Facebook sues South Korean firm over data misuse

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first_imgSan Francisco: Battling the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook has now filed a lawsuit in California state court against Rankwave, a South Korean data analytics company that ran apps on its platform. The lawsuit alleged that Rankwave abused Facebook’s developer platform’s data and refused to cooperate with a mandatory compliance audit and request to delete the data. “Facebook was investigating Rankwave’s data practices in relation to its advertising and marketing services. “Rankwave failed to cooperate with our efforts to verify their compliance with our policies, which we require of all developers using our platform,” Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation said in a statement on late Friday. She added that Facebook has already suspended apps and accounts associated with Rankwave. “The lawsuit asks the court to enforce the basic cooperation terms that Rankwave agreed to in exchange for the opportunity to operate apps on the platform,” Romero noted. According to TechCrunch, Facebook’s lawsuit centres around Rankwave offering to help businesses build a Facebook authorization step into their apps so they can pass all the user data to Rankwave. “It then analyzes biographic and behavioural traits to supply user contact info and ad targeting assistance to the business,” the report said. “That app could pull data about your Facebook activity such as location checkins, determine that you’ve checked into a baseball stadium, and then Rankwave could help its clients target you with ads for baseball tickets,” the report noted. Rankwave’s Android app asks for users’ Facebook data in exchange for providing them a “Social Influencer Score”. “By filing the lawsuit, we are sending a message to developers that Facebook is serious about enforcing our policies, including requiring developers to cooperate with us during an investigation,” said the social network giant. Facebook recently announced to ban personality quiz apps on its platform — a move taken after the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year that helped researchers access personal information of 87 million users via the quiz app “thisisyourdigitallife”. Federal prosecutors in the US are now probing whether top executives of Facebook were aware of data harvesting by the British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.last_img

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PUL Condemns Police Brutality against Journalists

first_imgThe Press Union of Liberia (PUL) said it is repulsed by the increasing instances of state security forces flogging journalists covering the news as a calculated plan to intimidate and harass the independent media, and deter them from reporting occurrences in our society. The PUL says no serious government which believes in the rule of law would countenance any spur of the minute and barbaric response like public flogging and assault of anyone, least of all a journalist – regardless of the alleged offense committed. The PUL’s statement comes in the wake of alleged repeated, unsubstantiated and ruthless beating of journalists by police officers at various incidents around the country. The PUL protested against two instances within the last one week, where journalists were reportedly harassed and assaulted as they carried out their work. In the first instance, journalists Leila Gbati of the Women Voices newspaper and Alloycious David of The News newspaper were allegedly ruthlessly beaten on Tuesday, August 19, by Police Support Unit (PSU) officers, as they were covering an event where private school teachers converged at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to draw President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s attention to the delay in the payment of their “Ebola Hardship” benefits. At this public gathering, reporter Leila Gbati was allegedly whipped while photographing scenes of the teachers’ protest, leading to the loss of her camera and wounds on her upper right body. Reporter Alloycious David was reportedly roughed up and assaulted at the same event. Likewise, an officer of the Liberia National Police only identified as Sonkalay, allegedly assaulted reporters Emmanuel Degleh and Joseph B. Sackie, while they were attending a press conference at the Kakata, Margibi Police Detachment. This new wave of flogging of journalists suggests to the Union that there is a calculated attempt to threaten journalists, and limit space for peaceful discourse. The PUL Acting President, Jallah Grayfield, said unlawful flogging is a barbaric act that has no place in any democratic society. Mr. Grayfield said “Journalists are not whipping dogs, and stressed that the Press Union is considering all legal approaches to curb the despicable conduct of state security officers against journalists in Liberia.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

Owed garbage collectors commence limited service – Solid Waste Director

first_imgSolid Waste Management Director of the Mayor and City Council, Walter Narine on Saturday announced that owed garbage collectors – Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers Disposal – have commenced working on some locations across the city while awaiting full payment from Central Government.Speaking with Guyana Times, Narine said that City Hall would have convened meetings with the contractors as it relates to the way forward in 2019. Apart from this, there were no discussions on the outstanding $160 million payments.“In terms of payments for last year, there has been no discussion. In terms of moving forward and coming back on service, we would have met with them and they would have agreed to come back and work on some areas that we identified for them. They have since commenced working on those areas,” he claimed.The Solid Waste Director noted that he is oblivious of any payment dates since the collectors would have directly spoken to Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan back in December.“The Government of Guyana would have engaged them directly. Government would have indicated as of recent that they will pay off the entire hundred percent of the bill that was owed by Council. In terms of payment dates, I don’t know.”It has been six weeks since the collectors officially pulled their services from the Council. Narine signaled that while they have resumed operations to some extent, the smaller five contractors continue to work at their respective locations.Bulkan would have met with the collectors and officials of City Hall, where it was declared that Central Government would stand the outstanding $160M by the end of 2018. This is not the first occasion to which the Government rescued the Council from drowning in debts.In November of 2017, $475M was owed to contractors and Minister of State, Joseph Harmon announced that Government would assist the Council by offering some $300M.Meanwhile, in 2016, the Georgetown Council found themselves in that same position and subsequently voted to ask the Central Government for a $600 million “bailout” to pay creditors and meet expenses.Two of City Hall’s creditors, Puran Brothers Disposal Inc and Cevons Waste Management, had threatened to suspend their services over millions owed to them by the municipality.The decision was made in the wake of uncertainty regarding the success of the “amnesty on interest owed on property rates programme”.At that time, the Auditor General, in his audit of City Hall’s operations, found no basis in the award of several contracts for the weeding of parapets, desilting of drains and cutting down trees in various areas around Georgetown since supporting documents were unavailable.At present, there has been a struggle to control the large generation of waste at markets and business hotspots with many resorting to empty land spaces to dump their waste. At the Stabroek Square, it continues to linger on parapets and bus zones.Statements provided by contractors a few weeks ago contradict the actual outcome of events. What was dubbed as credible assurances is now reduced to uncertainty in the payment arrangement.“It yielded what we believe to be credible assurances that settlement of the outstanding debt will commence very shortly. Our understanding is that the first payment will be made before the end of 2018. We have, without prejudice, accepted those assurances,” the service providers jointly announced.last_img

Damage to Aishalton main access road being assessed

first_img– Govt promises relief to residents soonOne day after it was reported that the main access road to Aishalton from Lethem, Region Nine, was cut off to residents due to the flash flooding over the weekend, the Public Infrastructure Ministry related that they were working assiduously to assess and evaluate the damage. As such, the residents of Aishalton were asked to remain patient as regional engineers consult with the Regional Executive Officer (REO) on the way forward.“The Ministry of Public Infrastructure along with the Ministry of Natural Resources understand the importance of this access road to the livelihood of the residents in and around Aishalton and jointly, the Ministries will ensure that the road will become passable in a short while. We deeply regret any inconveniences caused by this unforeseen event,” the statement added.The main access road connecting two major indigenous communities – Lethem and Aishalton – has been completely cut off as the rainy season has only just begun.Toshao of Aishalton, Michael Thomas on Monday told Guyana Times that a particular location, some 12 miles from his village, is in a deplorable state and in dire need of emergency repairs.The damage, he added, has cut off all vehicles travelling from Lethem to Aishalton, as well as seven other surrounding villages.The alternative route requires an additional 60 miles of driving. As a result of this destruction, fuel supply to the communities has decreased, the Toshao said.The situation is expected to worsen, as June month is the peak of the rainy season, which lasts until August in those areas.The location began eroding two years ago due to the rainy season, but this time around, the damage is greater. According to the Toshao, the hole in the road is two metres deep and it has become. Additionally, the culverts have broken in half.Toshao Thomas explained that in 2017, the village received assistance from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to fix the road, and last year, help was provided by the Brazilian Army which was in Guyana to drill wells in the Rupununi.This time around, the Toshao believes assistance from Central Government may be required.Minibus operators are even complaining of the deplorable state of the Linden-Lethem road, describing it as a “death trap”.The bus operators who reached out to Guyana Times on Sunday described the trail as a “death trap” and bashed the Public Infrastructure Ministry for paying zero interest in conducting long-term repairs to that trail which is the only access to those areas.The trail has been in a deteriorated state for years and worsens during the rainy seasons after which minor substandard repairs are done on certain patches and the problem continues to recur.A route 72 bus driver, Keith Daniels, on Sunday told Guyana Times that he was forced to park his minibus due to the condition of the road since the risk of making a trip is way more than the gains.“To be honest, since Wednesday I ain’t make a trip. The last trip I make last week I had to come and take my bus to the mechanic and spend a set of money which I didn’t even make. This trail just getting bad to worse. Destroying people bus.“The Government need to do better than what they are doing. The small man punishing in this place. You struggling to get load to go up and when you do, you are faced with that trash for a road. We got families to feed and we gotta pay mortgage and even pay for the same bus that destroying in that mud. This could be fair,” he argued.last_img

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