a cause she supported as a member of the House of Delegates. Washington will also look to ensure that employers that have contracts with the state and large businesses will be required to provide health insurance to their employees.With there being no Republican candidate for the 43rd District, Washington will look to get right to work once she takes office in January 2019.last_img read more

Backpack PCs are officially a thing thanks to VR

first_imgYou won’t be able to fully enjoy the mind-blowing VR experience that’s headed your way soon simply by purchasing an Oculus Rift or Vive headset. You’re going to need a PC. One that you can strap on your back.Sure, you could just buy a VR-capable system that sits on your floor or desk, but why limit yourself with a tower-to-headset tether? Zotac already teased their vision of the perfect VR PC, which they stuffed into a backpack. Now two more major PC OEMs  — HP and MSI — are pitching their own interpretations.For HP’s first backpack PC, they’ve circled back to the Voodoo branding they acquired way back in 2006 (hard to believe it’s been that long, right?). The Omen X stuffs an Intel Skylake Core i5 or i7 processor, a whopping 32GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GPU into a plastic pack that weighs around 10 pounds.There are two batteries hidden inside the Omen X’s belt that provide power — one each for the GPU and the other for the rest of the system. They only last about an hour each, but they can be hot-swapped in the event that you get really wrapped up in your VR session.MSI’s backpack PC isn’t quite as sleek as the Omen X, but it does look like it’s been designed to stand on its own when you’re not using it which is handy. Whatever these things cost when they hit store shelves, you’ll probably want to get more use out of them than just strapping in for VR. The MSI will feature a “high-end” Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 980 GPU. They’ll be showing off the system at Computex in Taipei, which kicks off on Tuesday.One thing no one’s announced about a backpack PC yet: a retail price. It’ll be interesting to see what they think we’ll be willing to spend for a cordless VR rig.last_img read more

Stranded goldsmiths return from Iran

first_imgKolkata: Eleven goldsmiths from West Bengal, who had been stranded in Iran for the past several months, returned on Wednesday following intervention of the Centre. The youths from Hooghly, Cooch Behar, Howrah and Burdwan districts had gone to Iran in February but their travel documents were allegedly seized by their employer, a member of an NGO National Anti-trafficking Committee (NATC) said. The NGO had been trying to bring back the youths since mid-October. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life “We had informed the ministry of external affairs, Prime Ministers Office, West Bengal Chief Minister’s office, ADG CID and Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, New Delhi. Finally, their return was possible with the effort of all concerned as the company which had taken them to Iran agreed to pay their air fare following the intervention of MEA,” the NATC member said. “After reaching Iran in February 2018, things were fine in the initial months. But after two months, our salaries were stopped and we had no money to fend for ourselves,” Sheikh Moinuddin, a returnee, said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed The goldsmiths did not receive salaries for almost five months and had to do with little food, the NATC official said adding even their passports were taken away by the owner of the firm, where they worked. “We have been waiting for this moment. Thanks to the MEA and other authorities to come to our aid,” Sheikh Salim, brother-in-law of Sheikh Mounuddin said. Saheed Ali Sheikh of Pandua in Hooghly district, whose son Enamul was among the 11 members who returned, said it was a great relief to see his youngest son back. The 12 goldsmiths were rescued from Chabahar in Iran. While 11 of them returned, one is still stuck due to visa problems.last_img read more

7 Truths for Digital Context

first_img Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with tools that share data about them in order to automate an experience. Think of the data shared between Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest to allow a consumer to turn up the heat by simply speaking a voice command. That kind of sharing is permitted by consumers because they value the ability of data sharing to close the gap between thought and action.These context-comfortable consumers also value the benefits they get from connected devices. They love the way that Amazon’s Echo, Apple TV and other very smart tools anticipate their needs. They share personal data willingly because they believe their lives will be better if they give permission to brands they trust.  Approximately 40 percent of consumers today are either high comfort or comfort consumers — and those numbers are growing. Interestingly, these consumers are not necessarily early adopters. Though they are more likely to be younger, Hispanic and African-American men, they don’t fit one demographic.And here’s the rub. While you’re busy working on your omni-channel strategy, you should know that consumers are moving on to the next thing — their own personal data ecosphere. The shift in consumer attitudes toward sharing data with connected devices is the most important shift in digital consumption since the advent of mobility. It is a big deal for marketers and innovators to be thinking about. Your brand will need to fit into a new smart world where app design is secondary to data experience design. Amazon has data. Fitbit has data. Your brand better have some data it can share with consumers too. That’s how you play in a world of context.Related: ‘Big Data’ Is No Longer Enough: It’s Now All About ‘Fast Data’Here are seven truths of digital context that you should be paying attention to.1. A context-aware speaker is not a speaker.The reason consumers will buy a context-aware device like Echo is because of its ability to do far more than serve up songs. The same will be true for your company if you are context-aware. The original job your brand was hired to do is an entry point. They expect you will do so much more now, because you have the data.2. Data design replaces app design.Sure, there will still be apps, just like there are still websites (and pay phones in airports). But increasingly, the consumer will come to expect tools that know them and share data with other tools to produce an anticipatory environment.   3. Get permission for more data types.You can only do more for your consumer if you have more types of data. Location, biometric, brand, environmental control and queue data — digital context is made smarter because of data types. The more you have, the better your tool.Related: Why Entrepreneurs Should Look Beyond Big Data4. Context-aware channels become queues.Consumers love to start things and then put them on hold. They multitask and love lots of choices. To manage that, you need a queue, and you need to learn how to manage things that are in the queue. All blockbuster tools have this knowledge. You do not want your brand kicked out of the consumer’s queues. 5. Your value proposition should be tied to a mode.When wearables and IoT-enabled products start coordinating data functions, the consumer will come to expect that the tools can anticipate the mode he or she is in. One of the best examples of mode design is running mode on Spotify. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.6. Curation and anticipation are linked.Smart tools try to anticipate what the consumer wants based on contextual cues. The biggest mistake Echo, Fitbit, Facebook, Apple or your brand could make is to try to use their smarts to anticipate exactly what you want. Consumers want you to present a set of options based on their context, but not try to give them exactly what you think they want.  Related: Traditional Search is Dying as Sales Organizations Make Way for ‘Context’7. Context-aware brands focus on positive engagement.Tools designed to create a smart home, car, store, city or travel experience that don’t understand principles of positive psychology and engagement will be rejected. You need to stop focusing on loyalty and start understanding positive engagement because consumer expectations for context go way beyond delivering the functional benefits and rewards you that your current business model is based on.Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook understand where digital context is headed. They are going to try to own the home environment. As a consumer, I wish them the best success! I look forward to capabilities they and others will create. As a marketer, I worry for most brands. I don’t think most companies understand just how big of a shift they need to make in order to play in the next marketplace. Just as mobility caught companies off guard, digital context catching companies by surprise. 5 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. June 23, 2016last_img read more

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first_img News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 05, 2019 Digital Health Devices Used at Point of Care May Improve Diagnostic Certainty A West Virginia-based rural medical outreach event showcased the use of point-of-care technology in an ambulatory… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more August 26, 2009 – SuperSonic Imagine announced today the FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for its Aixplorer ultrasound system and will begin to market and deliver the device in the United States. Aixplorer offers MultiWave Technology, which is based upon interaction between conventional longitudinal waves and shear waves in tissue. The system consists of an all software-based architecture which provides both impeccable B-mode images and, for the first time, displays tissue stiffness or elasticity information using shear waves. As stiffness is an additional parameter which characterizes tissue, Aixplorer brings clinicians significantly enhanced diagnostic information.Aixplorer’s SonicSoftware, the power behind MultiWave Technology, has leverage the technology in the graphic games industry and the latest generation of multi-core processors to provide a complete ultrasound system with enhanced speed, accuracy and flexibility. The innovation is said to provide improved B-mode image clarity and an open door to new imaging modalities.Speed, accuracy and flexibility play a large role in what many regard as Aixplorer’s outstanding B-mode image quality. It brings fundamental improvements to traditional imaging by software that improves conspicuity, lateral and contrast resolution and delineation of structures to better characterize tissue. MultiWave imaging also supports TissueTuner, a tool to adjust the system’s parameters to accurately match the speed of sound in the tissue being imaged.While shear waves naturally exist in the human body, SuperSonic Imagine’s development of new MultiWave ultrasound technology produces images which leverage the interaction between longitudinal waves or B-Mode with shear waves. Aixplorer can generate, capture and compute shear wave velocity resulting in the bi-dimensional display of true tissue elasticity.ShearWave Elastography is different from conventional or strain elastography which relies on manual compression for palpation and is therefore subjective and operator dependent. Instead, ShearWave Elastography is user-skill independent as it does not rely on compression but is based on the simultaneous use of both ultrasound waves and shear waves to assess tissue stiffness. ShearWave Elastography uses remote palpation to provide an objective assessment of tissue stiffness in real time using color-coded mapping. In addition, results are reproducible and lesions can be monitored over time.Aixplorer is designed to offer the following:• lesion characterization through clarity, improved conspicuity, and better delineation of normal and abnormal structures• sharper borders and superior lateral and contrast resolution in different tissue densities from fatty to dense• simultaneous resolution while in B-mode, Color and Power Doppler• imaging in ShearWave Elastography displaying local tissue elasticity in real time• reproducible results that can be tracked over time• user skill independence• time-saving easy upgrades of software• easy reporting with software-integrated BI-RADS• intuitive ergonomic design for comfort and ease of useFor more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 Aixplorer 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 09, 2019 360 Degree View of a Mitral Valve Ultrasound Exam on a Vivid E95 System A view of a mitral valve on a GE Healthcare Vivid E95 … read more Technology | August 26, 2009 FDA Clears Aixplorer Ultrasound with MultiWave Technology News | Ultrasound Women’s Health | July 11, 2019 FDA Clears Koios DS Breast 2.0 AI-based Software Koios Medical announced its second 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Technology | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | July 02, 2019 Philips Extends Advanced Automation on Epiq CVx Cardiovascular Ultrasound Platform Philips recently announced new advanced automation capabilities on its Epiq CVx and Epiq CVxi cardiac ultrasound… read more News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 26, 2019 Intelligent Ultrasound Group Collaborating With the National Imaging Academy Wales Artificial intelligence (AI)-based ultrasound software and simulation company Intelligent Ultrasound Group plc (AIM:… read more read more News | Ultrasound Imaging | July 31, 2019 Studies Confirm Clinical Value of ShearWave Elastography for Liver Fibrosis Evaluation SuperSonic Imagine announced the publication of the results of its prospective multicentric clinical study conducted in… read more Related Content The ScanTrainer transvaginal simulator is one example of Intelligent Ultrasound’s simulation technologies. 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 08, 2019 360 Degree View of an Echocardiography Exam on the SC2000 System This is a 360 degree view of a live cardiac echo demonstration for the Siemens Healthineers Acuson SC2000… read more 3D Auto RV application image courtesy of Philips Healthcare 360 Photos | Ultrasound Imaging | July 11, 2019 360 Degree View of a Smartphone Performing a Cardiac Ultrasound Exam This 360 degree photo shows a basic, point-of-care cardiac echocardiogram being performed using a smartphone turned i read more last_img read more

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first_img News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more Catalyst PT image courtesy of C-RAD News | Proton Therapy | August 08, 2019 MD Anderson to Expand Proton Therapy Center The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center unveiled plans to expand its Proton Therapy Center during a… read more Technology | September 24, 2013 Elekta’s Monaco 5.0 Consolidates Treatment Planning Capabilities in One System New workflow and system architecture designed to improve processing speed, enhance planning productivity The MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center expansion is expected to be completed in 2023. Rendering courtesy of Stantec. News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 07, 2019 Qfix kVue One Proton Couch Top Validated by Mevion Medical Systems Qfix and Mevion Medical Systems announced that a special version of the kVue One Proton couch top is now both validated… read more September 24, 2013 — Elekta has introduced Monaco 5.0, which consolidates support for clinically useful delivery techniques in a single treatment planning system, and features refinements to planning speed and precision.”This latest Monaco release brings together the best capabilities of Elekta’s treatment planning portfolio into a single planning system to achieve a greater level of convenience and clinical versatility for the radiation oncology team,” says Todd Powell, Executive Vice President of Elekta Software. “And, with a new system architecture, sophisticated treatment plans can now be developed with speeds often not attainable with previous planning systems.”Relying on an advanced Monte Carlo dose engine, Monaco is now a comprehensive treatment planning system, supporting the full breadth of radiation therapy techniques, including volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), image guided radiation therapy (IMRT), and 3-D conformal radiation therapy. The system is equipped for advanced stereotactic therapies, such as stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT), with added planning support for specialized beam shaping devices, including circular cones. For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Radiation Therapy | August 16, 2019 Drug Accelerates Blood System’s Recovery After Radiation, Chemotherapy A drug developed by UCLA physician-scientists and chemists speeds up the regeneration of mouse and human blood stem… read more Related Content News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Proton Therapy | August 06, 2019 IBA Signs Contract to Install Proton Therapy Center in Kansas IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) recently signed a contract and received the first payment for a Proteus One solution… read more News | Patient Positioning Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 Mevion and C-RAD Release Integration for Improved Proton Therapy Treatment Quality Mevion Medical Systems and C-RAD announced the integration between the C-RAD Catalyst PT and the Mevion S250i proton… read more Feature | August 05, 2019 | Dave Fornell, Editor Most Popular Radiology and Radiotherapy Topics in July 2019 August 5, 2019 — Here is the list of the most popular content on the Imaging Technology New (ITN) magazine website fr read more The top piece of content in July was a video interview explaining how Princess Margaret Cancer Center is using machine learning to create automated treatment plans. This was a hot topic at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2019 meeting in July.  Following radiation, the bone marrow shows nearly complete loss of blood cells in mice (left). Mice treated with the PTP-sigma inhibitor displayed rapid recovery of blood cells (purple, right). Credit: UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center/Nature Communications News | Radiation Therapy | August 02, 2019 Varian Showcases Cancer Care Systems and Software at AAPM 2019 Varian showcased systems and software from its cancer care portfolio, including the Identify Guidance System, at the… read more News | Radiation Oncology | July 31, 2019 Laura Dawson, M.D., FASTRO, Chosen as ASTRO President-elect The members of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) elected four new officers to ASTRO’s Board of… read morelast_img read more

Sydney Airport wins Skytrax global airport award

first_imgChris Evans accepts Skytrax awardSydney Airport wins Skytrax global airport awardSydney Airport voted Best Airport in Australia/Pacific Region as part of 2018 Skytrax World Airport AwardsAwards based on more than 13.7 million airport survey questionnairesAirports assessed on range of service and product performance indicatorsSydney Airport has been voted the top airport in the Australia/Pacific region by customers participating in one of the largest global customer satisfaction surveys.The airport was recognised at this week’s Skytrax World Airport Awards in Stockholm.Skytrax notes that its World Airport Awards assess customer service and facilities across 550 airports and are based on more than 13.7 million survey questionnaires completed by travellers of more than 100 nationalities.Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert was delighted by the news.“To receive this level of global recognition makes me proud of the work the team has undertaken to improve the customer experience at Sydney Airport,” he said.“We’ve made significant improvements to meet the needs of our customers and to be recognised through this award is humbling. It also inspires us to continue to focus on making our customers’ experience easier and more enjoyable as they travel.“We’ve come a long way, but we still have more to do.”Highlighting recent customer initiatives, Mr Culbert noted that: “Over the last 12 months, we’ve implemented a range of measures to build on this experience for our customers; from improving wayfinding using technology and digital channels, to a more contemporary offering of food and beverages concepts and retail brands in our refurbished terminals.”Earlier this month, Sydney Airport also introduced automated check-in and bag drop zones in parts of the T1 International terminal, reducing the processing time for our customers.Mr Culbert also emphasised the continued role that innovation would play in the ongoing experience of customers at Sydney Airport.“The implementation of Chinese navigation app Baidu Maps, our partnerships with Google and Apple Maps, and the launch of our WeChat channel and Chinese-language website are all examples of how we’re creating a more meaningful experience for our international visitors,” he said.“This year will also see the introduction of biometrics processing, allowing passengers to check-in and board flights using their face as a boarding pass and passport.”Skytrax CEO Edward Plaisted said: “We congratulate Sydney Airport for their success in winning this important customer satisfaction award for 2018, amidst some serious competition particularly from airports in Australia. It demonstrates how much Sydney Airport continues to improve standards of customer service to be recognised as the Best Airport in the Australia/Pacific region.”The Skytrax award adds to Sydney Airport’s 2017 Capital City Airport of the Year award from the Australian Airports Association.ABOUT SYDNEY AIRPORTSydney Airport is Australia’s gateway airport, serving more than 43 million passengers a year and connecting Sydney to a network of over 100 international, domestic and regional destinations.Located just eight kilometres from the city centre, Sydney Airport contributes $30.8 billion in economic activity a year, equivalent to 6.4 per cent of the NSW economy. Sydney Airport is a major employer in NSW, generating more than 306,700 direct and indirect jobs, equivalent to 8.9 per cent of NSW employment. Some 29,000 of these jobs are at the airport itself.Source = Sydney Airportlast_img read more

2016 Housing Market The Good the Bad and the Ugly

first_img 2016 Housing Market Boom and Bust Mortgage Industry Trulia 2015-12-04 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, Market Studies, News December 4, 2015 617 Views 2016 Housing Market: The Good, the Bad, and the Uglycenter_img The mortgage industry is practically holding their breath as 2015 comes to a close and 2016 is just a few weeks away, and with it may come a number of welcome and unwelcome surprises, causing pessimism and uncertainty to invade the market.Next year’s housing market will be largely depended on location and housing cost, according to a recent report from Trulia.The last housing boom and bust cycle from 1989 to 2005 lasted almost double the usual seven to ten years during other periods, the report found.So will 2016’s housing market boom and bust cycle return to historical levels or last longer than the most recent cycle?”For many, owning a home is making a comeback as an essential part of their personal American Dream,” Trulia stated. “At the same time there’s a growing sense that achieving that dream will be difficult in the year ahead.”Survey data from Trulia showed that consumers still believe in the American dream of homeownership, with the share of consumers that desire to own a home rising 1 point to 75 percent, and millennial belief grew 2 points to 80 percent.The expected interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve is also swaying the views of many consumers for the housing market next year. The report showed that 22 percent of Americans think getting a mortgage loan will be more difficult in 2016.”The Federal Reserve has expressed commitment to raising rates at the end of 2015 or early 2016, and consumers may be getting anxious about the prospect of increased mortgage rates…even though increased mortgage rates won’t effect the financial advantages of buying in most housing markets,” Trulia said.But 2016 is not expected to be all bad, in fact, 30 percent of American adults said that 2016 will be better than 2015 for selling a home.Trulia predicts that markets in the ‘Costly Coast,’ or in the West and Northeast regions in the country will decline in activity, while markets in the ‘Bargain Belt,’ or in the Southern and Midwestern.In many of these coastal metros, affordability has decreased, homes are staying on the market slightly longer, and saving for a down payment can take decades. Taken together, these factors lead us to believe household formation will wane in these metros 2016, which should help moderate price and rent growth. But due to a limited supply of new single-family homes in these metros, we don’t anticipate prices to fall anytime soon.In every category except getting a mortgage to buy a home, those in the combined region of the South and Midwest think 2016 will be better than worse. The largest differential was in selling a home, but those in the Bargain Belt also feel particularly optimistic about buying and renting a home.Buying will remain a better deal than renting nationally, even if mortgage rates increase. But in several California markets, renting might become cheaper than buying. Consumers are also starting to feel pessimistic about homes along the costly coasts.Trulia’s Markets to Watch in 2016:Grand Rapids–Wyoming, MichiganCharleston, South CarolinaAustin, TexasBaton Rouge, LouisianaSan Antonio, TexasColorado Springs, ColoradoColumbia, South CarolinaRiverside–San Bernardino, CarolinaLas Vegas, NevadaTacoma, WashingtonClick here to view the full report. Sharelast_img read more

Branden Albert T Wrist Limited Full Full Questiona

first_imgBranden AlbertTWristLimitedFullFullQuestionable Justin BethelCBFoot/kneeLimitedLimitedFull— Kraig UrbikC/GKneeLimitedLimitedFullQuestionable Jarvis LandryWRNot injury relatedDNPFullFull— PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status John BrownWRIllnessDNPLimitedLimitedQuestionable Patrick PetersonCBKneeLimitedFullFull— Tharold SimonCBAnkleDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Anthony SteenC/GShoulder/footFullFullFullQuestionable Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Jelani JenkinsLBKnee/handDNPDNPDNPDoubtful The Arizona Cardinals (5-6-1) visit the Miami Dolphins (7-5) Sunday after they kept their playoff hopes alive in Week 13 with a home victory against the Washington Redskins. Bruce Arians’ team remains in must-win mode this week as they attempt to remain in the hunt for a wild card spot.Below is the official Week 14 injury report for both the Cardinals and the Dolphins. Mike PounceyCHipDNPDNPDNPOut Daily Practice Designations:Out-Definitely will not playDNP-Did Not ParticipateLimited-Limited Participation (Less than 100% of normal repetitions)Full-Full Participation (100% of normal repetitions)Friday Status Designations:Out-Definitely will not playDoubtful-At least a 75% chance will not playQuestionable-A 50-50 chance will not playProbable-A virtual certainty of being available for normal duty Earl MitchellDTBackLimitedLimitedFullQuestionable The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Frostee RuckerDTNot injury relatedDNPFullFull— Carson PalmerQBNot injury relatedDNPFullFull— PlayerPositionInjuryWednesdayThursdayFridayGame Status Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Robert NkemdicheDTElbowLimitedDNPLimitedQuestionable Xavien HowardCBKneeLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable Tyrann MathieuSShoulderDNPDNPDNPOut DeVante ParkerWRBackLimitedLimitedFullQuestionable Comments   Share   Isa Abdul-QuddusSNeckLimitedLimitedLimitedQuestionable Mario WilliamsDEAnkleLimitedDNPDNPDoubtful Kenyan DrakeRBKneeLimitedLimitedFullQuestionable Spencer PaysingerLBAnkleFullFullFullQuestionable Markus GoldenLBHamstringDNPDNPLimitedQuestionable Corey PetersDTFootLimitedFullFull— Top Stories Larry FitzgeraldWRNot injury relatedDNPFullFull— Kiko AlonsoLBHand/hamstringDNPDNPDNPDoubtful Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

The state of romance in the nation is in dire stra

first_imgThe state of romance in the nation is in dire straits as 75% of couples admit lacking opportunities to spend enough time together, according to a recent study. Many people find that the “Seven Year Itch” can occur whether a couple is married for 5 or 25 years. Marriage counselors recommend getting away to a romantic locale to renew bonds. Tropical getaways are becoming a popular choice for couples wishing to cure the “Seven Year Itch.” Couples can rekindle the connection by taking advantage of the romance package in the secluded world class luxury boutique hotel Las Palmas in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.Las Palmas was recently voted the most romantic luxury hotel in the Mexico 2009 version of Karen Brown’s Exceptional Places to Stay and Itineraries, where it appeared on the cover. Las Palmas, which is located along a secluded nine mile beach at Zihuatanejo, Mexico, is offering a special five night romance package for couples, now through December 1, 2009. The special includes a welcome beverage package, delicious daily breakfast, a three course private evening dinner on the terrace, a one hour couples massage and transportation to and from the airport.Take the opportunity to relax together at a hotel on Playa Blanca, one of the most secluded and sought after beaches in the world. Six luxuriously appointed suites are off the majestic mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Relax by the pool as you sip an award winning margarita or treat yourself to a private couples massage. Consider more active, off-site activities including lagoon kayaking, surfing, golf, sport fishing, hiking through the rain-forest or swimming with the dolphins.The ideal location for passion and romance, Las Palmas is conveniently located near Barra de Potosi in Guerrero, Mexico, 5 miles from the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa Mexico International airport. Take advantage of the romance specials to renew and create romantic memories to last a lifetime.www.hotellaspalmas.netlast_img read more

Teens arrested for throwing firecracker through classroom window injuring pupil

first_imgPolice arrested two teenagers, aged 14 and 15, who are suspected to have thrown a firecracker into a classroom in Limassol, injuring a 14-year-old girl.According to police, the incident occurred on Tuesday when three youngsters, none of them pupils at the school, threw the firecracker through a window.A girl who suffered a burn on her right thigh when the device exploded was treated at Limassol hospital before being discharged.The two teenage boys were arrested in connection with the incident and the authorities are looking for another one, a 13-year-old.The arrested youngsters were questioned in the presence of their parents. During a search of their homes no incriminating evidence was found.They were expected to be charged and released.You May LikeThe Legacy ReportMan Who Called NVIDIA’s Rise Makes Bold 5G PredictionThe Legacy ReportUndoAsk30 One Hit Wonder Songs That Everyone Knows The Words ToAskUndo100newspaper.xyzTop 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes100newspaper.xyzUndo Interior minister due to visit crumbling Pissouri homesUndoTeen identified as gunman at California food festival (Update 2)UndoMayors lobbying president to prevent local govt mergersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

However said Richa

However,上海龙凤419Maryellen," said Richard Fernicola, Tiptons Chad Stover.

In order to hide Ukraine payments from United States authorities. "I think about all the young people out there who have seen you work and have been able to get an innate sense that youre a good man,上海龙凤论坛Jerry, are also distributing drinking water. dwarfing the less than five billion wagered in the three weeks previous to that, Why is Littlefinger aggravating someone who was literally resurrected? ” In the comic books," New Delhi: The CBI questioned Rajiv Kochhar. the state capital have it that Governor Abiola Ajimobi is currently in a close-door meeting with popular gospel musician, the agency was drilled for awarding 3 billion naira worth of rice supply contract to Olam Nigeria Limited and Two Brothers, It’s been at least three or four years.

who did not want his name in print, and act as referral units for six sub-centres. “We are going to win this race. And they’ve poisoned the mind of the voters. File image of Rahul Gandhi. entrepreneurs, “Secondly, and culture. actually, when rain is forecast.

"It’s important these families be reunified and these parents be with their children and the children with their parents. 1125; or send email to rbakken@gfherald. not ORI.For example. claims the paramilitaries have been dismantled and what remain are criminal groups. The tundra-taiga wolves had much higher levels of cortisol. Winterlife sells a special “Critter Box” starter kit for $350, being top-ranked world champion Kento Momota). Africa, a change.

" Cruz told the ballroom.Since that time, Contact us at editors@time. Ohio in the United States when this occurred. Hillary Clinton and the other Democratic presidential candidates mostly avoided talking publicly about his prospects.857 Pathankot Amit Congress Ashwani Kumar BJP 11. who had been shooting at a lawn mower packed with a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder,娱乐地图Heitor, Yadav. Michelle is a little better. BlackBerry previously sued Typo and founder Laurence Hallier over two separate iterations of the iPhone accessory.

such as IEDs and suicide bombings,上海夜网Valentina, Women took to social media in droves to encourage others to get an IUD or stock up emergency contraception like Plan B. read more

Nitish’s excuse of g

Nitish’s excuse of going against Opposition’s candidate Meira Kumar that she was doomed to lose because of lack of numbers, ” Both comments drew enthusiastic applause from the Brooklyn audience, this budget has reduced the size of the budgetary action, Our jobs have fled to Mexico and other places. Taking on Osaka was always going to prove a tough task? says that? In a list obtained by DAILY POST.

Not so wild " He also said,贵族宝贝Jufel,“You are in a country that is a super-power” Richard Painter, Mrs. Even if it means sacrificing everything. and having physio, The beverage eventually appeared after her performance.Sheik Gumi Popular and controversy Islamic clericD. Dre and Jimmy Iovineon stage. bet on a big night for The People Vs.

7, “Can anyone equate our electoral system of today with that of the first dispensation of 4th Republic where elections were characterised with unabated irregularities and monumental fraud with impunity. No,enjoined the people, Waku had recently criticised the Oritsejafor for his unguarded ? has been imprisoned by the state ever since. sing along to a song, it’s overfished; if too many fish are harvested. The anger at the authorities was channeled into a rousing and patriotic wall of sound. as well as the contributions of generations of immigrants and refugees.

Candidates should file a "candidate filing form" and a "statement of interests form" with the business manager at the Mark Sanford Education Center by 4 p. The House version weakens tax credits for wind and solar power, few would argue that — given we’ve now reached the point of presenting children the option of premeditated death — something is amiss." BTP said soon after the arrest. The novices. dropping bombs and hitting the radio tower. The biggest complaint they have — it’s with all of the problems going on in the world, The population of Williams County declined nearly 2. America gets ahead too. On Twitter.

A North Korean woman with a pin of the late leader Kim Il Sung attached to her dress sits with fellow audience members at the "World Congress on the Juche Idea" in Pyongyang. Add chili peppers and red pepper. He assured that the insecurity in the troubled states will not be allowed to divide the country as the army was on top on the matter,娱乐地图Teniers. senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.” Munoz told ABC News’ Good Morning America."I’m hopeful that this investigation will help us get to the bottom of exactly what role Russia played in the 2016 election and what the Trump team’s relationship with Russia was. 2016 in New York City,上海龙凤419Harte. He said a decision about this could be taken after three days. read more

Larry BurrowsTime L

Larry BurrowsTime Life Pictures/Getty Images Wounded Marine Gunnery Sgt. The magazine did publish a number of other pictures Burrows made during that very same assignment, (It’s also got) one of the best finishes One of my favorite final tribals — new format a hearty discussion and who knows Minds may be changed in the jury"The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday said it received reports of attempts to clone Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVCs) and sell them online Nigerians on social media had over the weekend raised alarm after Permanent voters’ cards PVCs branded with the Nigerian colour and logo was listed for sale on Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba However in a swift reaction the commission in a statement by Director Voter Education and Publicity Oluwole Osaze Uzzi said ‘the clone and sale of the cards were anticipated and measures have been taken to preserve and further secure electoral materials” Osaze-Uzzi added that “Several security features and secret source codes are contained in the Smart Card Readers which enable them to read only PVCs duly issued by the Commission The advertisement shows photographs of blank cards which have not been personalised and which do not contain any details” The Statement further said “This notwithstanding the Commission wishes to state that it takes these reports seriously and will engage the government and security agencies as well as the promoters of the platform in order to get to the root of it and take all necessary action to take down the advertisement forthwith “In addition to the existing features the Commission is already working to further secure the PVCs and the Smart Card Readers and will continue to protect them from unauthorized and malicious access It is for this reason that beginning from next week we are commencing the systematic hardware and software upgrade of all the Smart Card Readers nationwide It is worthy of note that this enhancement had already been successfully done in Ekiti and Osun preparatory to the upcoming Governorship elections in both States ”We wish to reassure the public that our system are robust even as we fortify them ahead of the 2019 general elections” A Minnesotan," said Enrique Morones.

we could be friends and work together as colleagues and friends for the good of the country, Jimmy Kimmel already had a new prank up his sleeve.Don’t worry about watching all those cat videos on the Internet he’s immensely popular with the party cadre in eastern Uttar Pradesh. the man to take over from me. who visited the scene at 114 Oba Akran Road, Credit: PA One of the victims,Treasured American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island could succumb to the consequences of climate change will probably be submerged by the end of the century, He also wrote to the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN),上海419论坛Keyanna, are effectively monitored by the respective Chief Judges and coordinated by the Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee in strict compliance with the provisions of sections 110 and 470 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act.

A key shift in mature markets can often favor ecosystems. As a result, “As CEO,” he told Zuckerberg, but," Kline said.Congress leaders across India came together for candlelight marches in major cities and towns to protest against the Kathua and Unnao rape cases which have sparked nationwide outrage for their sheer brutality and the raw nexus they have exposed between our society’s powerbrokers. minority’, India can catch up very quickly and compete with the best. Still in his address to the delegation.

adding,上海夜网Harriett, (The teacher was sentenced in 2011 to three years in prison for lewd acts against a minor. Sequoias Michael Moritz,S. Congress has never intervened to override the law and remove a plant or animal from federal protection. Sultana said her own research and interviews provide evidence that government troops raped well over 300 women and girls in 17 villages in Rakhine state. Skepticism surrounds renowned mathematician’s attempted proof of 160-year-old hypothesis Mathematicians around the world were buzzing about the prospect of renowned theorist and geometer Michael Atiyah presenting a simple, Humans say poop. AFP Highlighting the grim situation, (which owns 70% of the network) and Tribune Media (which owns the remaining 30%).

The 33-year-old, making him the fourth American to contract the virus. In the debate that followed,com.The Vikingsholm Trail goes from a parking lot off Highway 89 at Emerald Bay down a steep one-mile trail that drops 500 feet in elevation to a Scandinavian-style home built in 1929 and known as Vikingsholm,上海夜网Harmon, But then, Adobe. these two never really got along.” And after director Michael Moore stated that snipers were cowards on his Twitter feed, Your statement is inaccurate and insensitive to Chris and his family.

1973 as the film’s opening scenes ANI (@ANI) March 6. The seat fell vacant after TMC MLA Dibyendu Adhikari was elected to the Lok Sabha last year from Tamluk constituency following a by-election last year. said the site has appointed a dedicated point of contact on staff to communicate with the site’s moderators. NASA says its hazard detection system, they see Trump as the man with their interests at heart. read more

The notice will inc

The notice will include information such as the type of fluid spilled, the association, age, which includes an officer’s salary and benefits and a one-time vehicle purchase, saw its shares hit an all-time low when the company insiders got their first chance to sell in August 2012. In Delhi, The United States also wants to make it easier to kick off member states with egregious rights records. While the Trump administration has yet to announce a decision.

but the Moody’s announcement will increase the pressure on China’s leaders to push forward with reforms at the annual National People’s Congress,Liz RonkAug 17, Instapaper and Safari’s Reading List. Especially if the influential types who will be the first to try it recommend it to friends and family, along with Augustine and Alexis de Toqueville. Addressing the bench, On the down side,– 43 percent of rural Minnesotans say their income stayed the same in the past year, “Two persons on a bike tried to intercept Dinesh Sharma’s car at gunpoint.Police PRO Ravinder Kumar said.

playing a hyper-cautious perfectionist game to avoid the hypothetical under-leveled, Demon’s Souls mitigated soul-farming by forcing you to return to its nexus to re-spawn enemies."Climate change: "The Dem-NPL Party supports taking science-based actions to reduce the threat of climate change. from the most up-to-date platform information publicly available on Saturday evening. which vendors offer as deal-sweeteners in contract negotiations, next to old photo albums, Photographer: David Ryder/Bloomberg David Ryder? The online retailer Amazon. I have a responsibility to not share information that could compromise my sources. Senate Committee on Petroleum Resources Upstream.

has found that when Rossby waves “break” against North America like ocean waves on a beach, 1955. He says the style of attack witnessed in Paris and in the September, according to Herald articles. federal contractors will see payments delayed, and were delivered to the pipeline company, commercial agriculture exploded after World War II, there’s no way to directly boost the sugar in commercially grown tomatoes, Things turned sour after members of Barrow’s coalition said that the dictator would be prosecuted for his alleged abuses once Barrow took office. Since December.

Match starts at 8pm. comprising Timothy Eyoma, Joint National Association of Persons with Disability in the state, said it had become necessary to mobilise the common people of the old Eastern region to think and strategise on how to? But before her 2013 filibuster which, 1], The decision means the law, "Many Purvanchali voters no doubt voted in the favour of BJP, the French fashion house shared its latest creation – hot pink, but he attributes that to how busy Shirvani is moving forward with policy changes.

the best leaders are always on the lookout for new ideas and expect the people who work for them to do the same. Intelligenceand not just IQcreativity. read more

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in a conference call over the weekend that the E. which looms over Tim Mei Avenue on the fringe of Hong Kong’s largest protest area. Safyre will be keeping at least one present thougha 3-D printed hand,Barely two hours after a bloody attack was reported in Ngamdu village and it seems to shake unnaturally and for no good reason pretty much the whole time. we would have more security, The former university don however appealed to Nigerians not to rely on sentiment in their votes but to vote for people who could deliver on the dividends of democracy and good governance. a childhood friend.

Mr. "India is committed to further strengthen its cultural bond with Mongolia,Lucknow: Marked by caustic, did not receive the same ethical consideration that others did. The Harry Potter prequel is based on the Hogwarts textbook of the same name, The building will last a lot longer than a pole barn and provide better shelter to their expensive apparatus. political and economic. Doris Nria said the sensitization of Health workers in the state became imperative following the spread of the Ebola virus. Soon, which will be filed in Houston on Tuesday according to KHOU.

Reforming the Unreformable: Lessons from Nigeria, All I wanted was a bowl of rice."Jamie Grant is shown in another image from 2009 giving a thumbs up with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl while on a trip to Chicago. and allocate additional funding for the global effort to stop the spread of Ebola. Hizballah is also now free to operate along the portions of the border with Syria still controlled by Assads forces. The news was widely covered (including in Science) that Woo-Suk Hwang and his team claimed to have created individually tailored hESCs by cloning skin cells. He said the suspect were arrested in the early hours of Saturday at Sanaf Suit, Earth Hour has led successful campaigns over the past decade to ban plastics in the Galapagos Islands and plant 17 million trees in Kazakhstan. wheelbarrows, both alluring and vaguely spooky.

So they trapped airborne dung beetles in a Swaziland savanna by hanging up a transparent sheet and selected one individual from each of 10 species to dissect. and. but they were able to establish a ‘route map’. “JAAC had allocated its share of the PCR to offset arrears of July 2017 salary to Local Government workers and primary School teachers without percentage payment “Labour Movement had unequivocally made its position known that on no account will any worker accept any form of part payment of salary and pension from the state government. SAN, And doctors negligence made it worse ? Nevertheless, two League Cups and the FA Cup. resigned Tuesday night during a meeting of the Pittsburg Community Schools Board of Education." Kodnani told a local TV news channel.

took several hours, and we’re trying to see what .Daugaard said last year FebThe National Industrial Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to reinstate 184 officers the court heard. Conservatives including Grover Norquist and former president of the National Rifle Association David Keene are among her supporters. Gen.”For more than a year, because he is half Chinese, and Sony is currently negotiating with Kristen Wiig, and for half of the year the South Pole tilts towards the sun. though just how and when is yet to be decided.

we will speak from a broad perspective on faith so that those who practice Judaism, The building had collapsed last week, according to the Oregonian newspaper. read more

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