The Five Highest Rated Women CEOs on Glassdoor

first_imgToday, Glassdoor announced the 50 Highest Rated CEOs of 2015 in five categories and one major point caught us by surprise when reviewing the winners—the lack of women. In this blog post, we decided to dig in to the category that honors CEOs whose companies have at least 1,000 employees or more in the U.S. to find out where the women are.We discovered several women nearly made the cut—in fact of the five women featured below, all were just a few percentage points shy from appearing on this annual list. CEOs who did earn the award have between 88% and 97% approval rating based on feedback from U.S. employees over the past year.Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors – 86% approvalMary Barra was named CEO of General Motors on January 15, 2014—since then, she’s gained the support of her workforce earning high ratings on Glassdoor. Among U.S.-based employees over the past year, Barra has garnered an 86% approval rating, and the company is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars overall on Glassdoor.Here’s what a few employees had to say about how Barra is leading the company:“New CEO seems to be doing her best to build the company and regain customer’s trust by changing the culture.” – General Motors Group Leader (Lansing, MI) “There is a real top management commitment to develop great products, provide a good working environment for employees, act with transparency and contribute to the communities where they operate.” – General Motors Employee (location n/a)“CEO is doing a great job.” – General Motors Employee (Austin, TX)Pamela M. (Pam) Nicholson, CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car – 84% approvalWhen she was appointed CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in June of 2013, Pam Nicholson became the highest-ranking woman, not only at Enterprise Holdings, but also in the entire $20-billion U.S. car rental industry. On Glassdoor, Nicholson garners an 84% approval rating among U.S. based employees over the past year, who rated Enterprise as 3.2 out of 5 stars during the same time period.Enterprise Rent-A-Car employees have had this to say about Nicholson and the senior leadership team:“Upper management in St. Louis is amazing and strives to succeed and help out every level of employee.” – Enterprise Rent-A-Car Senior Accountant (St. Louis, MO)“I love the people I work with! It’s not intimidating at all to reach out to upper management and there’s so much support from them!” – Enterprise Rent-A-Car Assistant Manager (location n/a)“I enjoy that I have met all the upper management in my region and we constantly have company get togethers that get us on first name basis.” – Enterprise Rent-A-Car Management Trainee (location n/a)Kay Krill, CEO of Ann Taylor – 84% approval               As CEO of Ann Taylor, Kay Krill also receives consistent thumbs up from her employees as those based in the U.S. have given her an 84% approval rating over the past year, and rated the company 3.4 stars out of 5. They not only praise her, but also the management team she’s cultivated.Ann Taylor employees noted:“Upper management truly makes you feel inspired and eager to come to work every day.” – Ann Taylor Store Manager (New York, NY) “Most upper management are very supportive of this merchant mindset as long as you have a business case for what you’re doing.” – Ann Taylor LOFT Store Manager (Chicago, IL)“Management has been very entrepreneurial and encouraging.” – Ann Taylor Sales Lead (location n/a)Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin – 83% approval         After spending 30 years of her career at Lockheed Martin, Marillyn Hewson became the CEO in 2013 and has since inspired the company’s 112,000+ employees worldwide. Employees give Hewson an 83% approval rating and rate the company 3.5 out of 5 stars. Beyond these high marks, employees also have high praise for the entire executive team.Lockheed Martin employees write:“Executive leadership is very communicative, efficient, respected and respectful; worth following and learning from.” – Lockheed Martin Employee (Marietta, GA)“Upper management always interested in employee feedback, new ideas and works to implement the best of those into operations. Everything extra you give is valued.” – Lockheed Martin Senior Engineer (Rockville, MD)“Young females and female minorities are given every opportunity and second chances to excel at Lockheed Martin.” – Lockheed Martin Employee (Denver, CO) Sharen Turney, CEO of Victoria’s Secret Stores – 83% approvalFrom small town farm roots in Oklahoma to her current role as CEO of the international brand Victoria’s Secret Stores, Sharen Turney earned an 83% approval rating among U.S.-based employees over the past year. Her employees also rate the company above average on Glassdoor, giving it 3.3 out of 5 stars for the same time period.Victoria Secret employees share:“Really great leadership from executives in the company.” – Victoria’s Secret Product Manager (San Francisco, CA)“Keep doing what you’re doing! I love the company and the mission. VS is continually progressing and increasing it’s market share.” – Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate (Houston, TX)“Senior leadership gives clear, concise and relevant direction. Leadership in this company has so much drive and passion.” – Victoria’s Secret Store Manager (location n/a)Do you think your CEO should be honored as one of the best? Share a company review on Glassdoor, and provide feedback on how you think your CEO is doing in terms of leading the company and put them in the running for next year’s awards.last_img read more

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The Arizona Cardinals have bandwagon fans Really

first_imgThe Arizona Cardinals have bandwagon fans.Really, they do. According to a study by a couple of smart people at Emory University, a look at the NFL from 2001 to 2013 yielded that the Cardinals have the most bandwagon fans in the NFL.“The winner, or maybe that should be the loser, of this ranking is the Arizona Cardinals,” the piece says.Loser? Really? This should be cause for celebration.I mean, the Cardinals — the ARIZONA CARDINALS — have a bandwagon. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Ask anyone who grew up in Arizona during the 90s and sat in the heat and on the metal bleachers watching terrible football if they ever thought that would happen. Hoped, maybe. But thought? Doubtful.Remember, there’s a reason the team’s “State of Football” video is so cool — it’s accurate.In 2001, the first year of the study, the highest attendance number the Cardinals posted was 47,239, which they drew in a season-opening loss to the Denver Broncos. In 2013, their lowest home figure was 60,034, which was the total in a Week 2 win over the Detroit Lions. Twenty years ago the only way the Cardinals would sell out a home game was if the Dallas Cowboys or another one of the league’s popular teams was in town. Now, all they have to do is have a home game.And that’s due to the ever-growing bandwagon.Now, it’s understandable that some of you, the folks who sat through the blistering heat week after week, season after season, would be offended by the very notion that the Cardinals have bandwagon fans.But that study is not talking about you, the die-hard who has “earned” the fruits the Cardinals franchise is now starting to bare. It’s talking about the fans who remember Cardinals history all the way back to Edgerrin James and Kurt Warner, the ones who got on board with the team once it moved into that shiny stadium in 2006. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories ErrorOK… ErrorOK When you look around University of Phoenix Stadium next season, though, will you be able to point those fans out? Will you look down on them if their first red jersey says “Fitzgerald” or “Leinart” instead of “Centers” or “Plummer”? Well, maybe if it says Leinart, but that’s a separate issue entirely.The truth is, while there should absolutely be some level of pride and even achievement for someone who has been a fan since the SDS days, there is nothing wrong with anyone who is a recent addition to Cardinals fan hood. Provided they stick around, of course.Some of the people who proudly wear Cardinals gear these days will trade it in for some other team’s gear if and when the Cardinals begin to struggle, and those kind of “fans” are the scourge of the sports world. But chances are the vast majority of new Cards fans are not of that ilk; instead, they were either too young to really be fans or had just been waiting for the right time to finally go all-in with the franchise. Assuming the Cardinals continue on their current trajectory, there is no reason to think their fan base won’t continue to grow. Many of those who hopped onto the bandwagon will in turn raise die-hards, and sooner or later you’ll have an incredibly loud, strong, and passionate base. That’s how it works. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires But more than anything, the idea that the Cardinals have a bandwagon is great because of the most simple of reasons, one that should bring a smile to every Arizona fan’s face:Bad teams don’t have bandwagons. Comments   Share   Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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