No armed rallies during Durga Puja: Mamata

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first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday issued a strong message to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other Hindutva organisations. “If there are any attempts to organise armed rallies during [Vijaya] Dashami, it will be dealt with strong measures,” Ms. Banerjee told journalists at the State Secretariat.West Bengal Director General of Police (DGP) Surajit Kar Purkayastha said that such rallies had never been organised in the past and no permission would be given by the police for them. The Chief Minister’s remarks come against the backdrop of reports that certain Hindutva organisations have plans to organise armed rallies on Vijay Dashami or Dussehra, which falls on September 30. “People cannot stay peacefully during the [Durga] Puja. Why this kind of politics?” the CM asked. She accused the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) of trying to arouse communal passions during the Puja to get political mileage for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Ms. Banerjee clarified that Durga Puja immersions would be allowed on Dashami, September 30, and would be prohibited only for a day, on October 1, on account of Muharram. Immersion would be allowed on October 3, 4 and 5. Ms. Banerjee said the State police had been maintaining law and order during Durga Puja successfully in the past.last_img

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Mary Kom fails to qualify for Rio Olympics

first_imgMARY_KOM   –  THE HINDU SHARE SHARE EMAIL COMMENTS Loses in World Championship second round COMMENT × RELATED Published on sport Mary Kom sets sights on Rio Games Five-time world champion M C Mary Kom’s hopes of a second successive Olympic appearance ended today after she went down in the second round of the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships here.Mary Kom (51kg), who was a bronze-medallist at the 2012 London Olympics, lost 0-2 to Germany’s Azize Nimani in the second round of an event from where only the semifinalists would make the cut for the upcoming Rio Games.Nimani will next be up against top seed Davide Marzia of Italy who got the better of Hungary’s Katalin Ancsin.In an exciting contest, Mary Kom took off aggressively but Nimani managed to keep her at bay by fighting from a distance.In fact, Nimani hardly attempted any attack on the Indian in the opening two minutes but managed to connect a few counter-jabs to take the initial edge.Mary Kom continued to be aggressive in the second round as well, connected much better but failed to get the judges’ nod, who again ruled in favour of Nimani on a split decision.Gaining in confidence, Nimani stuck to her gameplan and forced Mary Kom to let her guard down.The diminutive Manipuri threw herself aggressively at the German, whose punching was far from clean. Nimani’s defensive tactics frustrated Mary Kom, who quite literally threw herself at the German to connect.However, the determined attack failed to yield the desired results for her as Nimani was declared winner on a split vote.The tournament is the final qualifying event for women boxers in the three Olympic categories of 51kg, 60kg, and 75kg and has 12 Rio tickets on offer. SHARE India at Rio: Biggest contingent eyes richest medal haul May 21, 2016 Mary Kom settles for a bronze null MARY_KOM   –  THE HINDUlast_img

How To Find A Job Using Instagram

first_imgIf you are on Instagram, say “cheese!”Even if you did not say cheese, quite a few others have based on a recent set of statistics released by Facebook.Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said that the service has:16 billion photos have been shared to date1 billion likes happen each day130 million users are now on the serviceHoly smokes! That’s a lot of activity. Let’s try zooming in on the metric that has caught my eye the most – 130 million users. Out of 130 million people on Instagram, could there be companies and recruiters there who may want to hire you? The answer of course, is yes! (Or, “si,” if you speak Spanish.) That being said, I could not help but ponder how one could leverage Instagram for finding work. About 20 minutes or so later, I had enough notes to write a blog post about it. If you care to read it, here it goes. (Insert musical introduction here. Maybe some Lenny Kravitz.)For this strategy to work, I HIGHLY suggest that you create a secondary Instagram account. In this way, you do not have to worry about embarrassing photos from a certain party or bathroom selfies you might not want a certain employer to see. And when setting up this new Instagram account, use your name  (if it is available) or your name and your profession. For example:JohnDoeJohn _DoeJohn_Doe_ProgrammerOnce you have decided on a username, the next thing I want you to do is create a very short bio about who you are and the type of work that you do. When you do this, make sure that it is compelling and something that would be attractive to the people you are targeting. Here are a few samples off the top of my head.Elementary education teacher with 5 years experience seeks an opportunity with a small independent school.I am a Clinical Practice Assistant for a health maintenance organization, utilizing writing, research, and leadership skills to serve patients and keep my employer happy.As a Quality Assurance Analyst I test, break and debug all day, every day. Sloppy coders fear me.Instagram lets you add a website link to your profile as well. I suggest that you add a link to your LinkedIn profile or online resume. I also suggest that you add a professional looking photo for your profile photo, one that projects a business image. (Ideally, not one where someone else is cropped out or other people are with you. A good neutral background is preferred.)Now once that is done, let’s consider the photos you will share on your (professional / gimme a job) Instagram account.Content StrategyPhotos of you working. (At your cubicle, on a client site, whatever is applicable to what you do) 15-Second videos of you demonstrating your skill. (Like a makeup artist showing her skills over time.)Photos of companies where you have worked. (Add comments about what you did at each company, especially as it pertains to the value you delivered.)Photos of attendance at conferences and/or industry-related events.Text images of industry related commentsUse notes app on iPhone for longer postsNetworking StrategyFind companies you want to work for and follow them.Find people who work at companies you would love to work for, network with them by liking their photos, leaving comments and sharing like interests by using some of the hashtags they use in your photos (but only as applicable).Research related hashtags:Research the companies you are following and use the hashtags they use. This will help you get discovered by the people who work there. (Make sense?)Research hashtags that are related to the industry you work in. Not only will this aid in your networking with others in your field, it also makes it easier for a recruiter to do a search on Instagram and find you.Create tags relevant to your career and tag your photos as appropriate. Not only will this aid in your networking with others in your field… you get the idea. So, do you like this idea? If so, set up your (professional / gimme a job) Instagram account, then link to it below. Why? It will make it that much easier for recruiters to find you. Provided of course that they discover this article. You never know.As we are on an Instagram tangent, here are a few cool tools you might want to check out.Recite This: No time to take a photo? Or, you have photo block? (“Photo block” is like writer’s block, but its for photographers.) Simply type in some text and “Recite This” will convert your text into a work of art worthy of being shared on Instagram.  Nifty!Nitrogram 50: Want to find the most popular brands on Instagram? Nitrogram 50 is the place to be. It features the top 50 companies on Instagram and goes all the way to 1,000+. You can also search it to zero in on the company you fancy as Want stats to see how well your photos are doing? Look no further! I just discovered this tool, but so far I like what I see.Okay, I’ve ranted long enough. Time for a quick selfie, then back to work.  Catch you later on Instagram! Later…Jimlast_img

How to Become a Leader at Work

first_imgMost of us strive to become leaders. We want to do something great, be respected by our peers, make more money and acquire more responsibility. Overall, we want to make a difference at our job. However, most of us simply don’t know the proper way to gain heightened respect, confidence and admiration from those whom we work with.In reality, there is no simple answer to leadership. It takes devotion, time and patience. Most importantly, it takes knowledge.A firm understanding of leadershipWithout a firm understanding of what makes someone more influential, you cannot begin to alter your beliefs and practices accordingly.Though, once aware of the traits that make someone more authoritative, you can formulate a plan to improve upon lacking areas and alter the behaviors preventing you from achieving management and executive status.Below, you’ll find a list of traits that our sales and marketing headhunters look for in leaders, along with some exercises to enhance your influence and responsibility at work.Defining the traits of leadership 1. Strength. Begin to carry yourself with poise and confidence. People are drawn to confidence and shy away from nervousness, lack of authenticity and insecurity.How you feel about yourself will dictate your ability to lead and command authority. Essentially, if you don’t feel you’re important and deserving, don’t expect your co-workers to.If you have come across as anxious and unassertive with your co-workers in the past, don’t focus on these shortcomings.Your co-workers, like anyone else will have a short memory and so should you. From now on, think of the prior experiences as a learning tool rather than a future forecaster.With that being said, here are some exercises on how to increase self-confidence and perceived strength:Challenge the negative beliefs you have about yourself. Instead of focusing all your energy on what you don’t like about you, give equal weight to all your positive qualities.Focus on past successes rather than failures. Don’t mull over what you’ve done incorrectly. It’s more productive to think about all the things you’ve done right in the past. Reinforce these thoughts repeatedly.Stop always needing to be right. Understand there is nothing shameful about past work mistakes.Stop looking to others for acceptance and happiness. Learn that you don’t need anyone’s approval for your own self-confidence.The recruiters at KAS Placement strongly suggest that you let go of any anger that you are holding on to. Anger and resentment will prove a significant barrier to you becoming a leader at work.2. Positive Energy. Leaders show positive energy and optimism, showering their people with a can-do attitude. This outlook draws co-workers to them and paves the way for influence, respect and admiration from others.In terms of leadership, positive energy has a multitude of benefits and is nothing short of a crucial component.When you’re positive, you think in terms of solutions, not problems, you inspire risk taking, tend to be more resilient and think more clearly.Moreover, you are more assertive and your candor allows for quicker, more open communication amongst the other employees.  This is the foundation of strong leadership.3. Passion. Being passionate about your job means possessing a heartfelt, deep and authentic excitement about work.  This excitement is infectious and naturally will draw others to your way of thinking.People follow positivity, effectiveness, intelligence and resiliency.  All of which are byproducts of loving what you do.Until you learn to love work, you can’t hope to display the necessary positive energy leadership requires.Either proactively search for the perfect employment or train yourself to become more passionate in your current job.  Regardless, make a firm decision to stay or leave and follow through with it.Here are a few ways how to increase your passion for work:Increase your performance. Leaders do everything possible to increase the effectiveness of their work.  They put in the extra time and sincerely enjoy what they do partly because others admire their efforts.Think about what is going right rather than obsessing about your problems. Understand that no job is going to be perfect and create a reality that is more upbeat and success focused.Stop focusing on what people “owe” you and begin focusing on what you can do to standout.4. Selflessness. Leaders are selfless. They are more interested in group achievements as opposed to chasing their own goals.By consistently pouring out encouragement, caring and recognition, your co-workers will become more drawn to you.  Regardless of whether or not you are management, take every opportunity to inject self-confidence into those who earned it.In the endMost significant things at work and in life require work, study and most important, practice. Leadership is no different.  Understand that no one is born a leader. Rather, they decide to mold themselves into one. –Originally posted on Personal Branding Blog by Ken Sundheimlast_img

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