Honeydewds, Arcata Tire/Murphy’s Market win division championships

first_imgThe Honeydewds completed their quest for a Mad River Softball Association Division A Championship with a 6-3 win over Ironside, Tuesday Sep. 11 at the Arcata Community Center fields. Hop Sullivan and Dane Grytness went 3-3 for the Honeydewds in the win.The Honeydewds, shortly after their Mad River Softball Association Division A Championship win. (Contributed/Richard Marks)Arcata Tire/Murphy’s Market claimed the Mad River Softball Association Division B Championship with a 7-2 win over …last_img read more

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Testing soil solution to gain insights into the 4Rs

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest In terms of the Right Rate component of the 4Rs, the folks at AgroLiquid are taking a novel approach to finding it through research and unique method of monitoring the fertility in the liquid between the soil particles.Using a series of syringes attached to tubing placed at varying depths beneath the soil, the soil solution underground can be carefully extracted. The nutrient levels in the solution can then be compared to nutrient application rates to get a handle on what the plants are using and what is being lost.“We have developed this method of how to test nutrients in soil solutions to see how much is lost. What we are doing has the potential to change how the industry approaches fertility and the loss of nutrients,” said Nick Bancroft, vice president of AgroLiquid. “We test the nutrient solution to see what nutrients are moving in the soil and compare that to what was applied and see what amount was used and what amount was lost. You can figure the math backwards. This lets us compare products in terms of optimal yield and minimal nutrient loss, which is really what everyone is after.”This unique soil testing method uses micro-lysimeters made of micro-porous hydrophilic Teflon. This enables an improved suction of soil solution to measure plant usable nutrientsZouheir Massri, with AgroLiquid, stands with a display that shows how the soil solution sampling method works. dissolved in the soil solution.To test advantages of using phosphorus encapsulated by Falvonol Polymer Technology preventing fixation with soil cations, for example, hydrophilic lysimeters were installed horizontally in solid soil at 10 centimeters and 20 centimeters beneath soil surface (below the corn seed and phosphorus placed in furrow at five centimeters deep). The lysimeters were connected to a transparent PVC tube at the soil surface and extended with a flexible piece of PVC tubing for easy connection-disconnection with 30-milliliter vacuum polycarbonate syringes for suction of the soil solution and measurement of dissolved phosphorus, said Zouheir Massri, who leads the research effort for AgroLiquid. “Knowledge of ion exchange in soils would predict that anions are not retained by the negative charged soil colloids, and move in the soil similar to nitrogen. But phosphorus moves very little, or is relatively immobile in the soil compared to nitrogen and is not lost into the atmosphere. Rarely does it leach beyond the reach of roots, even with large amounts of precipitation or irrigation. This apparent anomaly is that the soil solution contains only a very small amount of available phosphorus in ionic forms at any one time, knowing that the soil solution levels for phosphorus are considered critical for plant growth. That is important because crops take up phosphorus only from the soil solution, and was the core of our testing method to measure the soil solution content of dissolved phosphorus by lysimeters solution suction.”AgroLiquid is also using unique methods for nitrogen research work. Because nitrogen can be lost through both volatilization and leaching, two tests are conducted for nitrogen loss. There is one for assessment of the nutrients that flow in soil with lysimeters and the other is for ammonia volatilization in the atmosphere. To test volatilization, passive samplers are filled with 20 milliliters of a diluted sulfuric acid and placed in the center of each treatment to trap the ammonia as “ammonia collectors.”“The solution of the ammonia collectors in the passive samplers continuously absorbs ammonia, and is replaced regularly depending on the expected intensity of the emissions,” Massri said. “The principle underlying this method is that the passive samplers placed in a homogeneous experimental field…have the same NH3 absorption behavior under identical environmental conditions.”The passive sampler method was developed in the 1970s and proven valid under a wide range of experimental conditions and is recommended to be used under conditions with bare and/or cultivated soils.Ultimately, the ongoing research at AgroLiquid is showing that the right rate can be significantly lower while maintaining crop productivity if the other three Rs are correct.“From the beginning we created products that were more effective per pound applied, which allowed growers to apply less total nutrient. It also allows for placement closer to where the plant is going to utilize the nutrients, which prevents offsite nutrients. It allows us to use the right rate and right formulation. at a low rate. It is the right source because it allows you to do the other three Rs,” Bancroft said. “The industry reaction as a whole has been to try and use the products they have always been using. I think it is our responsibility moving forward in educating people that they can get away with reduced rate fertility if they are using the 4Rs.”last_img read more

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Real-Time Activism: What the Heck is an E-Alert?

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Tags:#Non-Profits#Real-Time Web#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… dana oshirocenter_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting If you’ve ever worked with an advocacy group, you understand how important it is to stretch your scarce resources. In the face of dwindling government grants, a looming recession, and the fear of losing your volunteers, the real-time web can be a boon in getting legislation passed. Today’s ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Summit attendees took time to discuss some of the cause-based tools that can help in this bubbling river of data. Consumers Union employees Tim Marvin and Gregory Foster work hard to ensure that consumers have access to a fair and safe marketplace. The organization lobbies government groups around issues of health care reform, product safety and ethical advertising. Nevertheless, a number of today’s available advocacy tools fall flat. While organizations communicate with phone calls, videos, static sites, brochures, face-to-face lobbying and a spam-like email service called an “e-alert”, only a few are utilizing the real-time web. Rather than insisting upon these traditional methods, the group discussed new ways to hack the law-making process. Below are some of our ideas:1.Real-Time Story Uploading: Voters can upload their stories via a microblogging service, tag it with a cause-related hashtag and geo-tag it to a specific constituency. From here the relevant representatives could be provided with a constituency feed and can search via the issues that affect them most. In this case, trending topics would indicate the most popular issues. 2. Legislator Meet and Greet: Similar to celebrity sightings on Twitter, users could Tweet when meeting their legislator and encourage nearby voters to come by and express their opinions. We call this “legis-stalking”. 3. Legislative Activity Stream: While legislation is already being tracked via sites like Govtrack.us, there’s no reason your friends shouldn’t get your legislation-related activity stream and real-time commentary. From here machine-powered sentiment analysis could be used to show a politician’s popularity and overall happiness amongst voters. 4.Tracker: Similar to Pivotal Labs’ Tracker, consumer groups could collaborate on an issues-based project management tool. When representatives reveal their plans, each issue can be broken down into a smaller project with associated goals. If goals are verified by a specific percentage of voters, then the project is considered a success and reflects this percentage in real-time. If goals are left unfulfilled, then the project is considered a failure. From here a politician’s overall success rate can also be calculated as a real-time reflection of effectiveness. We know these are just some of the ideas available with real-time activism. If you’ve got ideas on how organizations can better utilize the real-time web add your ideas in the comments below or in the event wiki. If you’d like to help Consumers Union build the tools we’ve discussed above email fostgr@consumer.org Related Posts last_img read more

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Veterinary Services Diagnostic Lab Accredited for Testing of Fish

first_img Portfolio Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, in his remarks at the presentation of the accreditation certificate at the VSDL offices on Old Hope Road, St. Andrew, on Wednesday (January 31) said that “this… will move us ahead and enable us to expand in the area that is so crucial – our export trade”. Senior Veterinary Officer, VSDL, Dr. Wintorph Marsden, said he was “very elated” with the accreditation. The Veterinary Services Diagnostic Laboratory (VSDL) in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, has been accredited to carry out tests on fish for the export market. Story Highlights The Veterinary Services Diagnostic Laboratory (VSDL) in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, has been accredited to carry out tests on fish for the export market.The certification, from the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC), is for conducting two tests for heavy metals in the biological tissues of fish and amnesic shellfish toxins in fishery products.Portfolio Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, in his remarks at the presentation of the accreditation certificate at the VSDL offices on Old Hope Road, St. Andrew, on Wednesday (January 31) said that “this… will move us ahead and enable us to expand in the area that is so crucial – our export trade”.He added that the certification will enable the VSDL to provide fisheries products that are of international standards “which will create a good outlook on Jamaica and boost our foreign exchange earnings in the long run”.Senior Veterinary Officer, VSDL, Dr. Wintorph Marsden, said he was “very elated” with the accreditation.“It has been a long journey. It is the first time that the Veterinary Services Diagnostic Laboratory will be certified and accredited. We have never been internationally certified. We are more than excited, and we are looking forward to having more certification done,” Dr. Marsden added.Chief Executive Officer, JANAAC, Sharonmae Shirley, said that the accreditation process was a thorough and rigorous one, and “we are fully satisfied with the (lab’s) competence”.“The VSDL team is passionate about quality and the delivery of competent conformity assessment services to its customers,” she added.Mrs. Shirley said that JANAAC is committed to providing its stakeholders with world-class accreditation services. She pointed out that accreditation of Jamaican products before exportation is very important for nation building.“Accreditation is the formal attestation of a conformity assessment body’s (CAB) ability to impartially, competently and consistently meet the specific requirements of an international standard for its scope of tests. Simply put, accreditation provides confidence, the stamp of approval… . Accreditation allows you to make an informed decision when selecting a laboratory, as it demonstrates competence, impartiality and capability. Accreditation helps to underpin the credibility and performance of your goods and services,” she said.JANAAC is the national accreditation body of Jamaica. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been carrying out its mandate of facilitating trade between Jamaica and its trading partners by enabling the country’s conformity assessment system to meet international standards and the World Trade Organization’s (WTO’s) Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.The organisation, which is an entity under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, provides accreditation services to CABs, which consist of laboratories and inspection and certification bodies.It also provides training to personnel involved in the accreditation of CABs, which includes assessors, CAB staff, quality managers and internal auditors.JANAAC is the only internationally recognised accreditation body in the English-speaking Caribbean.last_img read more

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first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, September 6, 2017 – Nassau – The Nassau Airport Development Company announces that operations will continue as normal at Lynden Pindling International Airport through to end of day, Thursday, September 7th, 2017. All stakeholders are encouraged to complete the securing of their premises and vehicles in order to have the best possible outcome.   The public is reminded to check with their individual airline regarding any changes in flight times, or cancellations.Airport operations will resume only when the “All Clear” is given by the Met Department/National Emergency Management Agency, after which all airport employees will be expected to safely report for duty to assess any damage, clean up and restore premises to normal condition, for the ordinary resumption of operations.   A statement will be issued by NAD to advise the traveling public as to when the airport resumes full operations.The public is requested to listen carefully to the formal media for updates regarding both cessation and resumption of airport operations as there might be changes in the forward movement of Hurricane Irma requiring adjustments to the operations timelines.Press Release: NAD Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

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India urges world to help Bangladesh regarding Rohingyas

first_imgRohingya Camp. File PhotoIndia has urged the world to help Bangladesh cope with the “humanitarian burden” mentioning that they are “deeply conscious” of the humanitarian and security implications due to the presence of huge Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar.India has praised Bangladesh generosity and recognised the economic burden this crisis places upon Bangladesh’s society and economy, according to the Annual Security Outlook 2019 released by ASEAN.Bangladesh is now hosting over 1.1 million Rohingyas and most of them entered the country after 25 August 2017 as Myanmar launched a brutal offensive targeting the mainly-Muslim ethnic minority.Though Bangladesh and Myanmar signed a repatriation deal on 23 November 2017, not a single person has so far been repatriated.India has extended supports though the provision of four large tranches of aid and to prioritise addressing significant socio-economic challenges in Rakhine State, to facilitate the return of Rohingyas to their place of origin in Rakhine State, according to the 206-page report.India is a leading development partner of Bangladesh and it has extended concessional lines of credit totalling around the US $ 8 billion, the report mentions.The report released in Bangkok during the 26th Asean Regional Forum says India is working closely with the government of Bangladesh to achieve a lasting progress in improving security, energy cooperation, trade, connectivity and people-to-people ties to provide developmental benefits to the entire region.In resolution of old and outstanding issues, the two countries signed a Land Boundary Agreement in 2015 resolving issues relating to enclaves of adversarial possession of territory, the report mentions.India and Bangladesh are working together on all fields of cooperation, including military–to–military ties, capacity building, creation of shared energy infrastructure, improved transport links (land, sea, inland waterway and air), and easier movement of people, said the report.Bordering the North Eastern States of India, the report says, the stability and prosperity of Myanmar is crucial for the regional security.The report mentions that India and Myanmar enjoy good bilateral relations and cooperation in security matters between the two countries have substantially improved.Efforts are on to improve connectivity and infrastructural gaps and promote development of the region. India is cooperating with Myanmar in diverse fields, including in the development of institutions in Myanmar, the report says.last_img read more

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