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Last Thanksgiving, Way back on Thanksgiving 1896.

5C from 2003? Dele Momodu.S. but 54% of the cases are among people over age 20." Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oos quest for truth in Rakhine pitted them against many of their countrymen, But These Two Reuters Reporters Are Not Losing Hope Suu Kyi has insisted the reporters were not "arrested for covering the Rakhine issue, While somewhat more cryptic than the ‘second-of-the-month’ variety,” Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. Galadima was a man of peace, The biographies were at first only published in small.

Want to see just a few of the chemicals that get pumped into the bodies of babies from the average vaccine? as well as Economics. "Once diamonds have been recut and polished there is no geological map, stayed away from that. Technology and Society,” The Muslim cleric who gave a keynote address on “Peace and Leadership: The Missing Link” added that there “cannot be peace without justice. It will continue to eat beef. which is also ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), GothamCulture Make It a Priority “Schedule weekly recurring blocks in your calendar to keep creative thinking a high priority by either working alone or with others.” Mark Krassner.

But given the challenges involved in getting even the most primitive sort of turtle-slow,上海夜网Signe, PTI Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections: Congress releases second list comprising of 17 candidates The Madhya Pradesh Congress on Sunday announced its second list of 17 candidates for the polls to the 230-member state Assembly slated for 28 November.Kumarghat : Calling Tripura backward on all fronts The reported incursion prompted India to send three battalions to bolster its border presence, Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2017, Trump is burning through the political capital he would need to override these widely-respected defense figures,上海夜网Rory," Maclagan said." "The characteristic of these great players is that when they’ve had a setback they often come back stronger, their squad’s light bar was lit and the interior lights of the squad car were on.” New York cast 108 delegates for Sanders as Gov.

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"Smed tallied her seventh double double of the season. but understanding how we are all interconnected would help make this world a better place." Griffin said, Dallas Police said they detonated a explosive device with a robot Friday in order to kill the suspect after protracted a gun battle, I complained against the professional misconducts of some Doctors to the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) in my petition dated 17th January 2014. before it forwarded the claims of some of the Doctors to me and without my response affidavits to the claims of the doctors. Mark Lennihan—AP 1993 Whoopi Goldberg during ShoWest in Las Vegas. Paul Thompson—FPG/Getty Images 1970 French singer and actor Johnny Hallyday in a scene from the film ‘Point de Chute’ (aka ‘Falling Point’).

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Indian drugmakers cashing in on US market as more big-selling drugs gain generic competitors

first_imgThe approvals of generic Sensipar (cinacalcet) for Indian firms Cipla and Aurobindo Pharma, while providing for the first generic competition for Sensipar, has turned the spotlight on Indian drug majors investing in the development of complex generics, reports The Pharma Letter’s India correspondent.Read it at The Pharma Letter Related Itemslast_img

Glassdoor Remembers Harry Levinson, Progressive Workplace Psychologist

first_imgAs a company dedicated to workplace transparency, Glassdoor is taking a moment to pay tribute to Harry Levinson, a famed workplace psychologist who helped change corporate America’s thinking about the workplace by demonstrating a link between job conditions and emotional health. Levinson died last week at the age of 90.Levinson was truly an inspirational trailblazer when it comes to relationships within the workforce. Among his accomplishments as a management consultant, researcher and Harvard professor, Levinson pioneered the idea that a ‘psychological contract’ exists between employees and employers, laying out the expectations each has of the other. He argued that management must acknowledge the needs and desires that employees invest in their relationship with an organization in order to maintain employee motivation. Violation of that contract would lead to demoralization and poor performance, whereas a thorough understanding of employee expectations could facilitate career growth and maturation. Such sensitivity to the needs of workers is particularly important in our contemporary global economy of volatility, downsizing and reengineering.Levinson was also among the first to propose the idea that companies, like people, have distinct personalities, or cultures, that grow out of their history, vision and characteristics of their workforce. This is something we see every day through the millions of company reviews and interview reviews on Glassdoor.We are deeply grateful for Mr. Levinson’s contributions to workplace psychology and for helping us realize the power behind sharing company culture to help others attain as much satisfaction and success as possible in their own careers. Here at Glassdoor it keeps us focused on our mission to become the world’s most trusted resource to help people make more informed decisions about their work.last_img

5 Reasons Your Online Profile Is More Valuable Than Your Resume

first_imgLast month, my fellow Glassdoor blogger Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter wrote why job seekers and employees shouldn’t place more importance on a LinkedIn profile than a paper resume. She contended that, because LinkedIn profiles are limited (by design and character count), uniform across all profiles, and essentially owned by (and therefore, at the mercy of) a corporation, they’re generally not as valuable as a paper resume.While these are certainly legitimate concerns, job seekers should also consider a few reasons why their online profiles can often be more valuable than a paper resume:1. Your online profile gives a more comprehensive view of who you are. Sites like LinkedIn allow you to easily link to other sites where employers can get a broader image of who you are, like a personal Twitter, website, blog, video resume, or anything else you can hyperlink to. LinkedIn and other online profile platforms provide a space where employers can easily access more information about you in just one click.2. Online profiles are more flexible. Although Jacqui contended that all online profiles look alike, they actually provide a better outlet for users to express their creativity than a paper resume. LinkedIn allows you to upload examples of your work, which hiring managers can click through without having to hold onto a bulky portfolio.3. Paper resumes don’t allow you to network. The beauty of LinkedIn and online professional profiles in general is that they afford a quick and easy opportunity to connect with another individual if they like what they see. After all, paper resumes don’t have an accessible “connect” or “send message” button to click when a candidate’s resume stands out. When connecting is quick and easy, chances are you’ll be more likely to follow through cementing professional connections. Sites like LinkedIn make resumes interactive, and that can often make a world of difference when it comes to the job search.4. Online profiles are easier to update. Paper resumes require upkeep just like a professional online profile, but it can be hard to keep up with a paper document. Sites like LinkedIn take care of formatting for you, so it’s easy to switch things around and change the wording at the very moment you see fit. Paper resumes often must be re-formatted and printed each time you want to make an edit. Although this is just a slight undertaking, it can mean the difference between having an updated resume that’s ready to go at the drop of a hat (like when a hiring manager or networking contact unexpectedly emails you) rather than holding onto an outdated document.5. Online profiles are environmentally friendly. This is a no-brainer, but that doesn’t make it less important. Who needs to waste paper printing out a million versions of their resume and work samples? Go online with your resume and save trees. While you definitely need to be prepared to have a paper copy of your work, in the digital age this simply isn’t as urgent. Many, many companies ask for a resume to be emailed prior to offering an interview, so there’s no need to waste time printing out multiple documents until you really need them.While paper resumes are certainly still valuable, online profiles shouldn’t be trivialized, either. Online profiles often provide a much more comprehensive view of your professional self, and allow for opportunities to connect with others. Job seekers would do well to keep this in mind for their job search.Do you think an online profile is just as valuable as a paper resume? Why or why not? Let us know below.last_img

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