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Also, Read more: Gun Show Managers Split on Obamas New Policy The police are required to inspect your gun room. slightly damaged cars. this Dana Crash Action Project as reportedly organized and led by the trio of Oluwaseun Fakuade Kathleen Ndongmo and Wale Babatunde appears to have been riddled with fraud as many of the donors who gave generously to this cause are having to bare with the pain of multiple unanswered questions as the organizers of this supposed charitable project all seem to have become inaccessible Two members of the organizing team who managed to speak on few of the multiple issues raised apparently were not able to give any direct answers but rather gave evasive responses as regards the transparency and implementation of the project Below is an email from a Citizen who says he gave generously to this cause but is now having serious reasons to believe that he may have been robbed-off alongside many other innocent Nigerians “Hello NP please my name is Ola Adeyemi based in Illorin and I would be most grateful if you put this on your website I know you receive lots of emails for publication daily but I would be happy if you can give this one a voice as it really concerns us as Nigerians Please it has to do with the Dana Relief Project that was brought to light by some ‘respectable’ Nigerians on twitter in persons of one Seunfakze Kathleen Ndongmo and one Babatunde Seeing the calibre of young minds involved I didn’t think twice before donating to the cause However as of today I must say I was so pained when I came online on twitter this morning as its my normal routine since I am yet to get a full time job I currently work on evenings at a cyber-cafe To my dismay I came across multiple tweets by a donor based in London who was asking very pertinent questions addressed to the organizers as to why up till this moment they as organizers of the Dana Crash Action Project have not been able to reveal any evidence to show that what we gave to this cause was rightly implemented to those that needed it as we were told I came across tweets of some people who said they visited a supposed apartment that the Dana Crash Action Project Team said they secured but from their statements it was revealed that the supposed apartment that was meant to be used as a venue for counselling of victims of the area was actually an abandoned apartment totally deserted and was in a very pathetic state that couldn’t be inhabitable by any human being I must say that I am really pained by this revelations but I am happy I was able to restrain myself from contributing on twitter as I was so pained and would have lost it if I spoke on there especially as other donors who asked questions were largely ignored This is why I pray you give this mail a voice through your portal if it happens to be the only way we would get answers” Based on the email we received NaijaPundit did further research to verify if the organizers of this project where actually contacted on twitter and we were also able to secure their full names via twitter as well as verify that to a very large extent bulk of the important questions as asked the organizers by donors all went unanswered The reported organizers can be contacted on twitter via their twitter ids: Oluwaseun Fakuade ( @seunfakze ) Kathleen Ndongmo ( @KathleenNdongmo ) and Wale Babatunde ( @BabatundeJnr ) Source: NaijaPundit A male orangutan housed at Atlanta Zoo who was among the first apes to learn sign language as well as being able to clean his room and remember the way to his favourite fast-food restaurant has died at the age of 39 Chantek the orangutan was taught by a trainer who raised him like her own child and was recently being treated for heart disease the zoo said in a statement A necropsy will determine the exact cause of death "Chantek will be deeply missed by his family here at Zoo Atlanta He had such a unique and engaging personality and special ways of relating to and communicating with those who knew him best" said Hayley Murphy vice president of the zoos animal divisions She added "Chanteks long life is a great testament to the dedication of his care team and to the work of the Great Ape Heart Project the combined efforts of which made it possible for us to give him the best care and quality of life the zoological community has to offer" The Zoo Atlanta family is saddened to announce the passing of Chantek a 39-year-old male orangutan on August 7 2017 Although his cause of death is not yet known the Zoos Animal Care and Veterinary Teams had been treating Chantek with a regimen of advanced medical therapy targeted at mitigating his progressive heart disease At 39 he was one of the oldest living male orangutans within the North American population of individuals overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Orangutan Species Survival Plan:registered: (SSP) Orangutans are considered geriatric after the age of about 35 Born December 17 1977 at the Yerkes Language Research Center Chantek was a beloved member of the Zoos orangutan population for 20 years arriving at Zoo Atlanta in 1997 He was well-known for his knowledge of American Sign Language (ASL) learned prior to his arrival at the Zoo Although he frequently used ASL to communicate with his caregivers with whom he developed close personal bonds throughout his years at Zoo Atlanta he was shy about signing with individuals he did not know and often chose forms of communication which are more typical of orangutans such as vocalizations and unique hand gestures "Chantek will be deeply missed by his family here at Zoo Atlanta He had such a unique and engaging personality and special ways of relating to and communicating with those who knew him best It has been our privilege to have had him with us for 20 years and to have been given the opportunity to offer him a naturalistic environment where he could get to know and live with his orangutan family" said Hayley Murphy DVM Vice President of Animal Divisions "Chanteks long life is a great testament to the dedication of his care team and to the work of the Great Ape Heart Project the combined efforts of which made it possible for us to give him the best care and quality of life the zoological community has to offer" Please click the link in our bio to read the full story A post shared by Zoo Atlanta (@zooatl) on Aug 7 2017 at 3:05pm PDT Born at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta Chantek was one of the oldest male orangutans in North American zoos The ape was able to use tools communicate in sign language and could even direct a driving route from the university to a Dairy Queen restaurant according to a 2014 PBS documentary The Ape Who Went to College Along with Koko a gorilla and Washoe a female chimpanzee Chantek was one of only a handful of great apes capable of communicating in American sign language Chantek Credit: Atlanta Zoo Chantek first came to Atlanta Zoo in 1997 and would often use his skills to communicate with his keepers However the zoo said he was shy of talking to people he wasnt familiar with and instead would use more traditional ape-like ways of communicating such as gestures and vocalisations "In addition to forming bonds with his human caregivers Chantek also formed close relationships with other orangutans at Zoo Atlanta" the statement from the zoo read The other members of his group are 34-year-old female Madu two-year-old female Keju and juvenile males Dumadi 10 and Remy six Chantek particularly enjoyed playing with the younger males especially Dumadi who could often be seen with or near him in the groups Asian Forest habitat Chanteks species is considered critically endangered in the wild Bornean and Sumatran orangutans are facing sharp drops in numbers due to habitat loss and timber cuttingSource: BBC News Featured Image Credit: Atlanta Zoo the Government swiftly reacted by employing massive relief efforts to the cause, the RNC, There are lessons here for the rest of the world. Try Remembering Him If Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind weren’t fiction, which are cited as manifestation of the Post Truth era. Manish Kumar Sinha, People in those countries might even suppress their true feelings so as not to upset the social pecking order.

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