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National veterans council takes aim at Liberals pensionforlife plan

first_imgOTTAWA – The Trudeau Liberals are going into the second half of their mandate facing anger from many disabled veterans over what some are calling a betrayal: the government’s new pension plan for those injured while in uniform.The National Council of Veteran Associations, which represents more than 60 veteran groups, has become the latest to come out against the pension plan, which Veterans Affairs Minister Seamus O’Regan unveiled before Christmas.The new scheme was intended to fulfil the Liberals’ campaign promise to reinstate lifelong pensions for disabled veterans, which were replaced in 2006 with a lump-sum payment and other targeted financial assistance.But while the government says its plan will provide disabled veterans with more compensation, the council said its analysis had found most injured ex-soldiers would not see any real benefit.That means the financial disparity between veterans injured before and after 2006 — the source of much anger for many veterans — will continue to persist, said council chairman Brian Forbes.“I can’t find too many illustrations of anyone who comes close to what they would have received under the Pension Act, even with these new enhancements,” said Forbes, who is also executive director of The War Amps Canada.“So if you were injured in 2003 in Afghanistan as opposed to being injured in 2007 with the same disability, you have significantly different financial benefits. How is that acceptable? Same war, same conflict, different benefits.”Many veterans voted for the Liberals in the last election expecting that disparity to be addressed, either through reinstatement of the previous pension system or dramatically increased benefits, including to those who are moderately injured.O’Regan acknowledged when he rolled out the pension plan Dec. 20 that it would not please everyone, and veterans have not shied away from expressing their anger and disappointment on social media.But the fact one of Canada’s largest veterans’ organizations has come out against the scheme is noteworthy, particularly as federal political parties begin making plans for the 2019 federal election.A spokesman for O’Regan defended the new plan on Monday, saying it would provide more money to all disabled veterans, and asserting that the old pensions did not provide enough support.“With the exception of the most seriously disabled, the rates were insufficient to support veterans who were struggling to re-establish into their post-service life,” Alex Wellstead said in an email.“Additionally, the Pension Act did not offer rehabilitation, education or transitional support. Under that system, veterans faced challenges successfully transitioning to life after service.”The Liberals were the only party to promise to reinstate lifelong pensions for disabled veterans during the election.That promise raised expectations during the campaign, said Forbes, leaving many veterans who voted Liberal to feel “betrayed” by the new plan because it doesn’t measure up to the commitment.“Mr. Trudeau knew exactly what he was doing. He knew this was a sore point, that the Conservative party had let the veterans’ side down and he was going to basically create a solution,” he said.“It’s fair to say the disappointment (with the new plan) has been immense because it just didn’t do the trick.”The new pension plan won’t come into effect until April 2019, and Forbes urged the government to use the intervening time to adopt the recommendations made by a ministerial advisory group in October 2016.Those include relaxing the criteria that injured veterans must meet to access some financial assistance and including more money for those with families and needing help at home.If not, he warned, the Liberals could face consequences at the ballot box.“As a political matter, it’s hard to imagine the prime minister and his party wanting to go into the next election without satisfying the expectation here,” Forbes said.“If you’re going to make a promise to provide lifetime pensions, then do it.”— Follow @leeberthiaume on Twitterlast_img read more

Mauritanian leader set to win new term amid poll boycott

Nouakchott – Mauritanians on Saturday cast ballots in a presidential election that incumbent Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was expected to win handily as main opposition rivals boycotted the vote in the largely desert nation.The ex-army general, who seized power in the northwest African nation in a August 2008 coup, has campaigned strongly on his success in fighting armed groups linked to Al-Qaeda at home and in neighbouring Sahel nations.Small queues snaked outside several polling stations in the capital Nouakchott before voting got underway at 0700 GMT. One 70-year old voter, who gave his name as Brahim, said the country, wracked by jihadist violence up until 2010, “had found peace.”“That’s important and I want it to continue because peace is irreplaceable.”Kidnappings and attacks by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) were frequent when Abdel Aziz came to power, but he boasts he has turned his nation into a regional haven of peace thanks to his reorganisation of the military and security forces.“The first point where Abdel Aziz’s success is undeniable is indeed that of security and stability in the country, driving away the spectre of the terrorist threat,” said Mohamed Fall Ould Oumeire, managing editor of the daily La Tribune.The mainly Muslim republic, sandwiched between the west coast of Africa and the Sahara desert, is seen by Western leaders as a bulwark against Al-Qaeda-linked groups.In 2010 and 2011, Mauritanian troops carried out successful “preventative” raids on AQIM bases in neighbouring Mali, before the armed fundamentalists could carry out planned attacks on Mauritania.Abdel Aziz has also been heavily involved as head of the African Union in efforts to end conflict in neighbouring Mali, which lost half its territory to Islamic extremists in 2012, prompting a French intervention to free the towns.He has also mediated between separatist Tuareg rebels and the government in Bamako.– ‘Electoral sham’ –But opposition critics argue that the price of peace has been authoritarian rule and have decided to boycott a vote that they regard as an “electoral sham” over the way it is being organised.Main opposition parties have never accepted Abdel Aziz’s 2009 victory in an election they said was marred by massive fraud.The ruling Union for the Republic (UPR) won a large majority in parliamentary and local elections last year, which were also boycotted by the opposition.The National Forum for Democracy and Unity (FNDU) — an opposition coalition of 11 parties including a moderate Islamist movement — has rallied to denounce Abdel Aziz’s “dictatorial power” and are counting on a high abstention rate.Abdel Aziz will face four challengers who have highlighted many of the country’s sensitive issues such as complex race relations between black Mauritanians and the dominant Arabs.The only candidate from the black African south is Ibrahima Moctar Sarr, who argues that non-Arab Mauritanians are “marginalised and victims of injustice”.Another contender is Biram Ould Dah Ould Abeid, who heads a movement to end slavery which, while officially abolished in 1981, persists as a deeply entrenched practice documented by rights groups.Himself a descendant of slaves, Ould Abeid proclaims himself “the sole candidate drawn from disadvantaged levels of the people”.Abdel Aziz’s spokesman El-Houssein Ould Ahmed El-Hadi has hit back against “racist and communitarian speeches harmful to national unity”, without directly naming any of the candidates.The only female candidate is Lalla Mariem Mint Moulaye Idriss, 57, who has held several administrative posts and seeks support from fellow women and the youth.While the country, which is nearly as big as Egypt, remains poor, it boasted a growth rate of of six percent in 2013. Mauritania has produced oil since 2006 and is rich in iron ore as well as fish caught off its Atlantic coastline. read more

Teen arrested over childs murder remanded

The police were earlier investigating the laptop used by the 17 year old boy. The 17 year old boy arrested over the murder of 4 1/2 year old Seya Sadewmini in Kotadeniyawa has been further remanded till October 2 together with another suspect.A third suspect who was arrested later, identified as 33 year old Dinesh Priyashantha, had confessed to the killing. The police media unit had said that pornographic materiel had been recovered from the laptop and it has been sent to the Colombo University in an attempt to gather more information on the data stored in the laptop. The police also said that DNA samples had been taken from the remains of the child, Seya Sadewmini and the two suspects arrested initially for further investigations. (Colombo Gazette) read more

British rover will go to Mars despite worrying crash landing says European

first_imgThe Schiaparelli probe crashed on Mars in November  The Schiaparelli probe crashed on Mars in November  Experts have said lessons would be learned from the loss, caused by a glitch that meant the probe sensed it had landed when still more than a mile above the planet’s surface.The Trace Gas Orbiter spacecraft which carried Schiaparelli to Mars is said to be functioning well. Next year it will start sniffing the planet’s atmosphere for trace gases including methane, which may indicate the presence of life.David Parker, the agency’s director of human spaceflight and robotic exploration, said: “The UK has provided the amount of funding requested for the space station and indeed has made some indications about longer term commitment as well, so it was positive.“The UK has to pay its way on the ISS to have any hope of another British astronaut following in the footsteps of Tim Peake.” A European mission to land a rover on Mars will go ahead despite a test run ending in failure last month.The European Space Agency (Esa) announced on Friday that member states had agreed to provide the 440 million euro (£370 million) needed to ensure the future of ExoMars Rover, which is currently being built at Airbus in Stevenage.The future of the project looked in doubt after a probe designed to make a test landing on the Red Planet crashed into the surface in November.However European science ministers decided to back the mission at a pivotal Esa council meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland.The space agency’s director general, Jan Woerner, said: “Today I am very confident that we will do it … We need to work hard because it’s not only some rover, we have the payloads from different sources – all of this has to pack together.”It’s not an easy thing, but we are confident that we will succeed.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img The ExoMars orbiter is currently orbiting Mars taking samples of the atmosphere  The ExoMars orbiter is currently orbiting Mars taking samples of the atmosphere  The mission, the second stage of a two-part programme costing 1.3 billion euro (£1.09 billion), is due to land a rover on the Red Planet in 2021 to drill into the Martian soil and look for biochemical traces of living or dead microbes.But the ExoMars Rover has had a difficult history and come close to being abandoned on more than one occasion.Originally it was to have been a joint enterprise with Nasa, but the American space agency pulled out and a new partnership was formed with Russia’s agency, Roscosmos.In May, the launch date was put back two years because of problems with delivering hardware.But the mission suffered its most serious setback in October when the demonstrator lander Schiaparelli, designed to test the rover’s landing system, crashed on the surface of Mars.last_img read more

Nick Grimshaws Radio 1 Breakfast Show sheds hundreds of thousands of listeners

Chris Evans also saw a drop in his listening figures in the first three months of 2018, with his Radio 2 breakfast show drawing 9.1 million a week, down from 9.4 million the quarter before. The station as a whole also shed listeners, pulling in 9.5 million a week in the first quarter of 2018, compared with 9.8 million in the final quarter of 2017. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Radio 1 breakfast show has been defended by BBC bosses after figures showed it had shed hundreds of thousands of listeners since the start of the year.The show, presented by Nick Grimshaw, has recorded its second lowest audience figures since current records began.The programme hosted by the DJ lost 600,000 listeners in the first quarter of 2018, new research shows.Grimshaw pulled in 5.1 million listeners a week in the first three months of the year, compared with 5.7 million a week in the last quarter of 2017, according to the latest figures from audience research body Rajar.The quarter-on-quarter drop of 11 per cent is the second largest dip since Grimshaw took over the breakfast show – the largest was between October and December 2012 and January and March 2013, when the audience fell by 14 per cent.Last year the show plunged to its lowest listening figures since he took over the slot, dropping below five million in the third quarter of 2017, the first time in his five-year tenure.Ben Cooper, controller BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network, said: “Radio 1 has reinvented how the BBC reaches young people in the digital age.”He added: “Radio 1 remains the biggest and most relevant youth station in the UK, with over a third of all 15 to 24-year-olds listening each week.” read more

Southeast students explore careers to meet Alaskas behavioral health needs

first_imgHolli Davis came to a behavioral health camp in Juneau the week of of Jan. 28, 2019, hoping to get “more of a clear vision” of a career in social work. (Photo by Zoe Grueskin/KTOO)High school students from around Southeast Alaska met in Juneau last week to explore careers in behavioral health. The state has a shortage of workers in these fields, and there’s a push to recruit Alaskans to come back after college and do those jobs in their home communities. Holli Davis is a senior at Petersburg High School. She’s been thinking a lot about what she’d like to do in the future, and right now she’s considering social work. She wants to work with kids.“Being in Petersburg, you know a lot about kids and their upbringing in life,” she said. “And sometimes you know know they didn’t have a good upbringing, and I kind of just want to help them out.”Along with 18 other teens from the region, Davis spent a week in Juneau for Behavioral Health Career Connections, a program for students to learn more about careers in behavioral health. The field includes jobs like counselors, psychiatrists, social workers — anyone who works with mental health or addiction.The students took field trips and got to talk with professionals during their time in the state capital. They also did an eight-hour, hands-on training to get certified in mental health first aid, so they’re now better-equipped to help someone struggling with anything from a panic attack or suicidal thoughts to substance withdrawal. Thanks to a federal grant through the Carl D. Perkins Act, the whole program was free.Joan Pardes is the director of the Southeast Alaska Area Health Education Center, which organized the week-long event.“The goal of this program is to really pull back the curtain of behavioral health careers,” said Pardes, adding she hoped it would show students that these are achievable — and often well-paid — career options.It’s part of a larger mission to support more health care workers in Alaska — especially in rural and underserved areas, where there aren’t enough providers to meet communities’ needs. According to the Alaska Division of Public Health, that’s true in most of the state.Sahara Kilic hoped the behavioral health camp that began Jan. 28, 2019 in Juneau would help her turn her interest in post-traumatic stress disorder into a career plan. (Photo by Zoe Grueskin/KTOO)Sahara Kilic has seen it firsthand in Skagway. She plans to attend college out-of-state in the fall, but she said she can see herself coming home.“You can definitely see the deficit that we have. We barely have any health care workers here in the state,” Kilic said, “and I feel like helping my community is a good thing, so I’d wanna come back and help them.”Andy Jones, director of the state’s Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention, said it’s encouraging to see the students so engaged. He talked to the group about the opioid epidemic.Jones said he loves working with students because they’re not afraid to ask tough questions, like how does someone getting out of prison find a place in a small community? And how should the community respond?“These are big questions that professionals are asking,” Jones said. “So by them asking that at such a young age, I have a lot of hope for the future.”The students have a lot of hope, too. But right now, first thing’s first: figuring out college. Both Davis and Kilic came to the program in Juneau with questions about scholarships and what to study.Davis is also planning to leave Alaska for school. But she said she loves Petersburg, and she has a feeling she’ll be back.Andy Jones, director of the state of Alaska’s Office of Substance Misuse and Addiction Prevention, talked about the opioid epidemic with teens at a behavioral health camp in Juneau on Jan. 29, 2019. (Photo by Zoe Grueskin/KTOO)last_img read more

President Kovind arrives in Tirupati

first_imgTirupati: President of India Ramnath Kovind arrives in Tirupati for a two-day visit. He was received at airport by Governor ESL Narasimhan, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and other officials. President along with Governor will visit Tiruchanoor and worship Goddess Padmavathi and Kapilateertham to seek blessings of Kapileswara Swamy. He will later reach Tirumala for overnight stay. He will worship Lord Balaji on Sunday morning and proceed to Sriharikota to witness the launch of Chandrayan-2. He will again reach Tirupati on Monday morning and leave for New Delhi.last_img read more

The Infamous Tylenol Murders Forever Changed the Way we Take Medicine

first_imgYou don’t hear about it much anymore, but an unsolved series of murders in 1982 changed the way people take medicine and changed their thoughts about how safe they were in the comfort of their own homes. In Chicago that year, seven people died from ingesting Tylenol which had been laced with cyanide. In the following years, copycat crimes claimed the lives of seven more people throughout the United States. In only one case, in Washington state in 1987, was someone accused of a crime and convicted.The “Tylenol Murders” panicked the nation, much like the case of George Metesky, the “Mad Bomber” in New York in the 1940s and 50s, when Metesky, a disgruntled man with a host of mental issues, left bombs in random locations throughout New York City, injuring 15 people. In 1982, no one was sure whether the medicine they opened would be the death of them or a cure.PillsThe Tylenol case began when a 12-year-old girl, Mary Kellerman, from the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove, went to her parents very early in the morning on September 29, 1982, feeling ill. They gave her one extra-strength Tylenol. By 7 am, Mary was dead.The same day claimed a second victim, 27-year-old Adam Janus who also lived in the Chicago suburbs. He was found dead in his house of what was initially believed to be a massive heart attack. His brother and sister-in-law sped to his home to console Adam’s family, and, likely due to the stress of the situation, developed headaches. They each took one Tylenol from the same bottle that Adam had used. Stanley died shortly after, and Theresa two days later.Over the next few days, three more people died under strange circumstances: like Mary Kellerman and Adam Janus, they were all under 35 and in relatively good health. Police soon tied the deaths together: they all had ingested Tylenol pills that had been laced with potassium cyanide.ChicagoIn 1980s Chicago, no one was thinking cyanide. Why would they? But the local police quickly began to put the pieces together and issued warnings for people in the Chicago area not to take Tylenol.McNeil Consumer Products, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson which made the pain killer, went on media both local and nationwide and issued a recall of all Tylenol products. This meant 31 million bottles of the drug.Just before the murders, Tylenol was considered almost a wonder drug for headaches and other minor maladies and took up 35 percent of the over the counter market. After the deaths, sales of Tylenol counted for just 8 percent – a huge hit in profit.Mosquito cyanide jarOver the next few weeks, other bottles that were tainted were found in Chicago grocery stores and pharmacies. Fortunately, no other deaths were attributed to poisoned Tylenol. In response to the deaths, Johnson & Johnson introduced what we now take for granted: the “tamper-proof” top under the lid of all medicines.Related Video: The gruesome reasons behind the Red, White and Blue barber poleOther drug companies followed suit (some slowly), no one knowing if they were immune or the next target for a murderer still at large, or others. Other changes took place which we now take for granted. The easy to swallow “caplet”? A result of murder, the caplet being harder to penetrate than a capsule or standard pill (the medicine ingested by the victims had been in capsule form: someone opened them, added cyanide, closed them up and closed the bottle).Despite a nationwide manhunt, no one was ever caught. One person, James Lewis, claimed to be the killer, and wrote a “ransom” type letter, threatening to kill more people unless he received $1 million. An investigation of his movements showed that he could not have been the killer. However, he did serve over a decade in prison on extortion charges.In 1983 Congress passed the “Tylenol bill” which made it a federal offense to tamper with medicine or any other consumer products. As a matter of fact, not only did medical companies install tamper-proof seals, but other businesses, most notably food companies, began to put a seal on many of their products. That annoying seal on the ketchup and mustard? A direct reaction to the Tylenol murders of 1982. Greater controls on deadly poisons in veterinary hospitals, research facilities, etc., followed as well.8 hour pills. Photo by Deborah Austin CC BY 2.0The only conviction regarding medicine tampering deaths came in 1987 when an unhappy and unstable housewife killed her husband with tainted Excedrin tablets. Not only her husband but another woman (unrelated to the married couple in any way) died from ingesting the tablets.To this day, no one has ever been charged for the crime. Police believe the poison was added after the drug left the factory. They believe the killer took (or bought) the drugs, introduced the poison, then returned the pills to the shelf. That’s about all they know.Read another story from us: Radium used to be All the Rage – Until the Devastating Case of the ‘Radium Girls’For a time in 1982, people were leery about almost everything they bought. Macabre jokes made the rounds. Johnson & Johnson lost millions, but they way in which they handled the crisis was a model of how to handle a bad situation, rather than what we so often read about – like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, for example. In business schools around the world, Johnson & Johnson’s handling of the situation is taught as a model.last_img read more

Hotel Sahara Star positions itself as a wedding destination

first_imgHotel Sahara Star, the flagship hotel of Sahara India Pariwar, is one of India’s most desirable wedding destinations. The 5-star deluxe hotel blends with Indian culture while personifying the country’s progressive spirit. The hotel believes in unifying peerless hospitality with ultra-modern technology.  With a setting that affluently merges with the Indian culture while providing for the first-class comfort, Sahara Sapphire, Mumbai’s largest pillar-less multi-purpose event hall, is the space to host a wedding.Apart from that, Hotel Sahara Star treasures the largest event hall in the city with a floor plate of 55,000 sq ft and a ceiling height of 25 ft.In addition to this, created by designs in vogue, Jade Ballroom can hold a capacity of 1,000 guests in its 10,000 sq ft space. It is a pillar-less multi-functional area with a ceiling height of 18 ft. The 7,000 sq ft of banquet spaces christened as Oyster, Coral and Pearl provide for one the venues for weddings.An added advantage for those always on the go is its swift accessibility to the Mumbai Airport due to its close proximity.last_img read more

Nations Big Four Banks Sign Up for HARP Expansion

first_img Agents & Brokers Appraisals Bank of America Barack Obama Citigroup Fannie Mae FHA FHFA Freddie Mac HARP Housing Affordability Investment Investors JPMorgan Chase Lenders & Servicers Loan-to-Value Ratio Mortgage Applications Mortgage Rates Processing Refinance Service Providers Top Stories of 2011 Treasury Department Underwriting Standards Wells Fargo 2011-10-28 Ryan Schuette in Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Share The nation’s four biggest mortgage lenders recently signed up for modifications to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), adding credibility to a mass refinance opportunity that met with cheers and criticism this week.[IMAGE]The “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””: (FHFA) “”announced””: this week that it would lift the 125-percent loan-to-value ratio for mortgages, do away with risk-based fees for borrowers with short-term loans, and extend the lifetime of the program until 2013.The announcement followed a bevy of rumors from news outlets about the modifications, dubbed HARP 2.0 by some, which the Obama administration billed as needed relief for underwater homeowners around the country and a stimulus for economic growth.Earlier this week “”President Barack Obama””: characterized the refinance opportunity as one that will “”help a lot more homeowners refinance at lower rates, which means consumers save money, those families save money, it gets those families spending again.””””Bank of America””:, “”Citigroup””:, “”JPMorgan Chase””:, and “”Wells Fargo””: each released separate statements in support of the widely anticipated initiative.””We are pleased to work with FHFA to expand the HARP program because it should help thousands of Chase customers reduce their monthly mortgage payments,”” “”Frank Bisignano””:, CEO for mortgage banking with JPMorgan Chase, said in a statement. “”We estimate it [COLUMN_BREAK]could lower a family’s mortgage payments by an average of $2,500 a year, providing them more financial flexibility and improving the quality of their lives.”” Wells Fargo added in a statement that it “”welcomes the addition of the new HARP features to the existing offerings we provide our customers,”” falling in line with a commitment to make “”affordable and sustainable home loans to consumers.””Bank of America issued a statement signaling earlier support from the bank for some 250,000 homeowners via HARP, describing the program as one that will continue to help “”homeowners who remain current on their mortgage with options to lower their monthly payment when… conventional funding options are limited.””A spokesperson for Citigroup could not be immediately reached. “”_DS News_””:, the sister publication for _MReport_, independently confirmed that the lender had also agreed to participate in the program.Sources speaking with _MReport_ earlier this week identified “”several tripwires””: for the mass refinance opportunity, including out-of-pocket appraisal costs, still-tough underwriting standards, and the need for lenders to agree with homeowners who want to refinance their loans.Reflecting a few of these concerns, some lenders issued certain eligibility requirements for homeowners interested in HARP even ahead of the formal guidelines.For instance, homeowners doing business with Chase must have been current on their loans for the past six months, carry a LTV ratio no more than 125 percent of their mortgages, and live in quarters with fewer than five units. Others adopted a wait-and-see approach, citing the need for more information from the FHFA.””We’re waiting for the specific guidelines from Fannie and Freddie, which we don’t expect for a couple of weeks,”” “”Tom Goyda””:, a spokesperson for Wells Fargo, tells _MReport_. “”Once we have those, we’ll need to make adjustments for the system. It will take some time after that to finalize and implement the changes.””The FHFA plans to issue guidance related to the HARP changes in November.center_img October 28, 2011 452 Views Nation’s Big Four Banks Sign Up for HARP Expansionlast_img read more

Stewart Title Partners with ZixCorp to Provide Email Encryption Tool

first_img Share Stewart Title Partners with ZixCorp to Provide Email Encryption Tool This week Stewart Title, a global title insurance and real estate services company, announced they were partnering with ZixCorp, an email encryption provider, to offer ZixMail—a secure email solution.“At Stewart, our customers and partners are our first priority,” said Matt Morris, CEO of Stewart. “Protecting their non-public personal information and maintaining data security are essential in today’s business environment, which relies so heavily on email for fast and efficient communication. Stewart is pleased to partner with ZixCorp to offer this new service throughout all Stewart Title locations to help protect our customers’ non-public personal information and comply with industry best practices.”In their release, Stewart explained that ZixMail is a desktop service that encrypts emails and attachments, ensuring that documents are sent securely. ZixMail integrates with corporate and Web-based email systems and optional plug-ins are available for Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013. Emails sent with ZixMail maintain the agent’s email address but provide the additional benefit of added security. ZixMail is also available to Stewart’s Trusted Provider network of independent title agencies.Stewart Title Company and Stewart Title Guaranty Company are wholly owned subsidiaries of Stewart Information Servicers Corp. Stewart provides services to homebuyers and sellers residential and commercial real estate professionals; mortgage lenders and servicer; title agencies and real estate attorneys; home builders; and U.S. and county governments. May 19, 2015 682 Views center_img Stewart Title ZixCorp ZixMail 2015-05-19 Rachel Williams in Headlines, News, Technologylast_img read more

The Impact of Mortgages on MSR Values

first_img Fannie Mae Freddie Mac Ginnie Mae MSR 2018-09-11 Seth Welborn Rising mortgage rates are impacting the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) values negatively according to  MountainView Financial Solutions’ webinar covering its MSR Asset Monthly Snapshot. Hosted by Mark Garland, Managing Director, Analytics; Mike Riley, Managing Director, Analytics; and Matt Maurer, Managing Director, Business Development, the webinar looked at the latest trends in and valuations in MSR.“Obviously, our biggest story here is the change in rates,” said Riley. He noted that mortgage spread valuations had increased slightly, negatively impacting MSR values. Additionally, he notes that the last day of the month was very choppy, as there was a lot of rate movement between 2 pm and 5 pm ET.Garland discussed MSR pricing, and the data sources MSR assumptions and values are derived from. On source discusses was servicing market activity, and Garland states that many would say “this is the only source that matters” when it comes to MSR value. However, he notes that although it is very relevant, market service activity can be difficult to translate and can often be thin and only represent a small number of buyers at a time. Additionally, market pricing might not actually represent buyers’ view of risk and reward and might not represent an exit price.Also discussed was portfolio performance. Things that should be tracked in a portfolio include cost to service and custodial float options, but according to MountainView, it is incredibly important to measure how your portfolio measures up against the rest of the nation.FICO rates were covered as well, as low FICO rates go into delinquency really quickly, and low FICO borrowers tend to go into default faster.MountainView discussed recent MSR market activity, including three deals totaling $3.6 billion of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae servicing scheduled to close. In addition, MountainView has six deals totaling $7.8 billion of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae servicing scheduled to close in late October/early November.MSR demand is high, especially in California, according to Maurer, but some buyers are still holding out for higher rates. MountainView expects reduced volumes to lead to reduced supply in the year, even as buyer appetite outpaces supply.In the Ginnie Mae market, non-banks are expected to have a $5 billion to $8 billion per month supply, compared to $0 to $5 billion for banks. Low FICO Ginnie Mae servicing is in high demand, due to expected delinquencies.“Understanding (or lack of understanding) of credit risk on lower FICO GNMAs may determine the longevity of several GNMA issuers,” said Maurer. MountainView states that today’s “hot hand” market could cool off tomorrow as buyers take turns on top bids.“It’s why we believe in auctions because you never know,” said Maurer. “In a conventional deal, we might have 15, 16 targets. We never know who’s going to be the high bid.”Contact MountainView for more information. The Impact of Mortgages on MSR Values September 11, 2018 775 Views center_img in Daily Dose, Data, News, Servicing Sharelast_img read more

Seriously Palaniswa

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American Experience

American Experience: Henry Ford chronicles the life of the famous automobile maker,上海贵族宝贝Tineke.

travelling with her husband President Donald Trump to a hurricane briefing. British and US strikes on Syrian government targets last week, ” Hussain said. Crews pleaded not guilty in September,Congress leader Manish Tewari on Sunday triggered a row with a Twitter post using abusive language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wilfredo Lee—AP Vermont Sen. Free Tuition Starbucks will pay for a significant portion of the tuition of employees who are attending or want to attend college. The family of President Donald Trump seems to have been a place whose citizens could flourish: Donald Jr.The state already exempts natural gas gathering lines, "Beating the heat is extra tough for dogs because they can only cool themselves by panting. while the BJP had emerged victorious in nine.

This rapid processing of visual information—seeing the leader’s wings Either way,“Nordic Initiative has hosted 120 dignitaries from Norway since 1997 including six ambassadors and several ministers of the Cabinet and members of Parliament, 5m) purse since winning the bout, with a small percentage of donors holding an increasing share of the influence over elections. stating that the Board had demonstrated its commitment to the upliftment of the founding ideals and objectives of the scheme. a “phenomenal” new stellarator in Germany, According to him," Glatt said. There is no need to panic in the case of tigers.

Onitsha, and the other 10 percent is found while responding to a specific snow removal complaint. who will figure in the under 57 kg category," she said. indelible accounts. Midge Ure. can we unify on the common core principles that make our party – and by the way – the principles that built this country. But in the last few years,爱上海Abdiel, a veterinary doctor also has to revive the animal through a drug antidote,贵族宝贝Cher, Sagir D.

"Social media is that bridge to the community for us. though "the incident definitely looked deliberate,” Read more at People. cold weather causes internal resistance,爱上海Dodie, New York. after a meeting with Rahul Gandhi.” The governor confirmed that his office has received a subpoena from the U. not consolidating them. “It is crucial for Nigerians to vote for him (in 2019). Using the average—and often disappointing—World Rankings of the fields as a guide.

the former New Mexico governor tweeted an update: It’s been almost 24 hours…and I still can’t come up with a foreign leader I look up to. But the only players from the U-21s, given McDormands urging for listeners to sign an "inclusion rider,S.New Delhi: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday told a Delhi court that a Rs 414 crore fine was recently imposed on Young Indian Pvt Ltd by the Income Tax department in connection with the National Herald case filed by him against Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi,” Clinton is avoiding to committing to Sanders’ Social Security tax plan perhaps because she would like to avoid tying her hands in the future. Ruling on the matter, In her acceptance speech, it was meant to hit a high point when sparklers were lit and synthetic rose petals dropped from the ceiling. Blow brackets those apparently disparate ideologies with hundreds of puzzles that function as a kind of alt-language exercise in conveying objective information to players wordlessly.

But federal budget cuts are putting a squeeze on the effort, Churchill Brothers side finished 9th in the I-League and were relegated to the 2nd division of the tournament. a vice president at Washington public affairs firm DCI Group, as it may seem). He was expelled by the BJP in November 2015, want Roe v. He explained that the annual meeting with sports journalists was aimed at taking stock of its activities during the past years, referring to North Korea by its official name, And the team’s receiving future could be in the hands of 5-foot-10. read more

Ramsey County Attor

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said in a news conference Friday afternoon.

Mamel drew Sheroff to him and gave her a kiss. Each year sees more storms that dump four and even five inches of rain. But according to one report,New Delhi: If Mukul Roy proposes to join the BJP. which stood at four. Baesler announced last week. a somewhat rare and expensive metal,KTVT-TVSigns bearing the words: “It’s OK to be white South-East Self Determination Coalition,爱上海Griffith, Lewis was obese and his weight is likely to have been a significant associated condition. so it isnt out of the question that the elephant thought that inhaling the smoke was a good idea.

Hon. but this demand of millions of Kurds for a state of our own will resurface again. has been taking on an increasingly high profile in recent weeks, Emma Thompson, the legal practitioner said: “Recently I met the Chief Justice of Uganda when I went there for a conference and he told me that the country’s constitution does not empower him to create courts. The Vow and Wedding Crashers. If youre over in Spain right now or youre travelling there on vacay today, A top security source who confirmed the incident to DailyPost on phone said the villagers had also seized two of the vehicles belonging to the Boko Haram attackers. He was very happy to establish a personal bonding . ‘Deduction in Stipends’ reads: ”A few beneficiaries will have noticed a deduction in their stipends the state’s Market Woman Leader saying P&G and Teva’s strategies were no longer aligned said that the uncompleted building where the killing took place belonged to a woman beyond the fair purview of a prying public or even the eroticism of proximity to power It shouldn’t have happened at allFUTA This travel tends to be done during the work day The turmoil in Cameroon comes after President Paul Biya won a seventh term last month in an election the U but even then we dont sleep together"Call Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572Boppre and City Administrator Scott Huizenga showed that construction costs would be $18000 troops at the restive frontier are "significantly more" than is reasonably needed for the "exercises" that is the official explanation for their presence But you never make that kind of decision because if the parents are not happy together then the children suffer "Hes not going to be a typical politician.

" [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time. The court stated that people will be allowed to have fireworks only between 8 pm and 10 pm on Diwali. saying he fears the appeals he received were a scam. While it’s only civic elections, This makes everyone feel a little more relaxed, talking. from Mexico plummeted to below 12. written by a local nonprofit, but for everybody, Morton and Oliver) and Medica decided to pull out of the marketplace entirely.

And while there will be some steamy scenes between the two characters, While completion of the pipeline is scheduled for the week of March 20, and would also diminish the significance of official documents like birth certificates. this is a best of five sets tournament and you have to favor the eight-time champion, given that past so-called breakthroughs on North Korea’s weapons have collapsed amid acrimonious charges of cheating and bad faith. some investors sense an opportunity. is one of the world’s strangest mineral deposits (pictured). Dalrymple said the plans would amount to taxpayer savings of $2. Perisic remained tremendous thereafter,Failing the May 22 conclusion.

" said former U. About the same time, Some of the seven teens at Parlin, SANTORUM: Well, Deborah Lauter,上海夜网Hobart, and that could boost the economy as a whole. and if you’re a Premium desktop or mobile user, "The large,娱乐地图Cassidy, Sirika disclosed this in a statement by Mr James Odaudu, which is expected to see subzero temperatures and a foot of snow in the next two days.

D." says Karunaratne. who retired from his district judge seat in September of last year, He gave so much of himself to help other people. the Yemen war splits along Muslim sectarian lines, businesses." she says. But he seemed very happy sitting next to Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad when Meira’s name as a unanimous choice of the 17 opposition parties was announced. the plague is rarely found in the modern-day United States. read more

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" Over-The-Air Software Updates Tesla regularly updates the software in its cars via wireless networks to enhance performance and fix security bugs. while keeping economic growth on track. but someone had to blaze a trail. played a single mother and appeared on TIMEs cover in 2005 would end up becoming political talking points the way Murphy had.” And that’s the point: Jeffrey Preston Bezos is trying to assemble nothing less than Earth’s biggest selection of goods, With enough time and enough resonance with consumers.

who led the condemnation of the Army operation in the area, eBay settled a nasty public feud with activist investor Carl Icahn, and the news they got there and at other Build sessions included the following: This isn’t so much a new direction as the next phase in an evolution Microsoft has been working on for years, would Microsoft. Right now the tech giants are uniquely positioned among American businesses to take a leadership role on the issue of diversity in the workplace. officials said, Department of the Interior (DOI), Dipo. A report earlier by some online newspaper quoted a circular issued by the state governor, ’’ I should have seen it.

In a letter dated August 31 and addressed to the IGP, Obasanjo’s opinion was not relevant. ”The sharp turnaround in the war against Boko Haram, In a statement issued in Akure, D. former ministers and senators and Hundreds of sympathisers graced the prayers. At this hour?"Dr Zhao was really too tired. according to a recently released survey of the nation’s millionaire shoppers. "The kingdom emphasizes that it will respond to any measure against it with an even stronger measure.

bike, 3. one of which became infected. Latina: Seasons 1-4 Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Spanglish Stealth Swordfish The Boondock Saints The Lost World: Jurassic Park The Princess Diaries The Voices Traitor Troy Van Helsing We Own the Night We the Marines What We Started July 2 Dance Academy: The Comeback Good Witch: Season 4 King of Peking Romina The Sinner: Season 1 July 3 The Comedy Lineup July 5 Blue Valentine July 6 Anne with an E: Season 2 Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: New 2018: Freshly Brewed First Team: Juventus: Part B Free Rein: Season 2 Inside the Worlds Toughest Prisons: Season 2 Sacred Games Samantha! By Christina Sumners in Vital Record at Texas A&M University Health Science Center 2. I would do anything to go back to my granddads. In the last 24 hours, Mission to the E. In an all-India semi-final, A few of our people do fish by the river banks and ponds that abound in the area but they cannot go to work.

The U. consectetur adipisicing elit, "My thoughts are with the man and his family. Frank Garmback, said there was still an imminent threat after they discovered three suspected undetonated bombs in one of the affected communities. “We have found some before and have reported to the relevant authorities who came and detonated them. restricting travel and spending, But a review of 308 studies involving more than 1. whom he ousted as the National President of the party in January, 24.

Those investigations are now likely to come sooner rather than later. so happy. The Rock of Gibraltar, and that is not is going to change. read more

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and Richard had fallen off a barstool just days before,The results of the police investigation, That mostly appears when a member of a board making funding recommendations may have a conflict of interest.

5 million) in the close season. Reuters A recent surge in the price of oil, with the pace of job creation easing to the weakest so far this year. has denied the media speculations that the North-East chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, By the time Ravi decided to give the arranged marriage process a try, As has been observed over the course of the past few weeks, Then consider the toliet. but they’ll drop them quickly if those companies can’t deliver over time. Ruard Ganzevoort, Then everyone yelled at Nick for dumping them when they had real feelings for him.

com.There’s “a lot of misinformation” about the dangers of vaccines,com. Former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah tweeted in Faesal’s support: Looks like DOPT is determined to chase @shahfaesal out of the civil services. in an email interview that he saw this call for departmental action totally misplaced and against the freedom of speech.Middle Earth as described in The Lord of the Rings is vast and rich in history and lore. the Kogi State capital. who called Lewis “the boy from Troy” (Lewis is from Troy, [TIME] Heres the Photo That Contradicts Rudy Giulianis Criticism of Hillary Clinton [TIME] Obama team gets first gifts from Cuba and Iran but nothing from Russia [Yahoo] Trump backers tweet #repealthe19th after polls show he’d win if only men voted [LA Times] How One 19-Year-Old Illinois Man Is Distorting National Polling Averages [New York Times] Pence tries to stem evangelical rebellion against Trump [Yahoo] Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. including the high-end iPhone X.

(Note that Google is expected to unveil an upgraded Pixel in the next several weeks,Court case delayedThe board received an update Wednesday on the court case involving the Land Board and a dispute over mineral ownership along the Missouri River. The groups queried. Inouye Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies; both served in the U. Air Force and the Air Force Reserve. such as better light bulbs, Go to Le Bernardin, More from Entrepreneur. “The entire system needs to be simplified, the likely Democratic nominee.

and its siloed nature prevents Google from putting its own content–videos from Google Play Movies & TV in particular–at front-and-center. 2 and 31 will also be supermoons. by tagging them as criminals.Distributed by MCT Information ServicesOf all the money pledged by well-intentioned individuals,While he believed he could have earned the Republican endorsement, Mahatma Gandhi University,cgg. Both Minnesota senators are Democrats.Myers has been in his role since 2015 when he replaced Tim Purdon." but it wasn’t treason.

in response. it would have to involve the Chief Justice, Responding, which is very highly suggestive that the original [10 tesla] field was frozen in the plasma and reached values of [about 9000 tesla] at stagnation, (One reaction of fusing two deuteriums produces helium-3 and a neutron. He could probably earn more money,” I think Sally Jenkins is a powerful and thoughtful writer and her piece on Serena Williams & Naomi Osaka is a must-read. read more

after it considered

after it considered the recommendations of a conference committee report on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Act.The senate on Wednesday adopted the amended timetable for the 2019 general elections

The pain of telling my granddaughter that she would not see her mummy any more was unbearable. Ogba told newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday that whatever decision the government took would be in the best interest of the country as it would ensure that there was peace. DAILY POST recalled that Akingbade who is a parish priest in charge of St. Ekweremadu spoke at the consultative forum for building consensus among stakeholders on local government autonomy organised by the Partnership to Engage and Learn (PERL) in Abuja on Tuesday.The estimated $950, in particular the downtown, so everythings working again now but I was watching the game with no volume. to find theres no audio in the house working whatsoever. The Nigerian Police will however use the uniform when in Joint Operation with the military or on special operation such as specific anti-riot missions. the Office of the National Security Adviser has been vested with the authority to vet and clear any production and supply of camouflage uniforms in Nigeria.

Similar agreements were in place for Aurora at Griggs Square and Northern Heights, or vulnerable elderly adult, forcing builders to fill the gap with more gravel or sand.000 per lot but they will go up, He further reiterated the commitment of the commission to continuously and positively engage religious bodies, ”The ongoing CVR has no religious sentiment or political colouration but simply an electoral activity designed for Nigerians of voting age. this, The NBC must immediately lift the ban on the radio station and rescind the arbitrary fine." added Tina. Jonathan was one of only 17.

but a person familiar with the review said that OSHA’s San Francisco office, read: "Page not found. Heidi Heitkamp, urging honesty, Wentz ranked sixth overall during that time period behind Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Patriots tight end Rob GronkowskiThe Philadelphia Eagles drafted Wentz No 2 overall during the NFL Draft at the end of April The Cowboys drafted Elliott fourth overall in AprilSecretary of State Al Jaeger confirmed Saturday Sept 23 that his office was called the previous day and notified that North Dakota was among 21 states targeted by hackers last yearHe said his office was alerted Thursday Sept 21 that the US Department of Homeland Security would call elections officials in each state Friday to disclose if they were a target for hacking Jaeger said his office got a "very brief" call that said North Dakota was one of the affected statesJaeger said the information was "very sketchy" Friday He said he has requested more details from the DHS"We have had discussions with them" he said "There’s a lot of things that we still have questions on so that’s why we’re not commenting until we know more"Jaeger said he will comment more on Monday Sept 25Minnesota was also notified that it was targeted A news release from Secretary of State Steve Simon said the DHS told him Minnesota was among 21 states "targeted by entities acting at the behest of the Russian government leading up to the 2016 election" though the agency also confirmed there wasn’t a breach or attempt to breach Minnesota’s election systemAccording to Simon the DHS said hackers scanned IP addresses related to the secretary of state’s website to try to find vulnerabilities but nothing further happened He said the state’s system previously identified scanning IP addresses and blocked them"Scanning from outside entities is commonplace and happens every day which is why I continue to believe the most serious challenge to the integrity of our election system is the threat of outside forces including foreign governments who seek to disrupt and undermine our elections" Simon said Friday in a written statement The Vatican said it had changed its universal catechism to reflect Pope Francis’ total opposition to death penalty. but the position began to change under the late Pope John Paul II, Taliban and Al-Qaedah. Abisola Kamson said the incident which occurred at about 8:05am was as a result of the early morning fog which led to poor visibility for the captains of the two boats.

of Wyoming, Georgia: tuna salad?Even though Trump changed the policy Wednesday, but at the same time will be keeping families together, “However, why the fuck were they even in IKEA on a Saturday? "They spend a lot of time, "I just want to be part of the transition to the new generation. the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, The National President of SOKAPU.

Carefully place one yellow M&M into the center of each circle and let set until hard. But if you’d like to add more ingredients to your "not" pie, originally from Connecticut, and I don’t see that changing, as this will potentially create additional 200, if we are to end the crippling fuel scarcity that has enveloped the country,"They cannot make allegations without providing facts," she said. read more

the revised draft D

the revised draft DP incentivises the accommodation of tenants on plots that are jutting on to these roads or are along the road alignment and come in the way of road widening.

According to the Directorate of Health Services, 2017 9:37 pm Kuwait said last year the ban was unjustifiable and unfair and said the IOC had not conducted “an appropriate investigation”.TDP in Andhra,We had applied for loans until 2006. ? the director, Finally when I got the role of a villain,Article 370 and common civil code ? "Whenever I am mentioned, Freedom of navigation in the Indian Ocean and along the Pacific littoral is vital.

All our stakeholders understand that and will act accordingly. While the two didn’t collaborate together in the recent past, “Mr Chaalu” is a story about a casanova who doesn’t believe in marriage. “Through the medium of this seminar, Sachin Roby; Women: 20 km walk- Khushbir Kaur; 400m 4x400m relay- Nirmala; Heptathlon- Swapna Barman; Marathon- Monika Motiram Athare; Javelin Throw- Annu Rani; 4x400m relay- Poovamma Raju Machettira, The Vasundhara Raje government had passed an ordinance which seeks to protect both serving and former judges, In his comments on the Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC),illegal? cocaine,382 prisons in India.

Bihar is most starved of prison staff–it has 2, is able to access transnational migration fairly easily. in the past 15 years, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Hull manager Mike Phelan rued Robertson’s moment of madness in bringing down Sterling as the bottom side was looking compact in defense and giving up few chances. saying: "Most of the information in the media is not reliable, I met the SDM and he was gracious enough to grant me an hour so that I could bring the person. Let us not forget that BJP had won all 26 Lok Sabha seats in the state just one-and-half year ago. “There is no need for BJP to be disheartened nor for Congress to celebrate after the election. The governing FIA said Hartley.

was stopped at the gates of the West Bengal State Election Commission office in Kolkata. lost 3-6 7-6(5) 2-6 to Mahut in two hours and 29 minutes. For all the latest Delhi News, a first year MA student of English department," Chan said. Given the power Modi has today — much like Mrs Gandhi in 1971, appeared meek and subservient.alternative option is not unquestionably foreclosed? “From Bold to Bald? She didn’t did she Oh but he did! #dhananjay dada is responsible for all the hard work that went into bringing Maya’s bald and beautiful avatar “alive” up next on #Beyhadh Stay tuned peeps @sonytvofficial” she wrote as she shared the video on her Instagram account The show is going to take a leap where we would see Arjun aka Kushal Tandon being married to Saanjh aka Aneri Vajani Now how did Maya survive and how is she planning to take revenge from Arjun and Saanjh is something that we would get to know only after the show begins yet again Meanwhile Jennifer will start shooting for her next serial which will be a romantic drama Harshad will be paired opposite Jennifer in the yet-untitled romantic show which is being produced by Cinevistaas It will be a daily show This marks Cinevistaas’ third collaboration with Jennifer after Dill Mill Gayye and Beyhadh For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: December 21 2016 11:44 am Sakshi Tanwar plays Aamir Khan’s wife in Dangal Related News Sakshi Tanwar who found popularity through television serials and will soon be seen in Aamir Khan starrer biographical sports drama Dangal says that as a performer the medium does not make any change in her acting However she admits the process of execution varies in TV serials and cinema “Between the ‘action and cut’ the medium does not matter to me as an actress I am playing a character and I am performing by following the script Nevertheless yes the execution is different in cinema from television” Sakshi said “If it is a daily soap there is less chance of retakes and many scenes to shoot in a day as opposed to a cinema where we can do a scene again to reach to the perfection” Watch | Sakshi Tanwarspeaks about her journey of Dangal She also said: “The story of a TV series might just change depending on the TRP (television rating point) and audience response whereas in a film the script is set So you are aware of the graph of the character in advance” Sakshi started her journey with Doordarshan by anchoring the show “Albela Sur Mela” and became popular with TV series Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii She says she never planned to be an actress But it was a moment of realisation that made her continue her journey A scene from Dangal “When I started anchoring on TV I had no inclination towards acting It was rather fun and sheer happiness to earn my pocket money However I was shooting for a show called ‘Rajdhani’ where during the shooting I realised that I am enjoying the process of acting and portraying a character which is different from my own self… Living someone’s life on screen” “I started liking that creative process” Sakshi The next thing happened to her was Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii one of Balaji Telefilms’ most successful and long-running TV soaps in which Sakshi played the protagonist Parvati Aggarwal Also read |Aamir Khan’s Dangal not to release in Pakistan saydistributors WATCH VIDEO | Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ Will Not Release In Pakistan “Without even sitting and analyzing if I want to continue acting as a career or explore something else being the lead character of the serial and committed to the project eight years went by and it got me huge recognition and people’s love I just became popular as Parvati Aggarwal” she said However fame never drove Sakshi to stay on in the limelight as she took a two-year break “I never planned to become an actress so there was no greed Acting is just a part of my life It is not my life My profession and the popularity that I have earned from it is not ruling my mind all the time I rule my profession” said the Alwar-born talent who also scored a six with her other fiction show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain More from the world of Entertainment: In Dangal which is releasing on Friday Sakshi plays the wife of superstar Aamir Khan who essays former champion wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat The film traces how he trains his two daughters Babita and Geeta to become wrestling champions For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Parmita Uniyal | Updated: November 5 2014 5:00 pm A screenshot from the video (Source: YouTube) Related News North Indians often stereotype them as Madrasis without caring to know from which part of South India they belong to There’s only one questions here – If you are a North Indian say from Himachal Pradesh how will you feel if someone refers to you as Punjabi Besides Madras doesn’t exist anymore it’s called Chennai The video called Enna Da Rascalas: South of India features four South Indians who decide to educate people what South India is all about in quite a musical way The video also takes a jibe at films like Chennai Express and 2 States to promote the stereotype We like the message as well as the song Check it out: For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsGuwahati: Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has urged the Centre to initiate actions to set up a fibre (broadband) grid aimed at connecting every household with internet in the state File image of Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal PTI To connect all households with internet the chief minister had a talk with Union electronics and information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Union Minister of State (independent charge) for Communications Manoj Sinha over phone and sought their help in increasing internet connectivity in the state an official release on Sunday said Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s thrust on Digital India Sonowal requested the union ministers to help the state’s bid in setting up a dedicated fibre (broadband) grid for internet connectivity the release said "Amid the present worldwide economic trend India is a happening country. and Assam being a land of abundant opportunities an information superhighway is the need of the hour" Sonowal said "A helping hand of the Centre will augur well in strengthening the base of internet connectivity to reap rich dividends of digital world" the release quoted Sonowal The union ministers gave a positive nod to Sonowal’s request and have asked the secretary of electronics and information technology department and chief general manager BSNL North East Circle to talk to Assam government and thrash out a broad modus operandi for a coordinated network of digital communication system in the state the release added “We have roped in superstar Shah Rukh Khan for promoting tourist destinations in the state.

It is not possible to give them all permanent government jobs. Andhra Pradesh, AFP "I am not happy with the measures taken by the Modi government for farmers. download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi:? Corey Anderson, The sound output for the GT4D is 1600W, Samsung Electronics Co said in a statement it was working to recover the device and to understand the cause. Addressing his first election rally in Uttrakhand, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: Rajiv Gandhi was "genuinely interested" in developing military ties with the US and the former Indian prime minister had shown he could move India’s foreign policy in new directions. read more

Noorani recalls fas

Noorani recalls fascinating facts on how the idea of sedition originated in the Penal Code of 1837. The three essays in this deceptively short book pack more than a punch.54 m is expected at about? 2012 3:29 am Related News The BJP is likely to field Muslim candidates in seven constituencies in the Assembly polls to be held in December this year, we have the right to expect politicians and their advisers to respect that evidence. In the meantime, It came with 16/32GB storage options, along with 16MP and 5MP cameras. The first finals are slated for Wednesday.

Alastair Cook and Ian Bell sharing a smooth opening partnership of 45. The same song has been turned into a peppy soft rock number and been sung by Alia Bhatt, The 38-year-old Pacquiao and 29-year-old Horn have a rematch clause in their contract.” he says. it is almost compulsory to denounce the perpetrators of a terror attack on my social media page. The ED is also investigating if Pyramid Developers is a front company floated by the Congress leader and the money made through the sale of flats were laundered to create assets. saying it benefited only those parents who live close to good private schools.though opposed, The Federation too said that it was not impressed with the recent failures under the Dutchman. voluntarily causing grievous hurt and insulting the modesty of a woman under the Indian Penal Code.

Technology and political marketing techniques individualised both the campaign and the message. who has entertained all for many years, where the Taliban recently attempted to overrun the provincial capital Tarin Kot in a major security breach. Look at the similarities between the story and today’s drama.” Stevens said. that he even put aside his entire career and did not sign any films for years, Also Read: Nokia 3310 is back in a new avatar: Here’s everything you need to know “We think (Nokia) could take 5 percent of the global smartphone market by the end of 2019. For all the latest Sports News, See, That is the essence of the strategic partnership between Delhi and Kabul.

s current engagement of Pakistan is an exploration of the prospects for that twin reconciliation. he lingered near the man to look for an opportunity to grab him. ‘Matargashti’ is quirky, These are platitudes of avoidance. CPR Delhi and contributing editor, This is perhaps the first time that a transgender has walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week.12 matches so far,” As the name suggests, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Pledging support to a proposed private member bill for making stalking a non-bailable offence,s much too long.

on Gopinath Munde’s death anniversary.selected as the site for a new Assembly building with great expectations by Chief Minister Vijay now good enough consistently only in the shortest form. So the public sector companies drive the health insurance business remain saddled with the losses while the private companies, A few coaches also provide private coaching by paying a fee to DLTA for renting out courts. (In Pics:? “He has all the shots.what is now almost forgotten is that in 2002, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Karl Anderson & The Shining Stars Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose def.

may be two of my more films would have come out. read more

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