Russia isn’t planning to take its Olympic punishment lying down

first_imgThe accusations made in a World Anti-Doping Agency-commissioned report by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren have led to more than 100 Russian athletes being barred from the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games which start on Saturday.“We will analyse each line and proceed legally against it,” Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko said on Saturday on Russian sports television channel Match TV.Mutko has vehemently denied the accusations but McLaren has said he has unwavering confidence in his findings, which include evidence of the Russian secret service the FSB being involved in covering up failed doping tests.WADA called on all Russians, set to compete at the Rio Games, to be banned but the International Olympic Committee stopped short of a blanket suspension and left it up to individual sports bodies to decide.The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) is the latest to act, banning all Russian weightlifters on Friday from participating in the Games.The IWF said on its website that the multiple documented cases of doping among Russian weightlifters was shocking and disappointing and had damaged the integrity of the sport.It said the eight positions reserved for Russians had been offered to other weightlifters.Most other sports federations have banned Russians with previous doping convictions and those named in McLaren’s report but have permitted those seen as clean to go to Rio.A separate doping report last year led to the entire Russian-based track and field team being barred from Rio.Banned athletes plan to sue the authorities after the Olympics are over on August 21, Mutko added.last_img read more

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Oblak is already the third goalkeeper with more games in Atlético

first_imgYour stops are the only thing that is never in transit. Oblak is the reliability in the red and white goal. Always, in every game, his gloves work miracles. In the five years of Griezmann in the team a binomial held him: Oblak behind, the French ahead. Grizi he left, the doorman renewed. It is the part of the binomial that has not changed. What yes is that no other rojiblanco soccer player has taken the responsibility of the French in the goal. Atletico in 21 days of the League has scored 22, matching his worst record at this point in LaLiga, as in 1979-80, 1981-82 and 2004-05 fifteen years ago. In the front of that Atlético, Fernando Torres, Musampa, Salva Ballesta or Nano. The next was when Kezman arrived. Two beyond, Agüero. Three, The child He went to Liverpool. Between Courtois and historyOblak arrived at Atlético in the 2015-16 season with the ambition of an impossible: make Courtois forget, who had returned to Chelsea. Difficult, almost impossible. The mark of the Belgian, Zamora the previous two years, the last one with the League title won by Atlético at Camp Nou, that Godín header by, was elongated. Moyá, arrived also then, snatched the site, was better. The debut of the Slovenian was in the Champions League and could not be worse. 3-2 against Olympiacos. It wasn’t until the eighth of that competition when Moyá broke a finger, that Oblak found his site under that network. He came out and his gloves began to sprout miracles. The rest is history. 236 rojiblanco matches. A myth. Jan Oblak is already the third goalkeeper with more games in the history of Atlético de Madrid. The Slovenian surpassed the 236 of Madinabeytia on Sunday against Leganés. Ahead and only two myths: Molina and Abel. The first played 248 games with the rojiblanca. The second, 303. The first will be reached this season if there are no injuries, twelve meetings are. The second one, the next one, has 67. And is that Oblak is already a legend in Atlético. Second captain this season, ahead of Giménez and a youth player like Saul.last_img read more

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An unstoppable leader

first_imgVariety of slate.Zidane has given the false myth that it was a simple grace aligner. He has used three tactical variants this season. Two of them, at specific times and to surprise the opposing coaches. He did it in the 2-2 against PSG, when he caught Tuchel off guard by changing from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 with Isco, who had not played a minute in three of the previous seven games and seemed sentenced after his bad night at Son Moix. Celades, in the semifinals of the Super Cup, also surpassed him with the board. A Madrid with five means (Casemiro, Valverde, Kroos, Isco and Modric) that erased Yeda from Valencia (3-1) with three goals … from midfielders.All involvedIt was one of the images of Valladolid-Real Madrid. Nacho going to merge into a hug with his coach after making the goal in Pucela. “I wasn’t going to go up to finish off, but Zizou told me to do it,” the center revealed after the duel. Later, his phrase was even more significant: “I am having fewer minutes than in previous years, but If I have to bet on someone, I do it for Mr.” It’s the key. The Frenchman makes everyone get on the ship (he who is not at ease has the door open, like Odriozola), keeps the illusion of those who play less (Brahim) and even has managed to fight the difficult issue of Bale, an incomprehensible footballer. Without the power of the great signing of summer, Hazard, due to injuries, the Marseillaise squeezes his squad to find goals: “Everyone can make a difference”. The strategy.Bettoni, the second of Zidane, is taking advantage of your ideas with the ball stopped, captured in images in a script that shows Zidane and the players. The exceptional touch of Kroos plays a fundamental asset. Thus, essential goals have recently arrived at the top in strategy such as Ramos in Vitoria (1-2 at Alavés), Varane’s double at Getafe (0-3) and Nacho’s goal at Pucela.Zizou, reinforced.The result of all the above is that Zidane has gone from questioned to more reinforced than ever. Between September and October, with 3-0 in Paris and 1-0 in Mallorca, he had to live with the ghost of a possible return of Mourinho, then unemployed, to the Bernabéu. Ramos in Istanbul, in the previous 0-1 to Galatasaray which was a turning point, was blunt when asked by the Portuguese: “The measuring stick is different from one person to another … We are at death with Zizou“. From those difficulties, to ecstasy in Jeddah. “Zidane is a blessing from heaven,” Florentino Pérez celebrated. This Madrid now faces a month loaded with the Cup, the derby and the return to the Champions League against Manchester City. And it does it at its best … It does not bend the knee.The ability to be a Madrid that does not leave the matches, whatever the rival, it has been accredited. Just one defeat The same figure that at this point was the last Madrid that sang the alirón, in 2016-17. In the previous 25 years, only the Madrid of 2002-03 were there with Del Bosque (he was champion) and that of steel that built the first Capello, in 1996-97 (he also raised the title).An armored Madrid.Do not lose, primarily, because it is a team that has walled. Only 13 goals in 21 league games, his best record in history matched with Madrid from 1964-65 and 1987-88. This Madrid has defeated the defensive porosity of other years. “Defensively we are doing very well, is our strength. We defend all, “Zidane insisted in Pucela. A Madrid that doesn’t break, that goes up and down like an accordion. It is the only team that has not received any goal from outside the area. Valladolid was only allowed four shots and none went to goal … Courtois grows …The Belgian has found a personal and soccer stability which, finally, is transmitted in the field. The Brujas afternoon hit bottom and Areola threatened its ownership at times, but it has risen. Between December and January, only three goals conceded in nine games between Liga and Supercopa. Yesterday I recapitulated that transformation in RMTV: “I have been strong mentally with criticism. Last year was not easy and if you can not with that pressure, to be in Madrid, this year could not be at this level.” The goal has ceased to be a problematic focus in Chamartín. Courtois makes a stop against Valladolid.JAVIER GANDUL EI Real Madrid will close January as solo leader of Primera and with the conviction of having reinvented of doubtful team into an unstoppable one. If in September Zidane had to save a match-ball in Istanbul with that 0-1 to Galatasaray, now the movie is very different. Zizou has been reinforced on the bench, along the way he won the Super Cup in Jeddah by exhibiting resources from strategist (that Madrid of the five midfielders …) and the almost eternal fire in the goal has extinguished. This Madrid faces the decisive part of the season with an unbeatable air. Nacho’s goal for Valladolid gave Real Madrid the victory.JESUS ​​ALVAREZ ORIHUELAlast_img read more

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Carlos García: “It was a great success to bring the Super Cup here”

first_imgDo you want to bring more events of this kind to the city?We have an objective that is to be a Euroepa city of sport in 2021. It is based on that effort and interest in the sport that exists in the city, in the amount of insalations and also that we are able to bring great events and that the city of Salamanca It is very attractive. This is the first major national competition, but the Women’s Queen’s Cup, the U-23 National Athletics Championship, national triathlon championship, archery … will also be held, there are 60 other events in total. A lot of activity, there will be many reasons for people to come here. We will have as many participants as there are people in the city. This is also a support for tourism linked to sports, because it is a healthy tourism, such as environmental tourism, tourism with health, leisure, delivery, effort … and that marries very well with the values ​​of the city.The sport attracts a lot of tourism to the city.The Super Cup is a painted occasion. We have been going out in all national and regional media for days, the meetings have been broadcast, there is much talk about women’s football. In Spain, women’s licenses are increasing a lot and we also want this to happen here. The media exposure is extraordinary and we are very satisfied and I think it has been a great success to bring it here. I also thank the Federation for the confidence to organize this Super Cup here. Let’s see if now the final is as colorful as the semifinals.Lately there is a lot of talk about Salamanca and football. This Super Cup, the visit of Real Madrid …We have been lucky, in some cases for organizational issues and another for the good progress of the Unionsitas team. Football resurfaces strongly in our city. The Salamanca people are hungry for quality football and I think we will enjoy it.Salamanca is missing among the greats of Spanish football.We have had very glorious stages in the 70s. Being in First is very difficult. The second equal. The clubs are making a great effort to grow, we also have Guijuelo and a little improvement is being made.Real Sociedad and Barcelona in the final, who is your favorite?I have no favorite because I have seen Real play very well, well planted, very solid and the pletoric Barcelona that has traced him back to Atléitco. We will enjoy a very disputed final. I was in the two semifinals. In the final we will be even more. It is a benefit for sport, but also for women, it is a matter of equal opportunities. We have to support women much more in our country.And above all it is a women’s football party on Sunday.Let it be a sports party, because this city is a constant party. Women’s football encourages the party, the atmosphere is different, it is more relaxed and seems more familiar. I am very satisfied with the two paritdos I have seen. There are rarely options that the people of Salamanca can enjoy this, it is a historic event for the city. Why did Salamanca appear as a candidate to host this women’s Super Cup?It fit a lot in the policies we are developing. First for the promotion of sport. Salamanca lives on sports on weekends, but we also try to bring great national competitions. We beat record participation in the School Games, the elders ask us more and more activities. There is a great interest in Salamanca for the sport. We have also invested in infrastructure and is to close the circle. We are interested in promoting sports for values, the interest of the people and for promoting the city that is tourist and services. The Super Cup allows us to cover all these objectives.In addition, it is the first time this competition is officially held, Salamanca will go down in history.We turn to the history of this competition and we want to make history especially in the female sport. We are committed to equality and we want them to have the same opportunities as boys. More in this case, that football looked like a parcel only closed to men. More and more women practice it, they are fighters and professionals. In football they are an example. I was with two players from each team in an act at the University with the Salamanca women’s team that only had to see their eyes. We want to convey the values ​​of women’s sport and equal opportunities. The woman has to take her place and from the City Council we want to support her.The first semifinal did not have much public, the second already improved, it seems that the city is becoming more and more interested.Actually, the first game already had more spectators than any normal average match in the First Iberdrola. We have attended two vibrant games, very beautiful, with excellent plays, many goals, with many of the best players in Spain. That is what we wanted to do, attract that to Salamanca and that the Salamanca people have the opportunity to access first level football. Some people did not know it and now they realize that they play very well and that it is very clean, with very good players. The players are now videogames, we have seen them make watermarks and we can access that football. In addition, prices have been popular and we hope that the final attracts more interest. It is a good opportunity to enjoy, like Salamanca.It also serves to promote women’s football where Salamanca does not yet have any high level team.We do a lot of sports activity and the girls also need their space. We already have six women’s soccer teams in the city and there is great interest from young girls who need equipment to play. Also to help the people of Salamanca go to support these girls who are doing very well, in fact, we have an international Under-17 that has now hit the national team. This fills us with pride. We must take advantage of the boom for football, we have the fields occupied. That mostly had been a sport for boys that now also for girls. There are sports like volleyball or handball that in school games there are already more girls registered than boys and this is very good news.last_img read more

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“If Theo is confirmed in Milan, he will be among the best in the world”

first_imgMilan in the coming months will experience another small revolution in its management: After Boban’s farewell due to the differences with Gazidis, Maldini, the man who wanted and made the signing of the side, could also leave. In Italy they wonder if the goodbye of Paolo, with whom the player has a great relationship, could complicate his future as a rossonero.His agent, Manuel García Quilón, interviewed by ‘’, currently continues to see him in San Siro: “You have to confirm your level in Milan and it will be worth well over 50 million euros” A market value that can skyrocket, tripling the ‘barely’ 20 million euros that the Milan team spent to get their services.Many at Bel Paese wonder why at Real Madrid it was difficult for them to show the talent they are admiring there. “Theo has come to Madrid very young“Quilón says,” maybe with him he lacked a little patience. With young people who have qualities, you have to have a lot and give them space. In a club as important as merengue the situations are very immediate and prevent you from having any patience with young people. Sometimes it is time to look for a place in other teams, where then perhaps they explode … As is happening to Theo. ”At just 22 years old, the French still promises a lot: “If you continue on your path and do the work you have to do with the support of the club,” said Quilón, “is called to be one of the best left backs in the world“ Milan was experiencing another very complex season before the sad break due to the coronavirus emergency, but one of the positive news from the Rossoneri, perhaps the best, was the arrival of Theo Hernandez. Since that meeting in Ibiza with Paolo Maldini, who convinced him to accept his proposal and abandon that of the Leverkusen, the winger has almost immediately become one of the stars of the club. From its premiere, in the 72nd minute of the derby with Inter played in September, Theo basically hasn’t turned green again: He played all the following league games without ever being replaced, except one, against Atalanta in December (that painful 5-0), which was lost by sanction.Your contribution is decisive in both phases: punctual in defense and often decisive in attack. In his 25 games this course he made six goals and two assists, and is the second youngest defender (after Sebastiaan Bornauw from Colonia) in having made at least five goals in the five biggest European leagues. The ‘Opta’ has always included him in the best eleven of Calcium of this course, and he also did it this month, analyzing performance and statistics related to the entire current season.last_img read more

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The Organization and Legacy Committee celebrates the anniversary of the opening of the Al-Janoub stadium

first_imgIn this context, a record was established regarding the establishment of the stadium’s lawn, and it has been completed in just 9 hours and 15 minutes. It highlights that Al Janoub has a capacity of 40,000 spectators and will host matches in the Qatar 2022 World Cup until the quarterfinals, which will become the club’s headquarters Al-wakrahAs well as after the event is over, the seats at the top of the stadium will be dismantled to be donated to developing countries where sports infrastructure is needed.The dedicated stadium for the world It has a 92-meter retractable roof, a feature that blocks the sun and allows the entire stadium to be shaded and kept inside from severe weather factors, which will help increase the effectiveness of the technology to lower the temperature in the stadium.Notably Al-janoub settled in the city Al-wakrah which is located on the coast the southeast coast of Qatar halfway between the cities of Doha and Mesaieed, which was previously a very small area with few inhabitants, where fishing and finding pearls was the main activity of its residents, but in recent years so many outstanding elaborations have passed in the city and its population is expected to reach 600 in 2022. A year ago the Organizing Committee and legacy dedicated so much effort to the opening of the Al-Janoub stadium, one of the venues equipped for Qatar World Cup 2022 and it was officially inaugurated in May 2019. The Superior Committee published on its Twitter wall a video recording of the opening of the aforementioned venue, as well as a question was asked for the followers, about who attended the opening, for which the Comments showed the tribute and praise of the effort implemented in the stadium that was the first of eight dedicated to the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Established from scratch since 2014, its establishment lasted five years, the opposite of Al- Khalifa International Stadium which was the first stadium opened of all the venues equipped for the world but after a series of elaboration coinciding with the standards of the FIFA International Soccer Federation regarding the requirements to host the World Cup matches in the stadiums equipped for the event.Al-Janoub is located in the city Al- Wakrah, which at first bore the name of the city where it is located and remained that way until the opening day, when the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani Tweeted with the new name of the stadium “AL-Janoub”, the venue had put their designs with the late Iraqi-British engineer Zaha Hadid, died in 2016, who inspired the design of the stadium from the sails of the traditional boats that took the fishermen and divers of Qatar to the sea to find pearlsso the stadium Al Janoub It is one of the last projects of Zaha which was the first woman award with Pritzker to honor innovative architects.last_img read more

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FSU load up with Jamaican talent

first_imgFlorida State University (FSU) has boosted its track and field programme with a lot of Jamaican ammunition for the upcoming season.One of the Seminoles’ chief recruit is former Wolmer’s Girls and national junior sprinter Shauna Helps who will forego her final year of high school to take up a full scholarship at the Tallahassee-based institution.Among the females she will be joined by the much-travelled Peta Gaye Williams, who broke the Class One 100 metres hurdles record at the GraceKennedy ISSA Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships this year, former Immaculate High jumper Safia Morgan, who won the Under-20 girls high jump at this year’s Carifta Games and former Holmwood Technical athlete, the outstanding and multitalented Gleneive Grange, who just completed two successful years at New Mexico Junior College.The four will join up with former St Jago High thrower Kellion Knibb, who has already made a successful mark at that institution in her area. Not known for a strong showing among the females, it is expected that with the calibre of female athletes now at the institution, they are expected to put in a stronger performance at the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Championships, which should enable them to improve on their sixth-place finish at last season’s NCAA Outdoors.According to the school’s website, Helps is excited about her new school and is looking forward to the upcoming season.”It’s actually a very comforting feeling, not just because of the freshmen coming in,” said Helps.”You have some seniors and juniors who are also from Jamaica. I know them from high school in Jamaica, we’ve been through numerous Champs and numerous national teams. It’s great that I come here and know that they have my back and also the freshmen have my back. It’s great all round,” noted Helps.When asked why she opted for Florida State despite having other options,” she replied: “It’s a champion school.”Known for its strong male programme, as they have won the Atlantic Coast Conference 11 times – FSU have also strengthened that aspect with Calabar High sprinter Edward Clarke and Wolmer’s Boys’ sprinter Raheem Robinson.They will be joined by St Jago High sprinter Chad Walker, in January, plus former Kingston College jumper Keneil Grant, who just transferred from Texas Tech University.last_img read more

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Ashley ‘can hardly wait’ for Lightning bout

first_img“I am excited and can hardly wait to get into the ring tomorrow night to regain my world title.”Jamaica’s Alicia ‘Slick’ Ashley sounded quite eager to get back in the ring as she spoke with The Gleaner yesterday about her World Boxing Council (WBC) Super bantamweight title fight tonight against Irish boxer Christina ‘Lightning’ McMahon, at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, New York.Ashley previously held the title from July 23, 2011 to September 6, 2014, when she lost it to Jackie Nava by way of a controversial majority decision in Mexico.Since that victory, Nava also won the World Boxing Association (WBA) version of the title and was declared a super champion. She therefore gave up the WBC title, leaving it vacant and Ashley and McMahon will go at each other tonight to succeed her.Ashley takes a 22-10-1 record with four knockouts into the ring, while McMahon, who is the interim WBC bantamweight champion, goes in with a 7-0 record that includes three knockouts.Ashley has more experience than her opponent and told The Gleaner that she had “a great camp” and is ready for the fight.She confessed that her trainer has been having a hard time keeping her in check these past few days.”I am so up for this fight that I just wanted to keep working and working, but he told me on Tuesday that I am ready and should now take it easy.”The unbeaten McMahon, who also boasts an impressive amateur record, is a fast mover inside the ring and has good hand speed, hence the nickname ‘Lightning’.She likes to go after her opponent, so with Ashley being a good all-round boxer who moves quickly and counter-punches effectively, everything points to a fast-paced fight with plenty action.last_img read more

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Tony Becca: The franchise system and West Indies cricket

first_imgFranchise cricket matches are supposed to be a way of pulling in the crowds and making money out of cricket, or, according to West Indies Board president, Dave Cameron, and the English technical director of West Indies cricket, Richard Pybus, it is one of the ways to develop West Indies cricket. Both ways can be right, but in West Indies cricket, both are wrong, and definitely so. As Mark Nicholas of BBC fame wrote recently, “Franchises spread West Indies cricket so thin that the franchises are a terrible sop. It is as if a fancy name will change anything.” Like everything else in life, it takes money and good sense to make money. Either that, or one must have some very good friends, or one has to be lucky, very lucky. On top of that, franchise cricket, a form of cricket in which players are bought and sold, does not, or should not, include sovereign nations. West Indies cricket is losing ground. In fact, it has lost ground for some years and is now trying desperately to find its way back. West Indies cricket is really falling apart, and the West Indies Cricket Board, in a desperate attempt to halt the slide, to improve the skill of its cricketers, and to make some money has gone the franchise route. Apart from money to make it work, however, franchise cricket, needs proper planning, a good atmosphere, and it needs competitiveness. The Professional Cricket League consists of six teams, not Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands as usual, but the Jamaica Scorpions, Barbados Pride, Trinidad and Tobago Red Force, Guyana Jaguars, the Leeward Islands Hurricanes, and the Windward Islands Volcanoes. Probably the biggest point about this version of the franchise system, however, is this: for a franchise system to be a real one, it should be free of certain restrictions. For a start, a franchise like the Jamaica franchise should be free to buy players from anywhere and from any country in order to strengthen their team. It should not be restricted to West Indian countries, and it should not be a forced situation. Even if a country has the money to accommodate a player or two – or any number for that matter – a country should not be expected to contract a player unless it needs to do so. If a country’s players are better than others in the market, why contract one? It may be too early to see the folly of the franchise system. However, right now, after Jamaica’s embarrassment in losing seven wickets for 20 runs in one session, despite the presence of a foreign player, although they came back to win, and after the Leeward Islands declaration at 24 for seven in the first session and losing the match inside two days, it certainly is cause for concern. The other concern, based on the lack of support for the competition and for the West Indies team, is this: where will the money come from to keep this system one going? The franchise system is not working out. Based on the crowds, it is not working in terms of money, and based on the action, it is not working in terms development, and certainly not when teams find it difficult to bat out one session. Players from other territories Free of certain restrictions This year, the territories were ordered to accept players from the other territories. The names sound impressive, like those of the American franchises. The difference, although it may be really too early to tell, is the appeal of the American franchises, the money they make daily, the quality of the players, and the competitive nature of the tournament. This season, the board, which is the source of funding for each team, has made it compulsory. Each team must have two or three overseas players in its squad of players and each franchise must have a manager, a marketing man, a coach, a physiotherapist, a trainer, a doctor, and an accountant. The plan is that the board will provide each franchise with money, some US$45,000, to run the franchise each year, and the territories are to select a squad of 15 players, including two or three overseas (West Indies) players for the tournament to be played as return matches and run from November to March. With some US$27,000 going to the salaries of the players, only approximately US$18,000 is left to pay all other expenses. The first question which must be asked is this: what will happen to the respective boards during all this? Will they simply mark time from day to day doing almost nothing, or will they serve the board as well as the franchises in a move to save the franchise some money? If this is so, if one man serves a territorial board and also serves a franchise, is it a move which could spell trouble in the long run? Another question is this: what is a franchise? Is it a group granted authorisation to carry out special commercial activities, is it an individual within a group that is granted such authorisation, or is it that one leads to the other? Is it that the West Indies Cricket Board is the franchise, or is it that Jamaica, for example, is the franchise? Is the WICB the franchise owner, and is Jamaica one of its members? Is Jamaica expected to finance itself, and expected to share any profits, or losses with the board? Is it that the West Indies Cricket Board is expected to finance Jamaica as the Jamaica franchise, or is Jamaica expected to develop young cricketers, to produce cricketers, through its own resources for the West Indies-Jamaica franchise? Will the franchise team, its players and its management team, replace, for example, the Jamaica Cricket Association as guardians of Jamaica’s cricket, in the school, the clubs and parishes, etc? West Indies cricket is weak, some of the regional teams and many of the clubs are very weak, and the franchise system is seen, in some quarters, as the way to improve standards and to balance things. Once upon a time, when a team was weak, people, like coaches, worked to improve the players’ skill. After this, however, people will simply shop around for a replacement, from anywhere, and according to the board, or so it seems, even from weaker teams. This, as sure as the night follows the day, will eventually lead to a situation where the stronger the bank account, the stronger will be the team, unless, of course, the governments of the West Indian territories step in and protect the sovereignty of their country.last_img read more

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Spotlight on Purewater/JC meet as 2016 track season begins

first_imgThe 2016 series of local development meets kicks off today with the staging of two development meets on the Jamaica Administrative Athletics Association (JAAA) calendar.In the Corporate Area, Jamaica College will host the 23rd staging of the Purewater/JC Invitational meet on the school’s grounds, Old Hope Road starting at 8:30 a.m.Out west at the Herbert Morrison High School First Chance meet gets under way at 9 a.m.Most attention will focus on a well supported JC meet. The is a qualifier for the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Championships and athletes will be taking the opportunity to meet qualifying standards early. Meet director, Ian Forbes is very pleased with the support and is anticipating great competition.”More than 1500 athletes have entered and we expect high quality performances as this is an Olympic and World Junior Championships year,” Forbes said.He said entries have come in from all the top high school male and female teams. There will also be events for senior athletes from clubs and institutions.Several high schools have recruited new athletes during last summer and fans will get a chance to see who some of these athletes in action.Among the females are Janelle Fullerton and Rushelle Burton. Fullerton, who did well in the throws for Edwin Allen High last year, has moved to sixth form at St Jago High, while sprint hurdler Burton, formerly of St. Andrew High, has joined up with her former coach, Leacroft Bolt at Camperdown High School.SETTODETHRONECHAMPSJamaica College’s team will be closely watched as there are early whispers that they could be the team to dethrone defending champions Calabar at Champs this year. They have great depth in the field events with outstanding jumpers Obrien Wasome, Clayton Brown and Paketo Dudley among the likely leading performers.Top thrower, Vashon McCarthy, is also now eligible to represent the school after sitting out a full year after exiting Ascot High last year.Action will begin with the 3000m for girls. This will be followed by the boys’ 5000m. Other track events are the 100m, 800m and all sprint hurdles. In the field the events down to be contested are the long, high, and triple jumps along with the discus, shot put and pole vault.last_img read more

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