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first_img LOS ANGELES — Former first lady Michelle Obama and a host of celebrities will join thousands of students to celebrate college signing day.Obama, Conan O’Brien, Kelly Rowland, Bebe Rexha, Jesse Williams, Usher, Pentatonix, La La Anthony, Don Cheadle, and other entertainers and athletes are slated to gather on the UCLA campus on May 1 to commemorate the day that high school students choose to pursue higher education. Events also are planned throughout the U.S.This will mark Obama’s sixth college signing day that she has celebrated with Reach Higher. As first lady, Obama used the Reach Higher initiative to inspire high school students to continue their education by attending college, a training program, or joining the military.The Associated Press by The Associated Press Posted Apr 23, 2019 10:28 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This This Dec. 19, 2018, file photo shows former first lady Michelle Obama speaking as she is interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker during an appearance in New York. Obama, Conan O’Brien, Kelly Rowland, Bebe Rexha, Jesse Williams, Usher, Pentatonix, La La Anthony, Don Cheadle, and other entertainers and athletes are slated to gather on the UCLA campus on May 1 to commemorate the day that high school students choose to pursue higher education. Events also are planned throughout the U.S. This will mark Obama’s sixth college signing day that she has celebrated with Reach Higher. As first lady, Obama used the Reach Higher Initiative to inspire high school students to continue their education by attending college, a training program, or joining the military. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, File) Michelle Obama headlines college signing day event at UCLAlast_img

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13 Signs You Need Work-Life Rebalancing

first_imgIllegitimi non carborundum is a mock-Latin phrase that means “Don’t let the ba***rds grind you down.” Born in the trenches in the second World War and used heavily in the 1964 political campaign, this silly bit of humor is what you say to a colleague when you’re just “hanging in there.” In many economic circumstances, you simply do what you have to do in order to survive.Work-life balance is a contemporary notion invented by people with cushy jobs who hate their commute. The idea is that there should be more to work than life and that life is incomplete when it is built exclusively around work. This is the wonderland of people who pay their bills regularly and work for a company that gives vacation days and health insurance.It’s tempting to say that you need work-life balance to the precise extent that you hate your job. But, that’s not really it. When you let your work become the only thing in your life, you are taking a significant personal risk if it turns out that you hate it.Balancing what you do for money and what you do to live is a constantly moving target. At different times of life, there are radically different pressures. What works to make sense of life changes as the circumstances change.When things go out of whack, it’s usually because the pressures have stacked up. It’s easy to miss the fact that you are out of balance because it happens over an extended period. Sometimes, you need some life to balance your work. Sometimes you need some work to balance your life.The first step involves coming to understand that you have a problem.Here are 13 symptoms that you’ve lost your work-life balance. If you have more than two or three, it’s time to do something differently:Everyone in your life appears to need an exorcismYour subordinates are screwing things up and it’s all their faultYou lose your temper easilyPeople tell you that you seem angry and you don’t know what they meanYou’ve stopped exercisingYou wake up still feeling tiredYou’re drinking moreYou’re eating moreYou’re waking up in the middle of the nightt (multiple times)You’ve become an expert in knowing what’s wrong with everyone elseYou haven’t been sleepingMore idiots than usual are on your commuteYou feel compelled to fix things and people. They all seem to need itThe big indicators that something is wrong with you look a lot like something is wrong with your friends, family, colleagues or the world at large. The more out of whack you are, the more it feels like you are really, really right.If you find yourself in this position, where you know you’re really, really right and the world seems populated with enemies, you are either Steve Jobs or in serious trouble. Most likely it’s the latter.The situation (usually known as having ‘one’s head up one’s behind’ (otherwise known as Anal Occulitis) is a common human experience. You can’t have a problem balancing your work and your life unless you are trying to do something. It’s an occupational hazard. Here are five things you can do to get your head back out into the light and fresh air:Call your mentor (you DO have one, right?) Tell him or her that the world has been overtaken by demons and you need a quick head pull. This tool works if you both know that you have a problem and are willing to let someone else in on it.Take a long walk. It’s hard to keep your head up there after five or six miles. Eventually, you’ll start to notice that there are trees, sunlight and other interesting things on your route.Practice breathing exercises. A simple one is to breathe in to a slow count of six and out to a slow count of twelve. Ten minutes of focusing on your breath can break the cycle.Write five thank you notes (handwritten) to people who have helped you in the past month. Thinking about others in an extended way and forcing yourself to say nice things to them (in writing) has the potential to restore your perspective.Read a piece of spiritual literature. It almost doesn’t matter what variety. Read something familiar and inspiring.Finding a balance between work and life is more like riding a unicycle than it is like finding the perfect marriage. Balancing is an ongoing repetitive process that is driven by the circumstances of your life.last_img

Top 50 Best Places To Work For 2013, Employees’ Choice Award Winners

first_imgThe employees have spoken! Facebook, McKinsey & Company, Riverbed Technology, Bain & Company, and MD Anderson Cancer Center have been selected as the leading five Best Places to Work for 2013 – they are among 50 companies to win the 5th annual Employees’ Choice Award¹.The Employees’ Choice Award winners are determined using feedback employees voluntarily and anonymously shared about their work experiences throughout the past year.  Employees provide feedback using Glassdoor’s online company review survey – they are asked to rate their satisfaction with their jobs and company as well as important workplace factors like work-life balance, compensation and benefits and career advancement opportunities. Employees are also asked to provide details into what they feel are some of the best reasons, as well as some of the downsides, of working at their company. At a minimum, a company must have had at least 25 reviews during the past year from U.S.-based employees to be considered for the award.What makes Facebook a Best Place to Work?Facebook’s VP of Human Resources Lori Goler and a few Facebook employees share their perspective:Previous winners:2012 Employees’ Choice Award Winners – 50 Best Places to Work2011 Employees’ Choice Award Winners – 50 Best Places to Work2010 Employees’ Choice Award Winners – 50 Best Places to Work2009 Employees’ Choice Award Winners – 50 Best Places to WorkIs your company a Best Place to Work (or not)? Share a review and tell others about your work experience. Reviews submitted during the next 12 months will be considered for the 2014 awards.¹ To learn more about the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, visit https://www.glassdoor.com/about/best-places-to-work.htm, or to request the 2013 award methodology, contact bestplacestowork@glassdoor.com.last_img

How To Find A Career Mentor

first_imgEveryone knows they should have a mentor but many don’t know how to find one. Mentors come in many flavors and hold different monikers, but the two common traits they should all possess is a willingness to give unbiased advice and expertise in the areas you are looking to improve.“A mentor is extremely important to grow your skills and enhance your career path,” says Susan Ruhl, a managing partner at OI Partners – Innovative Career Consulting in Denver. “It doesn’t matter if the person is internal or external (to your company) as long he or she understands what your personal development goals are.”Before you can start your hunt for the perfect mentor or advisors, career experts advise to do a little soul searching to pinpoint your weaknesses and to determine your goals. Let’s say you want a marketing job. Come up with a list of skills you’ll need to make the transition and then identify any gaps. Once you know where you need improvement you can pinpoint someone who has those skills. “You have to be clear in what you are asking for,” Julie Bauke, career strategist, president of The Bauke Group, and author of Stop Peeing on our Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes that Screw Up your Job Search.. “You can’t just say, ‘I want to get to the top of this company can you mentor me.’”Finding a mentor can take a bit of detective work especially if you are new to a company. Sure the C-level executive would be the ideal mentor, but since that may not be a realistic option unless you are high-up yourself, it’s a good idea to observe people above you and focus on the ones that do their job well.  “I wouldn’t reach out to a stranger,” says Ruhl. “I wouldn’t go up to the CEO unless I had a good relationship” with him or her. Ruhl says to take the company culture into account when choosing a mentor. If it’s a very relaxed structure then you may be able to go very high-up when targeting a mentor, but if it’s a rigid company structure you may want to start by going only one level above you. It’s also important to choose someone that others within the organization admire and respect. The worst thing you could do is align yourself with someone that has no respect within the company.Once you’ve pinpointed your mentor or mentors you have to come up with a good reason why you want that person to advise you. For instance, if you admire how that person handles herself in a meeting, then ask her for tips on giving presentations. If you want to improve your customer relations skills, compliment your potential mentor on his knack for dealing with disgruntled customers.  “You have to say, ‘the reason I am hoping you’ll mentor me in this one area of my career is because I love the way you handle yourself in meetings,’” says Bauke. “It’s easy for them to say yes because there’s something you admire about them.” By providing specifics, you are giving the mentor a path for success instead of making it feel like work for them, she says. Not one person is going to give you everything you need, which is why career experts say you should try to have more than one mentor. Creating a team of advisors with expertise in different aspects of your career is the best way to get well-rounded advice and guidance. It also reduces the burden on the mentors, and if it doesn’t work out with one mentor you’ll have others to use as sounding boards. It’s also important to set expectations ahead of time in terms of how the mentorship will go. For instance, will it be something formal where you meet every other week for a specific amount of time, or will it be informal where you can email or call the person when you need advice?While most people think of mentorships as an older person mentoring a younger one, it’s becoming common to see the reserve going on. “The younger workforce can be just as informational as the older workforce,” especially in areas of technology, says Ruhl.  “It’s become a two-way street.”last_img

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